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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 12th August 2016 Written Episode Update

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 12th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Aniat comes home with chedi n sees Vibhuti sleeping in sofa n says oh is drunk too n Wakes Vibhuti, Vibhuti wakes up n says what are u here for, whole night u were with this chedi what now,Anita says have u lost it,Vibhuti says I will kill this chedi,Anita says dare u touch him, what’s wrong with u,Anita says I went to chedis house bcoz his wife was in labour pain n no hospital was available so I went to help him,Vibhuti says oh god, this is all bcoz of tiwaris dream, Tiwari n anguri enter, Tiwari says bhabhiji why did u runaway with this chedi,Anita says plz stop this drama I went with him to help his wife in labour pain, anguri says good good,Tiwari says the good news is I saw no dreams yesterday, Vibhuti says we don’t trust u sleep again n dream again n Anu baby I’m



Anita anguri n Vibhuti waiting for Tiwari to wake up,Vibhuti says relax he will be fine, anguri prays God plz stop this dream sequence,Tiwari wakes up n joins them, vibhuti asks did u dream,Tiwari says many n general,like tikka got hit by a girl with sandals,tikka walks in n says bhabhiji I’m very happy today a girl gifted me a rose n so we a e partying, Vibhuti bhaiya n Tiwari bhaiya plz join us n leaves, Tiwari says second dream was happy Singh got fired, happu Singh comes with sweets n says I’m joining duty back n also been listed for promotion,have sweets.

Vibhuti says tiwari any other dream, Tiwari says yes anguri threw water on Vibhutis face without any reason,anguri sees cockroach n spills water on Tiwari, anguri says sorry, Vibhuti says anything else, Tiwari says yes yes a pigeon shitted in ur face, a pigeon shits on tiwaris face, Anita says so if ur done tiwariji,Tiwari says last one n it’s u had a call saying ur brimming classes are on fire,Anita’s ays oh no what now, Tiwari gets call from tilu saying that his shop is on fire n Tiwari rushes to shop.

Next morning, anguri watering plants in garden, Brett lee comes in pelus auto,he stops near anguri n says beautiful lady I need help, anguri asks who are u, Brett says I’m Brett lee,anguri says I eat no bread, go away, is it that u want some lingerie my husband owns a shop, Brett lee says looks like u are mistaken,n translates using his dictionary n says namaste, Vibhuti joins them n says God Brett lee,he is a my fav bowler,anguri says oh a cricketer how happy to see u, Anita joins them too n says oh hi great gan moment, Tiwari joins them too,Anita says my us and is a great batsman.

Vibhuti says Anu don’t embarrass me,Anita says last night u said u can hit a 6 on Brett lees ball, Tiwari says mr lee this man is challenging u, lee says oh I love challenges cmon, anguri bhabhi plz hold my jacket beautiful lady, Tiwari says I will. Vibhuti says Anu baby see how I hit a 6, Anita say sthat like my Vibhu,everyone gathers n supports lee except Pelu who supports Vibhuti.
Anita says to tikka n Malkha, my husband is famous batsman,Malkha supports lee but tikka says I will support my Vibhuti bhaiya, happu Singh comes too no ays wow Brett lee let me join too.

Vibhuti n Brett lee stand face to face, starring right into each others eyes,Vibhuti slowly says I got to Impress bhabhiji plz take care, lee winks n says yes. Anita asks cmon Vibhu show ur skills. Brett lee bowls,Vibhuti bowled in first bowl itself,everyone applaud, anguri says good good, Vibhuti says Anu Baby it’s just that I need practice, Tiwari says u are good at nothing, Vibhuti goes near lee n says why did u do this,lee says even I wanted to impress bhabhiji, n walks to anguri n says come I shall teach u, anguri bowls to Vibhuti in lees guidance,Anita says atleast play well on her ball, anguri hits stumps too, lee invites Anita to join him n teaches her to bowl, Tiwari says I will hit 6 on bhabhiji ball,tiwari ready to ball,Anita hits stumps,Tiwari thinks she is so beautiful I was already m bowled.

Brett lee asks his heroine to join him n says we are here to promote my movie n invite u for premier,it’s about love story of Indian n Australian so do watch on 19 Aug.

Precap: Vibhuti says bhabhiji u love wearing green bangles right, anguri says yes I love them.
Anita sees first Vibhuti n then gulfamkali enter tiwaris house from window.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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