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Bade Bhaiya Ki Dulhania 24th August 2016 Written Episode Update

Bade Bhaiya Ki Dulhania 24th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Ria tries to teach Meera how to behave in front of Aman. Meera takes her advice jokingly. Yograj holds Daadi’s feet and apologizes her. Daadi forgives him. Balraj says Yograj got property tax extension. Daadi asks who informed Yograj about their problem. Yograj says a girl who is staying at homestay now. Abhishek says Meera. Ramraj comes and touches Yograj’s feet and asks why did he come back. On the other side, Ria gives quetionnaire to Meera and asks her to byheart it to mug in front of Aman. Meera changes topic.


Daadi asks Avni to meet her father. She comes crying and hugs him. Daadi then asks Rohan to meet his father as he was too small when his father left. Rohan says no and runs… Avni goes behind him. Abhishek tries to leave. Daadi

asks him to meet his father first. Abhishek walks towards Ramraj reminising his childhood memories, how his family was in distress when Ramraj left them 10 years ago. He touches Ramraj’s feet and goes out. Ramraj asks Yograj if he knows how difficult it was to adjust without him, now he should find place himself in this family alone. Daadi takes Yograj to her room.

Rohan cries standing in garden. Avni asks him to stop crying as nobody will taunt him that his father eloped. Other siblings also come and hug each other. Meera looks at them standing outside her room. Abhishek watches her.

Yograj tells Daadi that he needs one chance to prove himself. Daadi says even if she forgives him, what about his family, they spent 10 years without him. Balraj peeps in and tries to hear their conversation followed by Ramraj.

Ria scolds Meera to byheart questions to impress Aman. Meera says if she was good at studies, she would have become IAS officer. She picks camera and says she wants to click bird pics. Ria scolds again. Meera gets out of room and loocks it from outside. Abhishek comes and asks maam what are you doing. She asks why is he getting so formal. Abhishek leaves. Meera goes in and Ria starts again. She locks door again from outside. Abhishek asks why is she locking door again. Meera says if he gets more formal again, she will call him sir. Their conversation continues.

Precap: Meera tells Abhishek that she is intelligent and not idiot. He says she is good the way she is. They both fall on grass and laugh.

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