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bhabi plz give ur sister hand (Part 23)

Hii guys, thanks for your response on previous part.
Part 22
This may be short part, due to updating both stories I can’t write long parts.
Swara: ha I have one condition.
Laksh: tell na doll , whatever will be your condition. I full fill them. Do you want something ? You can take my credit card.
Sanskar: bhai, u never offer me this. Even you shouted on me. I am also angry.
He started to make angry faces , seeing this swaragini are smiling. Laksh become irritated.
Laksh: doll, leave this kidnapper. You tell me your condition now my knees are paining.
Swara: you have do sit ups.
Sanskar: That’s good. Now you will do sits up.
Swara: Don’t be happy so much Mr kidnapper. Even u have do it.
Sanskar become shocked after listening it. Ragini giggled little.
Laksh: princess give some other punishment na. This idea is not good, ragini tell na doll “ to give some other punishment”.
Ragini: swara it’s not fare.
Sanskar: ha Swara it’s not fare.
Ragini: you should give some more punishment to both of them.
Sanskar: yes swara , you should give more punishment to both of us.
Laksh: Sanskar , if u like to be punish then u can take it. Don’t drag me in it. And ragini this all happen due to you. You should support me. Doll give some other punishment na. By the way whose idea is giving this type of punishment.
Swara: I don’t know , you have only one option do it. And this idea is given by your brother that’s y I also give him that punishment.
Sanskar remember it.

Sanskar: arre but I only said it so you can stop crying.
Laksh shoot dragger from eyes. Ragini is laughing on both brother state.
Swara: I don’t know anything. Di tell jiju and kidnapper I am going to sleep. If both of them not complete it. I will not talk to them.
Ragini: even I will not going to talk with them. I am going inside my room, laksh today you don’t need to come there. You can sleep with Sanskar.
Swaragini go from there in their respective room, leaving sanlak behind them. Both brother’s are passing death glare to each other.
Sanskar; all thing happen due to you.
Laksh: your fault. Why you give that idea.?
Sanskar: why you shout on her?
Laksh: why you both are laughing and holding each other hand.
Again Sanskar become embress due it.
Sanskar: ha toh, u shouldn’t shout on her na. By the way now u can stand up, they both are gone.
Laksh reliases he is still on kness.
Laksh: give me your hand.
Sanskar give him hand to stand up.
Laksh: now think something. I can’t tolerate their silence. How could I able to sleep without cuddling my rago.
Sanskar: even I can’t. Now I feeling sleepy, I am going. You re also invited there.
Flashback end..
Swasan are still thinking about each other while raglak are not able to sleep without each other.
Laksh silently wakeup and go toward their room. Sanskar also want to talk to her. But he is helpness right now. Ragini also wake up and start going toward Sanskar room. And swara is still smiling thinking about their date.


Raglak are coming toward each other. They collided with each other they both fall down , laksh is above ragini.
Hearing sound swasan also come from their rooms. Swara is going toward ragini to help her but someone pulled her.she going to scream , he cover her mouth with his palm.
She raised her eyebrow in shock.
Sanskar: what are you going to do?
Swara is trying to say something but can’t able to speak.
Sanskar; answer me.
She signalled him , his hands are on her mouth.
He quickly remove his hand and signal her to speak.
Swara: I am going to help them.
He see her in disbelief.
Sanskar; really( she nodded in positive), innocent kid you are going to disturb romantic birds. Now keep quiet and see them.
Both are closely standing with each other.
Swara: besharm it’s not good to see anyone romancing.
Sanskar: u don’t see but I am going to make video of it. Later I will blackmail bhai. So fun…
Swara: I will nt let you do this.
Sanskar: kid, if u don’t keep quiet na this time I will complete that work which i don’t able to complete at our date.
Swara become shocked seeing his boldness.
Now both are seeing toward raglak.
Raglak side
Both are still loss in each other. They’re staring each other continuously. Without being notice someone is watching them.
Laksh: rago, never give me this type of punishment yr.
Ragini: sry laksh, vo I just teasing. You know laksh I can’t able to sleep without you.
Laksh: really, you can’t even imagine my condition. These is due to swasan.
Ragini: they always disturb us by their acts.
Swasan side.
They both are listening them angrily.
Swara: Sanskar now give ur mobile , now I am going to make their videos. Even I will upload it on net.
Sanskar: no I will make it. I will not only update it on net . I will also circulate to bhai and bhabhi frnds.
Swara: no I will.
He hold her through waist and pull her toward himself. And go closer toward her. Seeing this much closeness she close her eyes while seeing her close eyes he smile little and wishper in her ears.” Don’t argue with me I can loose my control. “ Both are in same position all forgetting about raglak.
Raglak side
Ragini: laksh, first help me na.
He nodded in negative, she jerked his hand from her waist and stand up.
Laksh: not fare rago.
Ragini; we can continue our romance in our room.
She run toward her room.
Laksh: what? Ragini wait I am coming.

Listening laksh voice both come in their senses.
Sanskar; only due to you. I lost this chance.
Swara: it’s your fault. You came closer to me.
Sanskar: you made me loose my control.
She stamp his foot and go away from there.
7 days leap
In these 7 seven days both couples come more closer to each other. Specially swasan, both are enjoying this new feeling. Sanskar love for swara is increasing day by day while swara is ignoring this feeling. Laksh also come to know sanskar feeling, he is also supporting him to make Swara closer to him.
Precap: finally real first kiss

There will be surprise in 25th part. So wait for 25th part. 24th part will be in 2 part.
From 26 part present and past will be together.
Bye , take care and love u all…

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