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bhabi plz give ur sister hand (Part 18)

Hii guys, Thanks 4 response on previous part….
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Ragini; wat? Y r u thinking about him?
Swara; vo di I am not thinking about kidnapper. I just thinking how can anyone room is so perfect. I never seen this much perfection in anyone.
Ragini; so finally my princess is impress by someone.
Swara; no di, I just admiring his room. How perfectly he maintained his room.
Ragini: waise Swara, ur choice is not bad.
Swara; Sanskar is not my choice.
Ragini; when I have taken his name I am talking about ur collection. If u like Sanskar u can share with me.
Swara: vo di I thought u r talking about him . (suddenly swara remember rags last line) I don’t like him. He can’t be my choice.
Ragini: oh my princess is becoming angry. It’s first sign of love( ragini run away from there, Sanskar enter )
Swara;( not notice Sanskar) di, I am giving u warning . there is not any sign of love b/w me and Sanskar. U don’t know how much irritating he is . No chance he ever be my choice( swara is still unaware about Sanskar presence)
Sanskar: u only tell me, what should anyone do to make himself perfect for u.
Swara: ( turn toward him) You?( shouted)
Sanskar: arre do u have any eye sight problem. Yes its only me ur Mr kidnapper.
Swara: I don’t have any eye sight problem. Just I don’t expect u here, why should I answer u.
Sanskar; ( moving closer to swara) why u not, well I know u more than yourself.
Swara: (also moving toward him) if u know me more than myself. Then y are u asking about my choice.
Sanskar: u don’t know y I am asking u?( now both are only inch apart)
Swara: how could I know? Only u have interest in disturbing me. ( both dashes with each other,both fell on floor, swara is top of sanskar. Sanskar’s hand is on her back)


Swara: u always dashes with me. Now help me( said irritatingly)
Sanskar: how can I help u. Tum mere upar ho swara( u r above me)
Swara; very funny, but ur hand is on me.
Sanskar: oh sry, but I am not going to leave u so early. First answer me , do u not have any idea y I always used distrub u by phone calls.
Swara; ( try to remove his hand) how could I know.
Sanskar; really
Swara: hmm
Sanskar; u r looking more beautiful , first time I am seeing u from so close. I wish I can
Swara; u idiot stop ur wishes to ur self. I am not that type.
Sanskar; how do u know wat r my wishes? I want to say that, I wish I can always distrub u by my calls. What u thought
Swara: u r really a jerk.
Sanskar: arre how I am jerk, see na I also remove my hand but still u r in same position. If anyone see us like that what they think, atleast I have some image here. Don’t ruin it…
Swara: ( try to stand up, but due to water on floor she again slip)
Sanskar: swara if u want to romance, u should tell me before na. I have closed the door. I don’t know u r so desperate.( with smile)
Swara: don’t make up any stories. I just slip.( finally she stand up)
Sanskar: atleast help me also.
Swara: why I help u? U continue ur romance.
Sanskar: mad girl,( swara went from there, sanky is still in same position)

Laksh enter in room,
Laksh; arre Sanskar what r u doing there.
Sanskar: ( still loss in swara) I am here due to ur doll.
Laksh: so u r lost in my doll.
Sanskar: ( without sense) yes
Laksh; ( sit beside him) my doll is beautiful na
Sanskar: very preety
Laksh: do u like her?
Sanskar: no, I love….( coming in sense) I love myself. I don’t want to die by her hand.
Laksh: I thought u love her it’s kk I will tell ragini start finding boys for her.
Sanskar; why ?
Laksh: now she is 20 year old. If we start finding from now then only na we can make marry her.
Sanskar; arre what is need to marry her so early. She is only 20 year old.
Laksh: who said we will make marry her tomorrow. But after 3-4 year she have to marry na. Also finding good boys take time. For my doll I will find some Prince. Who can always love her more than us.
Sanskar: u can’t do this with me.
Laksh: what is I am doing to u?
Sanskar: nothing , now help me firirst.

After helping sanky , laksh went from there.
Sanky; ( monologue) really bhai will make her marry with someone. ( sanky closes his eyes)
Swara is taking vows with someone. He going to fill her hairline.
Sanky: stop( shouted) how can u marry my swara.
Guy: how can she be ur Swara. She is my swara, her jiju give me her hand to me…
Sanskar: bhai u, how can u do like that ( cryingly)
Laksh; what is problem in that. Doll will be always happy with him. U also said u don’t love her.
Ragini; see my princess is so happy , why r u stopping marriage?
Swara: Mr kidnapper, what r u doing in my marriage. See my prince is not liking ur presence.
Guy: yes princess, throw him from here.
Laksh: Sanskar , go away from there if they are not liking it.
Ragini: ha Sanskar, u should leave from here.
Sanskar: u all stop it, I love her . I am not going anywhere . swara is all mine.( he hold her wrist tightly) swara come with me.

Guy; leave my wife hand.
Sanskar: u both are not married yet. How can she be ur wife.
Swara: vo sanskar we both started to like each other na so we married in church( with shy) sry di and jiju.
Laksh; its kk doll, u don’t know me and di also married before our actual marriage.
Ragini: laksh u, this is not place to tell these things. Sanskar is also here, he is child. Think about it…
Sanskar: I don’t believe u. I am not any child. Swara u r only mine..
Guy : this is not our problem. I can proof u by kissing her. Baby come here, we will proof him.
Swara: I am coming.( now that guy and swara are inch apart from kissing)
Sanskar: no this can’t happen.( Sanskar separated them, he pulled her toward himself.)
Swara: what r u doing…
Before she complete , Sanskar smashed his lips on her lips. He began kiss her passionately.
Someone patted him from behind.
Laksh: Sanskar what r u doing. Why u r mouth like crow?
At Kitchen
Swara is seated on slab, ragini is making lunch.
Swara: di, u know I have miss u very much. In London, I had most miss u and ur hands food. Now I will never go far away from u.
Ragini: accha, how it’s possible? Someday u have to marry someone. Than u have to leave me na.
Swara: no di , I will never marry . if after marriage he not allow me meet u then.
Ragini: then I have one idea.

Precap; don’t know…

I know I have said I will update Ts. My mood change , wanted to write this .
I think after so many days I have written this much.
If u have any suggestion u can give me,…
Bye, take care and love u all

Sometime I act like weird…. Sometime I act like crazy…..
Or may be sometime I act like jerk…
Bt wat to do I luv my self as I am…..

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