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bhabi plz give ur sister hand (Part 25) starting of journey

Hii guys, thanks for your response on previous part.
Just wait little more for present track. From 26th part there will be present track also.
Dining table
Raglak and swasan are seated in front of each other.
Sanskar is staring swara without anyone notice. Feeling someone gaze, she lift her head. He quickly shifted his gaze toward plate.
Trio started signalling each other. Ragini notice their hide and seek.
Ragini: what you trio are talking through eyes?
Swara: me? , nothing di.
Laksh; vo Sanskar wanna talk to you.
Ragini: what happen Sanskar?, is anything important?
Sanskar started to shoot dragger from eyes while swalak are give him close up smile.
Sanskar; vo bhabhi, I want your permission.
Ragini: ask na

Laksh: ha Sanskar ask her, she never deny you. Hai na sweetheart.
Ragini: laksh( angrily)
Laksh kept finger on his lips.
Ragini : what do you want Sanskar?
Sanskar: bhabhi vo, Clg has arranged trip…
Ragini: ha toh you can go there, you don’t need my permission for this.
Sanskar: Thanks bhabhi
Laksh: are you sure Sanskar, you are not forgetting anything?


Sanskar: bhabhi, swara also want to go.
Swalak crosses their finger in tension. Both are looking down , thinking what will be ragini decision?
Ragini: swara, see toward him.
Swara: ha di tell na( she still looking down)
Ragini: I say see toward me.( swara lifted her eyes in fear) Do you wanna go?
Swara not giving any reaction to here.
Ragini: sorry sanskar, swara doesn’t want to go.
Swara: who said this? I wanna go.( say without even taking breathing)
Ragini: Then why are you fearing asking me? I will never deny you for anything.
Swara: thanks di,
Ragini: mad , by the way where are you going?

Swasanlak: Goa
Ragini give weird look to them.
Ragini: is you trio planning something?
Laksh: arre even I don’t remember anything.
Sanskar kick him under table
Laksh: I mean,we don’t have time to waste on planning. Hai na swara , Sanskar.
Swara: ha di, we innocent people how can we make plan.

Sanskar: bhabhi, don’t you believe ur one and only one devar( bil)
All started to emotionally blackmail her. Finally she get satisfy.
Swasan are ready to leave for their destination. Ragini again and again stopping them.
Ragini: Sanskar, take care of her. You don’t know her, she is still childish in nature. Don’t leave her alone anywhere she may lost in new place.
Swara: di, do I am looking like kid? Who can’t take care of herself.
Ragini: Sanskar, she will not listen me. I am only sending her due to you. Don’t break my trust.
Sanskar: bhabhi don’t worry I will never leave her. If she also wants go away from me, I will not let her go.
Both started to seeing each other.
Ragini; now you can leave.
Laksh: are you sure ragini? No I mean if you want to tell something more than you can continue.
Swara: ha di, I am here only. First you remember all thing after you finish then I will go.
Ragini: Sanskar , swara is not coming with you. You have to go alone.
Swara: arre di, I am just kidding.
She give peck to her on cheeks and run away outside.
Sanskar also went from there.

Laksh: Ragini, when she will married then how you will manage.
Laksh started teasing her.
Ragini: you will not understand.
He go near her and keep his hand on her shoulder.
Laksh: I am understanding your feeling but you can’t control her always.
Ragini: I am not controlling her just I am little bit worry about her. You don’t know she can easily break by even single Strom.
Laksh: don’t worry , we all always protect her. Not even single problem will touch her.
He hugged her giving assures to her.
Ragini: thank you.
Swasan side
Swasan are in jeep, Sanskar is travelling while swara is continuously blabbering.
Sanskar: don’t you get tried after so much talking.
Swara: never, you even can’t imagine my feeling right now. First time I am going goa. So romantic place.
Sanskar: so you want to romance there.
Swara: I mean that place is romantic. Don’tspoil my mood,I am so excited. So don’t talk rubbish thing.
Sanskar: you are talking like that you never visit any place.
Swara: I never visit India. That’s y I am excited.
Sanskar: but before leaving London , you are living in India only.
Swara: That time I am so small. You know when I was kid I am so bubbly. I continuous use to speak. Sometimes di also irritated by this habit.
Sanskar ; you are still same.

