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Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 23rd August 2016 Written Episode Update

Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 23rd August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

The Episode starts with baba ji telling his shishya that they will be fooled by us. Maggie comes and introduces herself as princess ruksar begum. She says I present you with my valuables, money and jewellery. Sharmila comes and asks Baba ji to throw it, as it is useless. She takes bag from his hand and goes to throw it. Maggie goes following her. Baba ji asks her to give it to him. Surili comes and says I brought my valuables, after saving my life from a wild animal. Baba ji says I am impressed with you. Shaguta comes and takes the bag and goes. Amrish comes and gives his valuables and money. He asks did you see any horse going from here. Baba ji says yes and signs that she went there. Everyone run around house. Baba ji asks everyone to give their valuables to him. Shaan says I am the real


priest, and asks them to give their everything to him. He says Alak Niranjan. Baba says he is a imposter and everyone to beat him. He thinks they can come out of vashikarn only when I whistle, but it is broken. Everyone continue to fight.

Shishya keeps money in his pocket. Baba ji asks what is happening and holds the bag. Rajni comes as traffic constable and asks what is happening here. She asks them to stand in line first, says first ladies will beat each other, and men will beat each other. She whistles with her mouth. Everyone come out of vashikaran. Baba ji is shocked. Surili asks what we were doing here. Amrish asks what is in that bag? Rajni says you have given all your money and jewellery to him with your hand. Baba ji says I took this to purify it. He says I was about to return it. Maggie gets impressed with him. Shaguta asks what we were in last birth.

Rajni says Shaguta was street beggar, Maggie was a tragedy queen, and Sharmila was a sad princess. She says Amrish was a tiger, Shaan was dhongi baba and Surili was a horse. Surili says no…Rajni says I was pandu halwaldar. Gyan comes there and attacks Guru ji. Baba ji asks someone to whistle. Rajni whistles. Gyan comes out of vashikaran effect. He asks why I am sitting behind you, and asks if I have done anything wrong. I can’t remember anything. Baba ji says I am fine. Gyan apologizes. Baba ji asks them to take jewellery and says I will do shuddhikaran later. He goes to his room with his shishya’s help.

In the room, Baba ji gets angry and says I never became joke until now. I got wanted I wished. He blames his shishya. Shishya says because of me. Baba ji says enough of kids play, now time have come to show my real face, now they will know what I can do. Shishya asks what you are going to do. Baba ji says I don’t need stupid guy like you and says I am enough to teach them a lesson. He asks him to get lost. Shishya leaves.

Amrish thinks why he is not getting drunk today. He asks if this is our previous birth sin. Shaan says it is a sin that we are living, drinking and not getting drunk. Gyan asks are you making fun of my baba. Amrish says we are talking straight, something is wrong. Shaan says why we will give our money and jewellery to him. He asks him to remove his bhakti specs and see. Gyan says baba wants to clear troubles from our house. He says whatever baba is doing is for our betterment. Dhyan comes there and says one question is bothering me. Why I am not getting drunk? Surili says I have added tea water in all the wine bottles. Amrish asks why? Surili says we do puja of Janmasthami every year and don’t drink wine. She asks them to drink water and sleep.

Shishya comes to Baba ji and says I came to know about their secret through their Jamai. A fb is shown, He is sitting in the bar. Dev is also sitting there. Shishya thinks to get info from him, and calls him intelligent. Dev gets happy and says everyone call me donkey, but that robot think me intelligent. He tells that the robot is among Kant family. Shishya tells Baba ji to think, and says if Robot comes in your clutches then you can rule on world. Baba ji applauds for him. Shishya says who is robot among them. Baba ji says everyone came out from our vashikaran as Rajni whistled. He says may be Rajni is a robot. Rajni comes just then and keeps fruits. She asks him to eat it. Baba ji asks her to bring horse dung…Rajni scans and says I heard it for first time. She says I will bring it. Shishya says she is a fool. Baba ji says robots are intelligent. I will enquire with my science knowledge.

Baba ji tells that one side will be Krishna’s cradle, and at the other side will be iron robot. He says just as I activate magnetic power, robot will stick to this magnetic pole. Ragini sticks to the magnetic pole and turns her face.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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