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Bade Bhaiya Ki Dulhania 4th August 2016 Written Episode Update

Bade Bhaiya Ki Dulhania 4th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Aman breaks Panth home stay compound wall and breaks it. Meera says she broke it and apologizes. Family start shouting and Ramraj says at least 30,000 rs is lost. Aman says he will pay for it. Stephanie says she cannot stay here. Abhishek says Meera money cannot compensate his home stay’s reputation. Meera leaves with Aman. Family scolds Abhishek for being too generous. Abhishek says Aman was riding car and Meera is trying to protect him, she is good hearted. Now, they have to think how to rebuild wall and stop delegagtes from leaving.

Meera in her guest room says Aman she has to help Pant family somehow. Aman says if she came here to meet him or Pant family, they will add expenses in bill and she need not worry. Meera continues thinking how to help them. Her

mother calls her and asks if she liked Abhishek. Meera tells about wall. Mom asks to forget about wall. Meera says if Papa is happy, even she is, she likes Aman. Mom gets happy.

Abhishek calls laborers to build wall.. Lawyer meets Ramraj and asks why did not he pay 3 years property tax yet, Abhishek must have given him money. Ramraj says he has to run 14 member family and asks him what do now. Lawyer says he will arrange meeting with authorities and asks him to arrange 24,000 rs at least. Laborers ask extra charge to build wall. Ramraj hears that and starts fighting with them. Balraj joins him. Laborers walk out. Abhishek scolds Ramraj that because of him, laborers left and now delegates will not come. Ramraj starts yelling at him that he forget to respect elders and walks out. Balraj follows him.

Youngsters discuss Meera did wrong. Rohan takes Meera’s side. Mona asks them to keep quiet before bade bhaiya hears their conversation. Abhishek enters and asks what are they talking about.

Ria speaks to Meera over phone and asks her to forget about helping Pant family and think of Aman. Meera repeats she has to help them rebuild wall. Ria asks her to sleep now and meet Aman in the morning. Meera says she will be awake whole night and find some solution. She hears door knock and opens it. Anita enters with sleepy eyes and sleeps in bed and murmurs bade bhaiya is too good, he is generous, etc… and falls asleep. Rain starts. Meera hears thunders and gets afraid. Abhishek plays mouth organ sitting in garden.

Precap: Anita tells Meera that Stephanie will not stay at Pant bhavan and even will not let delegates stay. Meera exchanges Stephanie’s bags.

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