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Disclamier: The characters and incidents portrayed and the names used in this OS are fictitious. Any resemblance to the names, character or history of any person is coincidental and unintentional.

Swara –studying in college and she has passion – writing fictions and kind heart girl and she is from jammu.

Sanskar – studying in college and he is too kind heart , calm, caring & loving person at heart and he is from bali.

Others characters ragini, laksh, sahil will be his college friends.

Swara’s college :

Scene 1
Swara’s friends were calling swaaraaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!! For past 2 mints
And swara was not aware of that and she was keenly texting someone in her phone. After few minutes she looked upon who was calling her. All Her friends were staring at her and she gave wide grin and said lets go to girls… all gave her impossible look.
It was 5.00pm Swara’s college got over and she was returning happily back to her house. Becoz she is gonna post her fiction today.
The story was about a prince going in search of golden fleece to save his ancestor gods and village people from evil spirits.
Its was 9.00 pm she posted in blog and she was over excited about readers and their comments. Swara got engrossed in fiction and she forgot to watch the time and it was about 11.30 pm. She was replying to her readers in her fiction.
Sankar – love to read stories, while surfing he found swara’s fiction and got attached to it. He started reading the ff daily and sanskar even started to spend his time online leaving his all works behind.

Scene -2
Its was 25th chapie of swara and she was expecting all her readers to respond her today. As usual all were appreciating her and she was expecting sanskar so much as he has given her so many ideas and encouraged in her worst days too.. finally sanskar appeared and he gave her applause for the chapie and their normal talks turned into personnal one as the days passed…
Everytime swara and sanskar was found to be engrossed in mobile rather than spending time with real world friends and parents. Both of their gang unaware about this but they insisted and asked them are hiding secret from us. Their reply was noooo to them.( separate in their places don’t get confused)
One day swara scored low marks and she felt the reason behind this was she was spending so much time online. And she was thinking to quit writing. But her readers were nagging her and for their name sake she started writing again.
But true reason is sanskar was asking her to continue her fiction…
Slowly sanskar forgot his friends and he spent his time only for swara and waited for her day and nite…
Somehow ragini, laksh and sahil came to know about his talks with swara and how he completely forgot them. Oneday they thought to confront him. Be he never gave them chance. But being loyal friends they adviced him oneday u will regret but that time she wont come sanskar we will be there for u..
Sanskar never gave his ears to his friends and he was waiting for swara online..

Scene 3
Sanskar was suffering from typhoid and he did come online for 1 week.
In this one week gap, for first two days she was waiting for sanskar msg , next two days she did not bother about him and finally after few day she forgot about him.
And she got another friend in her ff and she started to chat with her.
After 2 weeks sanskar was normal fit and first thing he did was he came online and was excited to see swara’s msg. but she did not even send him a hai or were u msg??? he was heartbroken and he thought may be she was busy and he went to her fiction page and started reading the remaining parts… there he found msg of swara and convo with another person. He felt bad and thought may be she was busy.

Scene 4
It was 9.00pm sanskar was waiting swara ff. There she posted it and he was joyous and he texted swara . hey swara how are you and how was your day??
But she did not reply him and he felt heartwrencing. But she replied to other commenters. Finally after one week she replied him im fine and her day was good..
He was so happy by seeing her reply excited to text her.. but she gave him a reply that she is busy and text you later. In this one week sanskar was found to be restless and his friends were supporting him to be normal. But he only knew how much he missed his friend swara.

Scene 5
Finally it was swara grand 50th chapter and she was excited about her readers reaction. She found sanskar long msg and she was happie and replied him thnk u..
Sanskar was happy for swara and made a post wishing her congratz. But her msg was thank u and she never replied to his other msgs. He was feeling broken inside and finally it has lead sanskar to depression…
But swara was happy becoz she has got new commentor and enjoying her accompany leaving behind the friend who helped her the most…..

Will swara come to know about sanskar condition ???????

Will sanskar get cured???????

So friends my kind request don’t believe everything in this virtual world.. be cautious and share ur love where you can receive it back ….


THANK YOU BUDDIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Anu,Shagun, myna, pebby,Swasanfan.goldie, Ameera, s, Paru, Radhika, Soujanya, Sanjanaagrawal, shiksha, Anu_m, Pooja26, Kritika, Rabia, Jwala Divyashankar, Bhumika12, Khushiii, Anuann, Shan, ,Sri, Rash ,Divya, Alia, Aanya, Vyshu10,Sathya, CHANDU, NIVE ) THNK U MY VALUABLE readers and friends who encouraged me to write again….. thnk u and love u all…..

And readers I expect you to comment and share ur thoughts……
bye navi signing off   

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