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Hello everybody. …i am writing…this for the first time…all The Ashokians…i hope u willl enjoy it…..plz like..and my work

“It has been ten days since ashoka had left for takshila …i am worried about him ” – said Bindusar while he was at the lunch with his beloved wife Rani Dharma… “Ashoka is our son….” continued with a very proud feel in his heart .”He is Aacharya Chankya’s student….and also the Warrior of Magadh. I am quite sure about him. .he was born. deafeating death you don’ t have to worry” “Yes..you are right….” -Bindusar with a bit of relief on his face..” i must not worry..so much….but he is only 15 years old….how could i forget that …a 15 year old child is going to takhshila that too secretly to find out and defeat AAKROSH ..a 40 years old person who is much stronger than him…much sharper , much cruel than him…..whose terror had been reported so badly by the takshila people…hiw could i forget ..Dharma” . Dharmahold his hand and said_-“Yes…Ashoka is only 15 but he has the strength and power of a 40 years old person….he has great potential…and you must not doubt that”…..And Finnally Bindhusaar was relaxed and convinced. ..He then. Comments with a taunty expression. .”if He is 40 …then why don’t you do his marriage. ?”….”Idon’t know weather a women ither that me can handle a person like him…….i just hope god had made someone for him….”
And the conversation ended with both laughing badly like anything.


On the other hand Ashoka had reached takshilla and was roaming around the market …He was standing at the sweet shop. Whoose Laddoo’s smell atracted him baldy. And then his eyes fall on the snall mirror kept. On the desk of jewellers shop qhich was beside sweet shop. The mirror reflected two beautiful eyes fascinated with kajal…on the up was a beautiful head bearing a maaangteeka who had no values infront of the glittering eyes..Ashoka was staring at the mirror continuously with bothering about anything…he was trying his level best but was faled to took his eyes from the mirror… Who knewed that these two eyes will change the life of the young warrior …forever…!!!!!!!!

He was slowly moving toards the. Mirror when……..

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