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Bade Bhaiya Ki Dulhania 9th August 2016 Written Episode Update

Bade Bhaiya Ki Dulhania 9th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Abhishek’s siblings dance and entertain foreign delegates on Hum India wale…song.. from movie Happy New year. Delegates gets impressed and say they like Indian culture and India. Stephanie apologizes Abhishek and says delegates will stay in his home stay now. Sona tells Abhishek that it was all Meera’s idea. Avni says Meera did not sleep whole night to help them. Abhishek goes ot Meera’s room and sees her sound asleep, he reminisces Anvi’s words and comes out smiling.


Kapil hears Ramraj speaking to somone over phone and telling he is getting money. Ramraj goes home and with Balraj praises children’s dance and how they convinced foreign delegates to stay back. Kapil comes and Balraj praises his dance. Kapil says he is a hero, so he

is best obviously and says it was Meera’s idea. Ramraj and Rekha says it is awsome idea and praise Meera, but looking at Madhu fuming stop. Balraj continues praising Kapil. Kapil says he is in a hurry and goes to Ramraj’s room and steals Meera’s given money. He comes down and hugs Ramraj, adds something in his blazer pocket silent, and says he is world’s best papa. Ramraj touches his forehead and asks if he is fine.

All youngsters tell Babli how Meera handled situation and says they want Abhishek and Meera befriend each other via social network. Babli calls Madhu and she is thinking of calling Meera for lunch and asks her to prepare something good. Babli fumes. Abhishek comes and asks siblings if they did something wrong. They say no. He praises them that their dance was nice and they handled situation well. They all get happy and request him to take a group pic. Abhishek agrees and gives his phone. Rohan searches Meera’s profile on net. Anita shouts he got it. Abhishek asks what. Rohan runs from there and Abhshiek runs behind him.

Madhu tells Ramraj that if Meera comes here, she will tell that she gave money to them to build wall. He says not to worry. Daadi clashes with Rohan and asks why he is running. Babli calls her and says she is thinking of calling Meera for lunch. Daadi says no need to call guests home and says they can send lunch to Meera’s room. Ramraj tells Madhu that Meera will not come here, so she should relax. Madhu says even then she has to work a lot today.

Rohan peeps into Meera’s room. Daadi sees him and says he should befriend strangers much, soon they will leave. Abhishek who is around hears that. He cheers up Rohan.

Precap: Abhishek smiles looking at Meera’s social network profile on his mobile.

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