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bhabi plz give ur sister hand (Part 17)

Hey guys, Thanks for u response on previous part.
Hope u like this part also…

Flashback continues..
Laksh: sanky, wat r u both talking ?
Sanky: bhai,I was telling her some ideas .
Ragini; kindly tell us which kind of ideas u r giving to her?
Sanskar; arre bhabhi simple, she can share my room. Our problem will solve.
Swara; Mr kidnapper, I will not share my room with u. I don’t trust any kidnapper.
Sanskar: first stop calling by stupid name. If u don’t wanna share room it’s ur problem not mine. That is my room not ur room.
Swara: di, u know I love that room. Plz tell na ur BIL leave that from ur princess.
Sanskar: bhabhi, who is princess here ? I am only seeing a devil. I can leave that room at one condition, if this devil fulfill my two wishes.
Swara; No way, I will prefer to die rather than fulfilling his wishes.
Sanskar: u don’t have other way.
Raglak; shona, now u don’t be sturnborn. Agree with him or live in other room. We both r going, sought out ur self.
Swara: par ..
Raglak: bye…


Swara: first tell me ur condition.
Sanskar: no, first u promise. You will agree with me.
Swara: I can’t..
Sanskar: okay then bye..
Sanskar began to go from there,
Swara; (monologue) How could he even imagine I will share my room with him. Ya that is his room but when I am here that time that is my room. But now what I do, I can’t even imagine to live in other room. Now I have agree with him.
Swara: Mr kidnapper , I will agree with ur all condition. Now tell me ur condition( she shouted from behind)
Sanskar come closer to her, due to so much closeness swara closes her eyes.
Sanskar: (his lips are touching her ears, due to it she is shivering) listen princess, I will tell u my both condition later but I must say u r very intelligent. But not more than me. ( Sanskar slightly kisses her near earlobe)
Swara is still in same position, while sanky goes away winking at her.
Swara monologue
What is happening to me, I know he likes me . but I don’t have any feeling for him then y his closeness is effecting me. Swara control ur self, u can’t love him. Love always give pain.( her eyes are filled with tears)
Sanskar monologue
Why I lost my control whenever she is near me. I love her more than anything, but I have to wait until she don’t love me. I can wait for her love whole life. I love u swara.

Unknown place..
Lady: mam, when we will start our plan. If we will not start early may we loose our game before starting.
Lady 2: relax urvashi, nothing will happen. Just wait for sometime now only love is started. Until love game not reach high peak we can’t do anything.
Urvashi: but mam if Sanskar’s love for swara increases, he may refuses for revenge.
Lady 2: He can’t , Sanskar will take my revenge. Laksh father give many pain to me. What happen if he is dead . his son is alive na, laksh has only two weakness Sanskar and ragini. Using Sanskar, I will hurt ragini. It’s very simple just hurt swara , ragini herself will break. That time my revenge will fulfill.
Urvashi: why Sanskar will agree to hurt swara. He loves her from many years.
Lady2: revenge can change anyone, when he got to know Laksh father truth he will hate Laksh, that time we will make our move. We will use sanskar love to complete our revenge. Just keep eyes on swasan, until both not confess each other. No one should come between them.
Swara is placing her things in her room( Sanskar room).
Swara: oh god,how much work I have . moreover this Mr kidnapper thought are distracting me.
Ragini; shona, where r u lost.
Swara; sanskar
Precap: first kiss…, alia entry in past( hope u remember her)

Now a days little busy, that’s y short update. If u wanna long parts then I can post alternate days.
So , tell me should I post long parts alternate days or u are okay with short part.
Every Saturday or suneay : long parts pakka..
If u have any doubt u can ask me.
Lady 2: suggest someone who can play sanky mother.
Don’t expect so much romance from me, I am not very much comfortable in writing it. Whenever I will able to feel comfort in that zone. Than I will try to write romantic parts…
Thursday; In your love
Friday; next part of this ff..
Bye take care, and love u all..

Sometime I act like weird…. Sometime I act like crazy…..
Or may be sometime I act like jerk…
Bt wat to do I luv my self as I am…..

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