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Bade Bhaiya Ki Dulhania 1st August 2016 Written Episode Update

Bade Bhaiya Ki Dulhania 1st August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Abhishek is busy guiding laborers to build walls fast. Aman comes to meet Meera and Abhishek asks Avni to take Aman to Meera’s room. Meera’s face swells after applying face pack due to peanut oil allergy. Avni with Anita comes and tells Meera that Aman has come. Meera panicks and asks Avni and Anita to stop Aman somehow. Aman enters room and they both stop her with weird discussion. Abhishek comes and Aman complains that they are not letting him meet Meera. Abhishek sees Meera’s face swollen and tries to stop Aman, but he Aman forcefully enters and sees swollen faced Meera and asks where is Meera. Meera saysshe is. He says he saw Meera’s pic and she is beautiful. Abhishek says she got allergic reaction and asks what she ate in the morning. Meera says only coffee, but applied olive oil face pack.


Rohan informs family that Meera’s face is swollen. Whole family rushes to Meera’s room and starts discussing all sort of remedies. Aman panicks and says it is enough, he will book Meera’s room at a five star hotel and will pick her up in the evening and walks out. Abhishek checks oil bottle and finds peanut oil instead of olive oil. Meera appliles turmeric. Abhishek scolds Rohan for bringing peanut oil instead of olive oil. Rohan says Tauji/Ramraj took money and brought this oil. Ramraj says so what, rich people show tantrum, he is not at fault. Abhishek asks how can he, Meera would have died. Ramraj does not feel guilty.

Meera gets Ria’s call who says Aman informed her everything and asks her to leave Pant home stay right now. Meera says oka and asks Abhishek to arrange her checkout in the evening. Abhishek gets tensed. He gets cake for Rohan’s birthday but says siblings they cannot cut it and he will convince Rohan. Kapil taunts Rohan that he is mad. Rohan reacts and leaves saying he will never cut cake in life. Siblings start fighting. Abhishek warns them to stop fighting and think how to stop Meera from leaving home stay.

Precap: Abhishek and his siblings request Meera to stay back. Meera says she will stay back in Pant bhavan on one condition.

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