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Bangles OS Promo

Hey guys, it’s me Maria, back with OS. So let’s begin,
Mr. Dev Dixit, a young , handsome business tycoon lived in Delhi with his family. He had everything what he wanted, what more could he expect from his life! Once his mother asked him to bring some bangles of his choice so that when her daughter in law comes home, she would like to give it to her.

Dev: kya maa tum bhi, (what mom, you also)
Ishwari: Maine kaha Na (I said Na) I want bangles! Can’t you do this much for your mother?
Dev agrees! What could he do? He cannot deny her mother’s wish!
After leaving from office, he goes straight to a market to buy bangles. He sees all the designs and choses one. He pays the money, takes it and walks towards his car. A girl with a bag having vegetables in it walks in fear. And she clashed into Dev!!!! Dev holds her in his arms and stares at her beautiful face! The girl’s eyes are closed as she thought she would fall down! Dev is mesmerized seeing her, he gently tucks her hair behind her ears. A current passes through the girl as if she has got what she wanted in her life! She opens her eyes and is shocked to find herself in his arms..


She gets up and takes her vegetables which were fallen on the ground! Dev helps her and asks her name! She doesn’t say anything in fear and runs away from there!! He calls out to her but she doesn’t listen. Dev says

“ Maa in chudiyo ko pehenne vali mil gayi” (Mom the girl to wear this bangles is this)
So here’s just a promo for the OS! Hope you all guys liked it!! I want comments from you if you liked it!! Then only I will decide whether to post the OS! So please comment as much as you can!!

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