Swara: whatever.
They continue their travelling toward their destination. After covering some distance their jeep broke down near jungle.
Swara: your stupid jeep.
Sanskar: no words against my baby.

Swara go toward jeep and started looking it carefully.
Swara: baby…, from which angle it’s looking like baby.
Sanskar: you are simply jealous by it.
Swara: I am( pointing toward herself)
Sanskar: yes you are.
Swara: from which angle I am looking you jealous.
Sanskar started to see her top to bottom.
Swara: what are you seeing.
Sanskar: from every angle you are looking jealous. You are burning like corn.
Swara; Go to hell. I am going, you can go ahead with your baby.
Swara began to go from there, Sanskar stop her by blocking way.
Swara: now what?

Sanskar: you can’t.
Swara: why I can’t?
Sanskar: because I don’t want it. I promised myself I will never leave you alone in any situation.
Swara; I don’t want listen anything. I am going.
Sanskar: is this your final decision? Last time I am asking you. Is this your final decision?
She nodded and started to go from there. He pull her angrily and lift her in his arm. She started to hit him.
Sanskar: it will be no use. I am going always Jim. Your tiny hands will not effect me.
Swara: my hands are not tiny. You stupid person.

Sanskar; you can continue your work. I will not leave you.
Swara: Sanskar , leave me.
He started walking ignoring her talks. Swara started to shout.
Sanskar; if you will not stop your shouting then I also have some other way to stop you. I can grant you will not like that way.
Swara: what do you mean?
Sanskar: simple I will kiss you.
She immediately put hands on her lips.
Swara; now you can’t.

He places small kiss on her hand.
Sanskar: I can
She see him with big shocking eyes. He smiled at her antics. Soon a truck passes from there Sanskar stop it.
Sanskar: sir,we are going goa. Our jeep broke down in middle. Can you give us lift?
Driver started to see both of them. Swara is still in his arms.
Driver: puttar, what happen to your voti( wife)
Before swara could speak, Sanskar give him answer.
Sanskar: nothing paji, she had hurted her leg. That’s y I am lifting her.
Driver: so lovely couple, it’s seems you are newly married.
Sanskar : yes, love marriage.
Driver; puttar you both can sit backward. Only dry grass is there. Wait for some second I will make all arrangement for bth of you.
Sanskar nodded, driver come out from truck and open the back gate made some space for both of them.
Sanskar help swara to riding there. He himself also jumped there. Driver closes the gate and started to drive.
swasan side
Swara: why you lie to him that I am your wife?
Sanskar: soon you will be.
Swara; in your dreams.
Sanskar; nope, in our dreams.
Swara: I will kill you.
Sanskar; always same dialogue can’t you say I love you.
Swara: listen don’t flirt with me.
He held her hand, and pull closer to himself.
Sanskar: really , I am doing flirting. Can’t you see anything in my eyes. I always signal you my feeling but you dumbo never understand it.

Swara: I …
Sanskar: what I?
Swara pushes him, and come to top of him. She stared him angrily.
Swara: what if I say , I don’t want to understand it. Can’t you make me understand?
He becomed frezze seeing her boldness. While she continue to speak.
Swara: what if I say, I enjoy ur special attention. Can’t you make me feel more special.
He just staring her continuously
Swara: what If I say, whenever you come closer to my heart beat always raises. Can’t you always remain closer to me.
He still not reacting anything.
Swara: what if I say, I like whenever you come in my room and start teasing me unnecessary. Can’t you always tease me like this.

Still he don’t speak anything.
She become irritated by his silence, in irritation she keep her lips on his rough lips. Started kiss him wildly, for some moment he become numb to react anything soon he also started to respond her. Both broke their first kiss after sometime due to lack of oxygen. She began to go from there due to shyness , he rolled over her now he is top of her.
Sanskar: what was that?
Swara: your answer.
Sanskar: do you mean that?
She doesn’t answer him, started seeing other side.
Precap; special moment in goa. Different kind of proposal in really different place.
Any guesses in which place he/she will propose.
Bye, take care and love you all….

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