Hai friends..im glad that u all like my last update..Regarding karan’s role,some of u suggest few actors..Gayathri suggested anuj sachdev..Bt we hav already seen anuj as sahil in serial..So I thought its difficult for readers to imagine him as karan..so sorry gayathri..Anuann suggested vatsal seth..Bt really I dnt hav any idea about him..im really sorry dear..Jwala suggested karan wahi..Me too thought about him as karan..i thought the pair also looks good..so in my ff,karan wahi will play the role of karan..Thanks a lot to all of u for ur suggestions..Anuann and gayathri pls dnt feel bad..im sorry..now back to the story..
Episode starts with swasan conversation..

Swara and sanskar breaks the eyelock..they both composes themselves..There is a awkward silence between them..A pair of eye watches all this from a distance and approaches towards them..Meanwhile swara decides to tell sanskar about karan..
Swara: (composes herself)sanskar,I want to tell u something important..
Sanskar: haan tell me swara..
Swara: sanskar vo yesterday(interrupted by that third person)
Person: sanskar….
Both swara and sanskar turns towards the person and smiles..
Sanskar:come ajay..
[yes guys its ajay only..remember ajay tell sanskar that he ll wait for him in ground..so he is the one wathches all this…im sorry mahjabeen..again I disappoint u..]Swara: hai ajay..u here?
Ajay:hai swara..actually I came to search sanskar..its already late na..
Swara: ohh ya..im sorry sanskar..i didn’t notice the time..ragini and sanju will be waiting for me..i should leave nw..
Sanskar:bt swara u wanna tell something na
Swara:nthng sanskar..i ll tell u later..nw I should leave nw..bye..
Sanskar:ok swara..bye..
Swara: (leaves from there and stops at some distance)sanskar one minute
Sanskar: (turns towards her)haan swara..
Swara:don’t forget my chocolates 2mrow..i need double..
Sanskar: (smiles seeing her childishness)sure
Swara:ok bye sanskar..bye ajay
Sanskar:come ajay we too will leave..maa will be waiting for me..
Ajay:wait sanskar..i want to talk to u..
Sanskar:tell me ajay..
Ajay: (in a questioning tone)wats all dis sanskar?
Sanskar:wat ajay?i cant get u..
Ajay:I have seen everything happen here sanskar..
Sanskar:so what ajay..wat u r trying to ask..just ask directly..
Ajay:im just asking u y swara reacted like dis?
Sanskar:nthng ajay..actually mistake is mine(tells everything to him)
Ajay: (didn’t react and lost in thinking)
Sanskar: (shakes him lightly)what are u thinking?
Ajay: im just thinking tat wat will be the reaction of kavya and sanju if u do the same which u did with swara..
Sanskar: (with confused reaction) wat r u trying to say ajay?
Ajay; (in a determation voice)im saying that swara also feels for u sanskar..i mean she too loves u..
Sanskar: (with anger)shut up ajay..r u mad?do u hav any idea about wat u r telling nw..
Ajay:just cool dude..i knw wat im telling..u just think about it patiently..kavya and sanju are also ur friend right?do u think they will react like wat swara react just nw..im sure they will not..its just a day..she cant even spend a day without talking to u..do u think it’s just a friendship..do u think this restlessness,care,tears are all just for a friend?
Sanskar: (thinks deeply and holds his head with both hands)no ajay..pls don’t confuse me..u r mistaken..ragini will also react like this only..i knw..
Ajay:ok sanskar..i agree…ragini will also react like this only..bt swara is not ragini sanskar…ur bonding with ragini is different..she is with u from ur childhood..so obviously she ll react like that only..bt wat abt swara?
Sanskar: (thinks about everything..he recalls everything happened this evening)no ajay..pls don’t confuse me..her marriage is fixed with someone else ajay..
Ajay:im nt confusing u sanskar..yes her marriage is fixed with someone else..bt she have feelings for u sanskar..she loves u..she just don’t realize it yet..u hav to make her realize sanskar..u can get ur love back..believe me..she really loves u..


Sanskar gets really happy after hearing this..his happiness has no boundary..Bt it vanishes the next moment when he thinks about swara..
Sanskar: (with teary eyed)no ajay..its wrong..hw can I do this to her now..dont u hear wat all she speaks with me..she trusts me ajay..she believes me like anything..she gives me the same place in her heart which is equal to her father..how could I break her trust ajay..i cant do that..i really cant do that..
Ajay: (in frustration)r u mad sanskar?u knw..wat u r thinking is complete stupidity..how u break trust wen she also loves u..listen sanskar..still u hav time..pls don’t lose her again..
Sanskar: (sighns)no ajay..i cant do this nw..how can I?i cant do this atleast nt after knowing wat she thinks about me..ok..may be she too loves me like u said..if I confess my love,may be she too accept it..wat will happen next ajay?How will she face her family?what will she tell to them?she ll get suffocated between her love and family ajay..wat do u think?she agrees for marriage with one and loves someone else then all will understands her?no ajay…noone will understand..it may affect her family too..she will get hurt ajay..i cant let this all happen..that too not because of me..no ajay..my love should give her happiness nt this..
Ajay: (in anger)u r thingking like an idiot sanskar..u knw wat u r going to spoil her life also..
Sanskar: (smiles faintly)u r right ajay..i am idiot..i should get happy tat I get to knw about swara’s feelings..i shouldn’t bother about anything like her family,her emotions..i should get her love because I get a chance..am I right ajay?bt I cant do dis all ajay..my love is not selfish..watever may be the situation,I just want her happiness only..i can do anything for that..i can happily sacrifice my love for her happy life ajay..
Ajay: (stunned to hear this and hugs him)im sorry sanskar..i don’t understand u..im really proud of u sanskar..how could u be sooo selfless sanskar?
Sanskar:(smiles with tears)love is selfless ajay..it will make u too selfless..i ll be with her in every situations ajay..watever it may be..ill be with her..if swara is in my destiny,she herself will come to me..till tat I ll be with her as her friend as a pillar of support..(with determination)
Ajay: (proudly sees his friend)and I ll always with u in this sanskar..(in mind)god pls make my friend happy..y ur doing this with this pious soul..i cant see my both friends suffer..i dnt knw wat to do also..pls god..do some miracle and give swara back to him..
Sanskar: (breaks his thoughts)ajay shall we leave now..its already late..
Ajay: (smiles)ok sanskar..come..
Ajay and sanskar both leaves to their respective houses..

