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Baazigar 11th August 2016 Written Episode Update

Baazigar 11th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Aarav telling Kailash that you will get Mukti in some time. Kailash asks what are you doing, you will kill your father, why. Aarav says till clock reaches 12, your heartbeat will run. Kailash shouts no. Aarav says don’t shout, else you will die soon, calm down, I will tell you why is a son killing his father. Aru is in puja. Dadi asks where did Kailash go. Parul says he had important work, he did not come till now. Dadi asks what imp work than puja. Kailash asks for water. Aarav says I should fulfill your last wish. He teases Kailash and throws water. He says poison is affecting you, the first sign is person gets thirsty and see things blurred. He says even enemy should not get such death. He says I have become a devil now, you are responsible for this.

He says this story


started long ago, when I was 5 years old, do you remember, you used to be busy in work, fighting with my mum and your affairs, I know everything. He says there was nothing right between you and my mum, you used to lock me in room and fight with her, I was very little and still remember everything. Aarav says light went in the room, and you both were fighting aloud, I got scared and shouted for help, asking you to open the door, no one heard me, you both forgot that Aarav is locked in the room, a little child was in that room all night, I was afraid and I m still scared of darkness and closed rooms, this is nothing compared to that, when I grew up, I realized my mum was saying right, you had illegitimate relation, I will talk and you will listen.

He says I remember that day, I was 16 year old. FB shows Aarav studying. He sees his mum going and follows her. His mum goes to some secret room behind the cupboard. He says where did she go. Aarv’s mum sees Kailash with some lady and cries. Aarav comes there and hides. He gets shocked seeing Kailash with another woman. FB ends. Aarav says I have seen everything, this is your room, just you and I know this, you enjoyed here in this room, now you will die here.


He says just 10 mins and you will die. He starts countdown and says the way you have tortured me, you will be tortured now. FB shows Aarav’s mum asking Kailash not to leave her and begging him. Kailash goes. Aarav sees that and gets angry. FB ends. Aarav says she used to beg to you, but you did not regard her more than a maid, I remember her cry, I knew she was weak, there was no use to stay as weak person, I used to hate weak people, that’s why I made you eat kheer and gave her Mukti. Kailash gets shocked.

Aarav says I became a devil, you snatched my mum’s right and gave to someone else, today you are snatching my right and giving to Aru, my mum was weak, I m not weak. Kailash faints. Aarav opens the ropes and frees him, saying there is no use of all this now. Kailash falls down and struggles. Aarav looks on. puja gets over. Aarav checks Kailash.

A man comes and asks Parul where is Kailash, he was announcing to media about declaring Aru as empire head. Parul says he will come, maybe he went to his room, is he unwell, I will go and see. Aru gives Prasad to everyone. Aarav comes and takes Prasad. Parul comes shouting and says something happened to Kailash, he is not saying anything, he has left all of us. They all get shocked and rush to see Kailash. They find him fallen on the bed and cry. Media takes pics. Aru asks Kailash to get up and cries. They all cry.

Aru sees Kailash dead and sits in shock. Police checks things and gets a letter in Kailash’s room.

Update Credit to: Amena

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