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As long as you love me…PROLOGUE

As long as you love me.

Thanks guys for such a support.
Now to the prologue….


Sarna’s n Taneja’s are family friends. Richest family in Amritsar. Luthra’s r cousins of Sarna’s. So the younger generation of these families r also very connected. Kunj n Yuvraaj r cousins whereas Twinkle n Mahi r sisters. Mahi married Yuvraaj in the 2nd year of college, but both promised that their marriage will not affect their studies n career. Twinkle has a chhota sa crush on Kunj, but he don’t know this. Kunj is still searching for True love.
The first epi will start with the friends meeting in the college n discussing the marriage of their friends- Rhea n Robin, which is in the evening. But there, in the marriage, after an incident all will b left shocked.
So guys,

What’s the incident?
What happens in the marriage?
Wait n Keep Reading

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