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bhabi plz give ur sister hand (Part 15)

Hii guys, I know now a days I am giving short update but wat to do typing from mobile is like challenge for me, soon my hands start paining. I have to end the part….
Thanks 4 response on previous part….
Hope u like this part also…

“ swara, u here” Sanskar
Swara simply ignored him, went to laksh.
“ jiju tell na now u don’t considered me as ur family na. I know only due to me , di leave u. Sry (she hold her ears) na. I never wanted this. Please forgive ur doll na.” Swara
“ swara u r not at fault , I am reason behind their separation” Sanskar
“ u both again started ur fights. And swara from when u started to listen anyone. U r not my doll(hearing it, her face fell down),if u were my doll na u would come inside by fighting with WM. Now also, u r ready to go. U really disappointed me.” Laksh
“ sorry na, I thought if I come like that u will feel bad. Don’t worry na ur doll is back na. This time I am in full of my original avatar. I tell u one secret now I become more naughty. It will be hard for u to manage me.” Swara
“ Don’t worry I have full experiences . Now come inside.” Laksh
Sanskar tried to help her in lifting her luggage.
“ no need to help me, I can manage my self. “ swara( she lift her luggage)
Sanky felt bed, he quickly hide his emotions.
“ swara, first u take rest. After that we will talk.” Laksh
“ No, I will not take any rest. U don’t know how much I wait for this day. Today we will not sleep, I have to share many things with u. Also I have good news.” Swara
“ doll, I have meeting. Until I don’t come plz take rest. I promise we will talk whole night after that. I am going, u go to ur room. No more discussion.” Laksh
“ okay,first di, then adi and now new Hitler.” Swara( she blabbered to herself)
“ I heard” laksh
Laksh went from there, now swasan are alone.
“ vo swara I wanna say I am…” Sanskar
Before he complete, swara cut him..
“ listen I am here due to some special reason. So don’t try to talk to me.” Swara
“ swara, pls listen me for once. I know ur reason for coming here, I will also help u. Trust me I am very guilty for whatever I had done in past, by helping u my guilt somehow become less. I will not say u have to comeback in my life. But pls let me help u.” Sanky
Without saying anything further, she went away.
Sanskar monologue
I know swara u will never forgive me. Only by this u will able to come close to me and also our motive is same. If we both r together, all impossible work will become possible. May be after that my bhabhi also give ur hand to me. Only that I will able to ask bhabhi plz give ur sister hand. Sanky u r really intelligent( he patted himself).
Swara room,
“what he think of himself. I will not say u have to comeback in my life. What he think of himself . I am also not dying for going in his life. He didn’t change little bit all, just like before .


After 4 hours,
At dinning table,
“ doll, u r still angry with me. Really I have important meeting. See, I also hold my ear.” Laksh
“ bhai, leave her na. She don’t even looking at u. We should cancel our program. Come now we should sleep.” Sanskar
“ jiju , say ur bro. Don’t interfere in my matter. U can’t cancel our plan.” Swara
“ bhai, tell ur doll I am not talking to her.” Sanskar
“jiju , tell ur bro . not call me doll.” Swara
Laksh is only looking here and there.
“ bhai….” Sanskar
“ Do I am looking like postman both of u.” laksh
Both nodded in negative direction
“ Then y u both are doing like that.” Laksh
“ vo jiju….., yes I remember someone want to talk u. Can u talk to him.” Swara
“ who wanna talk to me?” Swara
“ someone very special, I am calling him.” Swara
Swara dialed adi no and put phone in speaker.
“ oh, so madam finally remember me. But I am angry with u right now. I am not going to talk u. Bye..” adi
“ not dare to cut my phone, I will complain to niaksh. U can imagine what could he do. He will cook up stories and tell them to di.” Swara
Sanlak are confused, both are jealous . laksh by hearing niaksh name and sanky by swadi talks..
“ Wat I am not afraid of ur niaksh. “ adi
Now sanky anger raises high…
“Think before u speak, I wanna talk to niaksh give him phone.” Swara
“ oh, so u don’t wanna talk to me na. Okay I am going to die. “ adi(in childish voice)
“ adi, I promised niaksh I will make him talk to jiju. Plz give him phone. Don’t disturb me warna I will tell di ….” Swara
“ okay,I am giving phone to my enemy. Stop blackmailing me always” adi
“ hello, do u reach India. U have promise me after reaching India u will make me talk to ….” Niaksh
“ I remember champ, he is here only u can talk to him.” Swara
“ dad,( by listening dad his eyes become moist)do u not miss me. I miss u so much. Mom and Masi told me u r busy in meeting. So u don’t able to come here. That’s y me and Masi make plan. “ niaksh
Laksh turn toward swara, she nodded positively.
“ I am sry beta, ur dad is too much bad. I promise I will come 2 meet u.” laksh
“ dad u don’t need to come here, after 1 months me and mom coming India for Masi marriage.” Niaksh
By listening swara marriage , Sanskar heart break into 100 pieces. While laksh don’t hear properly due to so much exictment.
“ Really, u r coming here. I will give so much toys and chocolate.” Laksh
“ I will also show u my all prizes,and greeting cards. U know dad Masi told me I am just like u. She even show me ur pic, but dad I am more handsome then u .” Niaksh
“ yes, baby u r most handsome boy . come soon ur dad is waiting for u.” laksh
“ okay dad, I will talk to u later. Call me champ, I am baby. Kk bye,this gabbar is disturbing me, wat to do he wanna talk to my Masi.” Niaksh
“ kk, bye niaksh. Aditya thanks for taking care of my son.” Laksh
“ hey buddy, don’t need to thanks me. I am not taking care of ur son. Ur son and sil both are taking care of me. Still u wanna thanks to me, then take care of my fiance.” Adi
“ ur fiance??” laksh
“ ya my one and only one fiance ,ur doll.” Adi
Now this double shock for sanskar, he stand up and went away in his room.
Sanky room…
How can that idiot say like that, my fiance. Swara is only mine, at any cost I will win her again. He started to throwing things(don’t worry door is closed and sound proof too.) How can she say yes to marry him, I know bhabhi must have force her. She can’t marry anyone, swara u r only mine. No one can snatch u from me, not even bhabhi. Blood started to flowing from his hands,( he become tried by so much anger,he sleep on floor only) ( he started blabber)u can’t marry any one swara, only Sanskar have right to marry swara.
Meanwhile at dining table..
“ swara, how could ragini do like this. She does not even think 4 once, at least I deserve to know my life biggest truth. I will never forgive her. “ laksh ( in crying voice)
“ jiju,I don’t wat r condition that time. Why di take this decision. But di still love u, I my self saw her many times dialing ur no and cutting it. Try to understand her. She must have some reason. I am going to my room. But pls u think for once.” Swara

Sanky is still sleeping on floor,blood dried out. His sleep disturb due to sunlight…
Sanky monologue
I wish whatever happen in night, that turn into nightmare. I don’t know how I am going to win my love. I wish that day I doesn’t met that women. I wish I never thought about revenge. I wish….

Precap: fully past start….
May be some scene of present also, can’t say anything…

Next part on Sunday . if not on Sunday then on Monday pakka
Saturday; 2nd part of ‘in your love’
Sry if It is boring…
Bye ,take care and love u all…

Sometime I act like weird…. Sometime I act like crazy…..
Or may be sometime I act like jerk…
Bt wat to do I luv my self as I am…..

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