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As Long As A Bunny Has A Tail, My Love For You Will Never Fail……..twinj ss part 20 (last one)

Recap: Twinkle ko pata chala ki Devdas bana baitha hai Kunj aur wo bann gayi miss angry bird……..
Kya dhundh rahe ho? Episode?
Mil jayega thoda kaast aur kar lo mere liye
Thoda aur plz
Ok ok gussao maat paunch gaye
Le lo aap sab bhi kya yaad rakhoge ki koi lover bhi thi Jo aap logo ki baat hamesha mana karti thi…?????

Ok so lights camera action…
Waise takleef to nhi hui yaha tak aane mei agar hui ho to bhi comment de dena….
Last episode hai pata to chale kisko kitni pasand hu mere jaisi cutteee si pyari si intelligent inn mei se kuch bhi nhi balki aapki sissy cum lover ki writing….


Are wait precap bhul to nhi gaye naa nhi to phir upar jaana padega…?????

So here we go but plz sorry but kya karun last episode hai naa.

Though his head was spinning, still Kunj was attending a meeting with foreign delegates.

While he was presenting, suddenly the door of the conference hall got opened with a bang. Behind the door, Twinkle Taneja emerged in a ‘never seen before’ avatar.

Her long lustrous hairs were entirely opened and casually flowing with the mild breeze; her saree seemed to be an ordinary one, might be for regular household use; her doe like big eyes were spitting fire at him as if he was going to be turned into ashes within few minutes.

Kunj as well as others went dumbstruck with that surprising scene in front of them.

Ignoring the presence of other delegates, reaching in front of him with few long strides, Twinkle hit on Kunj’s chest and almost shouted,

“How dare you?”

Kunj retreated back with that sudden attack and asked in shock,

“What the! What…are doing, here?”

“What do you think of yourselves? Are you a king or saint or magician? What?”

Twinkle hissed in anger while Kunj couldn’t help but smirked wickedly at her funny questions. He still was in complete shock. He couldn’t believe his luck that Twinkle herself came to meet him.

His reverie broke with whispers from others present in that room.

Averting his eyes from the love of his life; he gestured others to left the room to provide the much needed privacy to them.

Everyone almost escaped from that place before closing the door. After the last person left Kunj tried to touch Twinkle’s arm; making her sit on a chair.

In turn she again hit him on his chest. Her breathing was uneven while tears were dropping from her beautiful eyes uninterruptedly.

She poked her index finger on his chest making a cute angry face.

“Why did you always decide my fate, because I am an indigent? Whenever you tried to manipulate my life I always stayed quiet. Like a storm, you barged into my life, forced me to marry you, I managed to stay quiet. Even I never uttered anything whenever you accused me & Yuvraj for playing with Mahi’s life. Still, you abandon me after Mahi’s death and threw me away from your life like a tissue paper. You never thought of my reputation. Once again I let you do that. Overnight you made me rich with all you stupid money. I couldn’t even able to protest because of family pressure. You never think twice to crush my morals, my self-respect. Why did you never asked me about my desire, my opinion on this relationship? But today, you have crossed all the limits after playing with your own life. I have done with all of your audacities, torments, evil manipulations. Who the hell you are?”

Catching his collar, she jerked his surprised form vigorously and susurrated in sobbing,

“ This time I can’t let you play with your life. I am too tired to be quiet. I want to speak out my desire. Why you are always remained so blind about me? Can’t you see that I will be doomed without you? I can’t live without you.”

Kunj was staring at her intently. He was speechless. He couldn’t able to fathom the sudden change of event.

Somehow he managed to murmur her name with utmost tenderness,

“Twinkle! I have…”

He tried to open his mouth to explain more as well as to ask for his apology, but he had to stop instantly, as she wrapped her arms around his neck.

In reflex, he held her waist to support himself from falling down though his back hit the wall behind him.

Before he could react more he felt her pair of moist, soft, quivering lips upon his. As she was complete naive at this part, she only continued to smack his lips between hers until her own heart calm down from the thought of Kunj’s illness and their separation.

Kunj stood idle, savoring the first feeling of her luscious lips on his as well as to overcome from that rapturous shock.

But eventually he couldn’t stop himself from taking control from her. So, turning her around with a swift motion; pushing, then pinning her on the wall, cupping her face with his palms, he began to devour her sweet nectar like a man who had been thirsty for ages.

She was also kissing him back, relishing every nip by his teeth on her pulp lips. Although Twinkle was novice, still they enjoyed their first kiss with the ease of compatibility.

After it seemed an eternity, when both of them felt an urgent need of air, he stopped though not leaving her mouth.

Their breaths were mingling with each other. Then he murmured almost within her lips,


She trembled hearing his husky voice filled with tenderness and hope.

She kept her eyes closed. Raising his head, he implored,

“Twinkle, look at me, Please, open your eyes for once.”

She slowly opened her eyes but kept them downcast. He asked her again,

‘Twinkle why did you forgive me so easily?…. What I did with you was terrible. I was being a certified jerk. Still…you… Why didn’t you tell me before? Why? Tell me. Why? And now, Yuvraj?”

She didn’t answer. Once again her fear came back within her heart and her hold got tightens instantly.

Automatically tears began to drop from her eyes.

Realizing her uneasiness, he leaned on her, before pecking at her cheek; he first took a drop of her tears within his lips. With an ease she burrowed her face into his nape.

They remained stand like that for few minutes. Then Kunj heard her to utter softly,

“I donno….When & why I fell in love with you….Kunj please don’t leave me. I will die, if I have to live without you. I love you Kunj.”

Kunj’s arms instantly got tighten around her petite waist and he possessively pulled her head on his chest. Then he whispered at the very sensitive spot below her ear,

“I love you too. I was living like a dead without you. I thought you love Yuvraj. So…”

Releasing her roughly, Twinkle pummeled on his chest angrily.

“Why didn’t you ask me?Again decided your own. I hate you.”

Smiling at her irritation, he murmured smilingly,

‘Sorry, but I love you and I knew that As long as a bunny has a tail my love for you will never fail’

And once again pulled her into a bone crushing hug.

THE END………..

Guys in this way their unexpected love story completed. We don’t know how, when, where and with whom? We fell in love as Love is an odd feeling. Only this one could be the cause of so many contrary feelings at a time; pain, happiness, bliss & insecurity. Every love story is unexpected. In this note I am ending my ss I know I have tell that it will be short one but my mind ka kya karoon..

Kya karoon mei ladies mei hu aadat se majboor…..

Baby tune naam nahi bataya Maine end kar diya bye…Just kidding but naam bata warna mei aab nhi likhungi…plz request hai tumse refuse maat karna apna naam naa bata kar mere chote se dimaag ko fuse naa karna….

Aap Ke Lafzon Se Hua Thanda Mera Jiya,
Lo Aap Ke Naam Pe Yeh Sher Maine Arz Kiya,
Oh Meri Tareef Karne Wale Friend,
Main Aap sab Ko Sache Mann Se Karti Hun Shukriya……

Thanks for being my friend. Thanks for thinking about me. Thanks for care about me. Thanks for everything you did for me. You shouldn’t have. But I’m so glad you did so……..

Sorry guys for not commenting in your ff.

And sorry if I hurted you a single time with my talks
I hope I don’t make you all bore with my story. Please comment if my story makes you smile for ones. Bye ………..

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