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bhabi plz give ur sister hand (Part 24)

Hii guys, thanks for your response on previous part.
Part 23

Swara is sleeping peacefully in her room, soon someone enter there and started to pull blanket over her body. She again and again holding it but every time that person pull it with more force. At last she tightly pull it toward herself that person also fall on her.
She finally open her eyes.
Swara: you
Person: ya me, ur one and only one Sanskar. My sleeping queen I need your help.
Swara: oh so Mr kidnapper need my help. Can I know reason.
Both are in same position.
Sanskar; I don’t need your help to impress my gfs.
Swara: how mean? You have girlfriends too.
She become sad after listening word “gf”.
Sanskar; no my princess, I still don’t have any gf , ya but soon I will have one gf. Leave this thing , first tell me you will help me or not.
Swara: ( happily) yes
Sanskar; I know you must not remember what is after 3 days.
She started to think but don’t remember anything. She sadly nodded in no.
Swara: first you move away from me then I will think.
He reliases his position and start to move but soon naughty idea popped in his mind. He quickly change their position now swara is top of him.
Sanskar; now you can think.
She passes him death glare .
Sanskar: swara, I know you are not going to remember anything let me remind you. ( he started to touch her face sensuously)
Swara: w…h…a..t?
Sanskar; after three days , my bhai’s and ur di’s anniversary.
Swara: what?, how can I forget it. This only happen due to you.
Sanskar: me?
Swara: yes you.
He immediately made her stand.
Sanskar: can you explain me how I supposed to be reason of it.
Swara: every time I used to think about you. In my mind and heart everywhere only you are. So I forget it.
she reliases what she has blurted out. She began to go from there, but Sanskar hold her hand.
Sanskar: what you have said?
Swara: I forget it.
Sanskar; before this.
Swara: nothing
He pulled her toward himself, now they are in back hugging position.
Raglak room
Both are sleeping in each other embress. First ragini open her eyes she smiled seeing laksh beside her, she give pecked on his lips and started to going from there. Laksh pull her toward himself. She is top of him.
Laksh: not fare , u took ur morning gift but what about me. I also want it.
Ragino; laksh you are always behaving like child. I don’t know how I will handle when actually baby come.
Laksh: so you want kid, but for this we have keep trying na. U always busy in your works.
He started to make sad faces.
Ragini: laksh you’re becoming naughty day by day.
Laksh: I am romancing with my wife. Acha ragini tell na what you want boy or girl ?
Ragini sitted near him, start to cresses his hair.
Ragini: I want both. U know laksh , until swara was born I always used to feel lonely. All children of my age are busy in playing with their sibling but I don’t had anyone.
Laksh places his finger on her lips.
Laksh: ragini we will always give that much of love to our kid, if he also not had any sibling na still he/she will not feel bad. Do you have think any name for our future kid.
She nodded in no.
Laksh: let me think. ( he started to think about it) ya I get that name. If boy than niaksh and if girl then I will keep her name niakshita.
Ragini: what kind of name these are ?
Laksh: ragini+ laksh( niaksh)
Ragini; Thank you, kk now I have many work let me go.
Laksh; first I will take my gift.
He put his rough lips on her soft lips. He started kiss her, she also responding him back.both share passionate kiss, they broke it after 5 mjnutes.
Both wake up from bad and started to freshen up.
Swasan side
Sanskar ; you don’t answering me swara.
Swara; I don’t have have that much of time. Now I have to start surprise planning for them.
Sanskar: no , first answer me. Until you don’t give me answer I am not going to leave you.
Swara: Sanskar, leave me na. Anytime jiju or di come here to wake me.
Sanskar: no one able to come here. I locked from inside.
Swara started to punch him by her elbow but it’s not effecting him.
Swara: sanskar( lovingly)
Sanskar; this time you can’t fool me.
Swara: okay I am giving you answer but first leave me.
He nodded in no.
Swara: Sanskar( angrily)
Sanskar: I am thinking you are enjoying so close to me that’s y you are not giving answer.
Swara: just leave me for some moment then I will tell you how much I am enjoying.
Sanskar: no, I don’t trust you. First answer me then other things.
Swara: okay listen, you always fight with me that’s why I used to think about you.
He made turn, cup her face . now they are directly seeing each other.
Sanskar: but we are not supposed to think about our enemy.
Swara: who said you are my enemy. You are my friend.
Sanskar: only friend.( sadly)
Swara: hmm
Sanskar: but we also not think about our friends 24 hours. If that friend is more than friend then only it’s possible. So for you do I am more than friend ?
Swara become shy after listening it, she immediately downed her eyelids. Her cheeks are turned crimson red.
Before they can continue, Laksh knocked on door.
Sanskar: again my enemy come. He never want to I should complete my work.
He began to go for open door but swara stop him.
Swara: arre what are you doing? What will he think if he see us here ?
Sanskar: he will not think anything. Only he know how to disturb me.
Sanskar open the door , laksh immediately enter there and again close the door.
Swara: jiju, why you close it?
Laksh: if your di listen us then my whole plan will destroy. I want to give her surprise on our anniversary.
Sanskar: ha toh, u can’t come later na. We were discussing something very important.
Laksh; I know what must you both are discussing.
Swara: jiju, don’t listen him. Do you think about any plan.
Laksh: no that’s y I sended Sanskar here in early morning but it seems to he is busy in his own work.
Sanskar; bhai , do you need my help or not?
Swara: Sanskar stop it, jiju let’s think together.
Sanskar: why not? After spoiling my work he wanted to give surprise to bhabhi.
Swara and Laksh passes him death glare.
Trio started to think about what surprised he should plan.
Swara immediately shouted “idea”
Sanlak; what?
Swara: jiju you can do special arrangement where you both first time met.
Sanskar: can you explain me?
Swara: I am not your teacher that I every time give explanations to you.
Laksh: Sanskar let her complete.
Swara: jiju you both met first time in goa na when di had come there for clg trip. So you can create same moment again for her like your first meeting.
Sanskar: ( monologue) thank god, I don’t need to go so far for create special moment.
Laksh: thanks doll, but in such short period how I will do everything.
Sanskar; you don’t worry , I will personally go goa to make all arrangement. By the way bhai who said you go to goa. Can’t you wait for sometime , if you met bhabhi in Kolkata your money+ my time would saved.
Laksh went toward Sanskar and start speak slowly which is only audible to Sanskar. Whereas swara is looking them confusedly.
Laksh: I only met her in goa but what about you?
Sanskar: you don’t worry about me, my meeting with her is in very special place.
Laksh; ha I know that is airport later jail.
Sanskar; do you want me to goa for your work or not.
Laksh: I can’t trust you alone, swara will give company to you.
Swara; but jiju di will not allow me.
Sanskar: I will make her say yes.
Laksh: why not, you also have profit in it( say slowly which can only audible to Sanskar)
Sanskar: hmm
Swara: okay so final , we will make all arrangement there. After three days we both will comeback and you can enjoy there with di.
Sanskar : ( monologue) thanks swara, you unknowingly give me best idea. Now in these three days I will make you mine.
Precap: goa


Bye , take care and love you all…

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