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Bade Bhaiya Ki Dulhania 10th August 2016 Written Episode Update


Bade Bhaiya Ki Dulhania 10th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in


Meera gets very hungry and hopes she gets food soon. Abhishek enters and thanks her for help. Meera starts conversing. She gets a call from her family and gets busy chatting with them. She then asks Abhishek if she can have lunch with his family. He thinks daadi ordered not to call Meera, but says yes, she can anytime.

Madhu arranges plates on dining table. Kapil clashes with her and she sees new mobile in Kapil’s hand and asks from where did he get money. He gives her lipstick and says she can make Rekha jealous. Madhu gets very happy and forgets asking again how did he get new mobile. Babli sadly says it would have been good if Meera had come for lunch. Madhu yells whoever comes or not, she prepares tasty food. Abhishek comes with Meera and says he invited

for lunch. Babli gets happy. Rohan happily makes her sit on chair. Whole family joins. Balraj thanks Meera for her idea and says she can call him any time if she needs help. Rohan says even she can call him. Mona says he does not have mobile. He tells some poem which Abhishek taught him. Everyone clap for him. Madhu serves Meera gobhi parantha. Meera says she loves gobhi parantha with mango chutney and asks to serve chutney. Madhu says she does not have. Abhishek goes to bring mango.

Youngters asks Anita to contribute money for building wall. Anita hesitates but goes to his parent’s room to get money. Sona says once they collect enough money, they will give it to Abhishek, till then they will keep it with someone trusted. Rohan bring money and gives it to Meera and says they are collecting it to build wall. Meera says she gave money to Madhu and Ramraj to build wall. Ramraj goes to his room and finds only 1000 rs in envelope. He calls Madhu and asks where is money. She says how can she know. He says she must have spent it. She says she did not and knows who took it. He says they took 30000 rs from Meera to build wall. Anita hears that and gown down and asks siblings to return her money as his parents are rebuilding wall. Meera says Madhu again she gave her 30000 rs to build wall. Ramraj says she gave only 1000 rs.

Daadi comes and asks what is happening, who called Meera here. Madhu says Babli called her. Madhu says Meera is alleging she gave 30000 rs when she gave only 1000 rs. Abhishek also comes back. Meera says she really gave 30000 rs. Daadi says her children don’t lie. Abhishek calms daadi and asks Ramraj to tell truth. Ramraj says Meera gave money, but only 1000 rs. Daadi asks Meera to find some other hotel and asks Abhishek to get her another hotel. Meera says Abhishek she really gave 30000 rs and if need she will give more. Daadi shouts she cannot show her rich ego here. Abhishek says he met her just some days go and his family since he is born, so he will believe his family and not her. Meera leaves crying.

Precap: Sona gives Meera’s bill. Daadi says family she does not want to see Meera in this house again. Meera enters their house with her bags to say them good bye.

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