Swara entered the room..without wasting a second,sanju and ragini shoot their question without even listen her..
Sanju:where were u swara?y u r soo late?
Ragini:y ur mobile is switched off..u knw hw worried we are..do u see wats time now..i called ur band members too..they said u already left..wat happen swara?any pbm?
Swara:arre,let me speak first..then oly I can answer na..y u both r this much worried?im here in campus oly na..
Sanju:just shut up swara..wat happen to ur mobile..y its swithed off..
Swara: (dnt want to tell them the real reason)actually its because of low battery sanju
Ragini:ok leave all..where were u till now?y u left music room without informing anyone?they are also worried..do u knw how much we worried after hearing this..
Swara:sorry ragini..i should informed u both..actually want to b alone for sometime..so just went to garden ragini..im sorry(swara lied becoz she don’t want ragini to worried about the pbm btw her and sanskar)
Ragini:u knw wat..uncle called me almost 10 times to speak with u till nw..
Swara:what papa?oh my god..wat hav I done..Im really sorry ragini(by holding her eyes)
Ragini: (smiles)ok ok..first call uncle and speak with him..he s so worried for u..one more person is also worried for u..(winks at sanju and they both share hifi)
Swara:one more person?that too worried for me?sanskar will not worried for me..
Ragini: (confusingly)y sammy worried for u swara..
Swara: (understands wat she said and try to manage)nthng ragini..i just thought abt our friends..u both r here..sanskar oly missing na..
Ragini: (smiles)its not Sammy swara..its someone special..
Swara: (sighs)wats this ragini..tell me na..
Sanju:not so easy swara..
Swara: sanju pls..
Ragini:leave her sanju..enough of teasing..(to swara)u knw karan called me..
Swara: (in serious tone)karan?that too u?
Ragini:hello madam..pls don’t be this much possessive..he just call me to knw about u..ur mobile is switched off na..
Swara: (in a irritating tone)pls ragini..its nt possessive and all..bt hw he knw ur mobile number..
Ragini: (smiles)he got my number from uncle swara..he told me that he tried to call u..bt u didn’t pick his call..then ur mobile switched off..they r soo worried for u swara..
Swara: (without any interest)ohhh
Ragini: u knw..me and sanju both speaks with him..he s soo sweet..he is(interrupts by her mobile ring..she sees and smile)see ur manju oly..really he s so caring swara..u r soo lucky..take this mobile n speak with him..(teasingly)we wont disturb u..
Sanju and ragini moves from there leaving swara alone..swara’s hands starts shaking to see the screen displaying karan name..she composes herself somewhat and lifts the call..karan starts speaking without giving swara a chance to speak..
Karan:hai ragini..karan again..is swara return from her rehearsals..
Swara:its swara here..
Karan: (with anger)ohhh finally….
Swara: (stays quiet)
Karan: (angry because of her silence)r u there?
Swara: yes(reply blankly)
Karan:I already told u swara..respond to me wen im speaking with u..
Swara: (again stays quiet)
Karan:is this the time to return from ur rehersals..and wats that..y u didn’t attend my calls..y ur mobile is switched off..
Swara: battery dead..
Karan:hw irresponsible u r..dont u knw I ll call u..y don’t u charge ur mobile properly..u knw wat..i hate irresponsible persons..
Swara: (again silent)
Karan:im warning u swara..dont repeat it again..then I don’t knw hw will i react?got it?
Swara: (tears flows her cheeks)hmmm
Karan: (irritating tone)oh god..cant u answer me properly..anyway..listen..i just call u to tell u that get ready 2morrow..i ll come and pick u.. we ll go for a date..
Swara:I cant..i have important classes 2morrow..
Karan: (in angry and dangerous tone)u should swara..im nt asking ur permission swara..im ordering u..
Swara: (irritated with his behavior)im nt ur servent to obey ur order karan..listen..this is not my home..its hostel..it has some rules..i cant go with anyone I want..understand?i don’t come..and that’s final..
Saying this she cuts the call and breaks down into tears..
Karan:how dare u swa(calls gets disconnected)
Karan sees this and burns in anger..

How dare u swara..how dare u to refuse me..no one speaks with me in this tone.. u hav done a big mistake by denying me swara..u don’t hav any idea with whom u r messed with..wat did u tell..u r nt my servant right?nw I ll show u who am i..wait and watch..i ll make u agree for whatever I said to u..u ll feel for this swara..just wait and watch..

Episode ends with swara’s crying face and karan’s evil smile..

Precap:swara’s helplessness and sanskar’s support

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