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Are u real fans of helly and tejaswi?


Are you guys real fans of helly/tejaswi… I dont know… Most of them are not…! 


They are working for entertaining us… And they get highly paid for this… Tejaswi had worked during her illness… To entertain us… But fans didnt watch the show… Because she didnt get proper screen space…and stupid track…! Her hard work went in vain… She is working for entertaining us! If we get fever what will we do… We will take a leave.. Enjoy the sleep..! 

Helly too working to entertain us… Helly is managing SR and JDJ…! She hardly getting sleep.. She sleep for 1-2 hours… she is managing her show… But what to do.. Her hard work is also getting waste… Fans are not watching because of screen space and stupid drama ( m not talking about any ivs.. Dont bring that over here) .. Most of the college students knows if we didnt get proper sleep we will bunk the class and will sleep in hostel

If u are real fans atleast watch the show… And appreciate their work… 
Ok i know… Both the fandom are equally fighting… You know there are some other fandom who is enjoying our wardom..! And some of them are pouring oil to our fights… It is getting worse! 
In this post.. I just talked about helly and tejaswi fans…
M jus frustrated fan of swaragini writing this

One more thing… Not only helly/varun and tejaswi/namish working for this show… There are people who are working for onscreen and offscreen(light man, editors.. Etc) … Dont stop their income for our stupid fight!

Most of the fans had done.. Editing for their fav couples… How much time u have taken for it? Max half hour…
For just photo u r taking this much… Think about the editors of SR… For 20-25 time episode… How much time and effort they are taking….(just one example)
Im not telling to bear the crap…. But atleast complaint together for proper story (not illogical things)! But don’t blame each other!
Show’s name is SWARAGINI.. Not swasan/raglak…
Happy one year anniversary of swasan and raglak!

Thank you!

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