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Episode 18
Im here in my room thinking about swara..I cant able to sleep..I feel very restless..Im cursing myself for this situation..Yes its all because of me only…But I didn’t expect that it will turn like this…I promise my shona that I never allow anyone to hurt her..But here I myself hurt her badly..I can understand how she felt when I tell ragini that I ll forget her..But the truth is I cant even think to forget her ever…not even in my dreams..I know she too know this very well..But still she got hurt when I told ragini like that…I literally don’t know what to do now..I created a big mess by myself..How could I come out from this mess..Ragini and swara both are most important persons in my life..I cant afford to loose anyone of them..They are my support system..Ragini is in a problem..She is not a person who behave like this..She feels insecure because of all the sudden problems in her life…She needs some time to be normal and to accept the reality..I thought to tell her like that to convince her at the moment..At that instant I didn’t have any other option..Thats y I told her like that..I really didn’t mean that..Whatever may be the reason or the situation,I hurt my swara..I broke her heart into pieces..Thats the truth now..I don’t know how will I convince her..But I have to make her understand at any cost..I have to apoogise..I just want to hold my princess in my arms..But here im helplessly sitting in my room waiting for the dawn..My guilt is killing me inside..Im sorry swara..Im really sorry..Just few more hours..I ll make everything fine shona…
NEXT MORNING(Sanskar room):
Sanskar is sleeping in his room…His sleep gets disturbed by alarm tone..He wake up with a shock…
Sanskar: oh my god…Its already 7.30…How could I sleep till now…(strikes something in mind)swara…I should meet swara…
He get ready as soon as possible and rushed to ragini’s mansion without having breakfast…
Ragini is in her room getting ready for college..sanskar directly goes to swara’s room..she is not in her room..He thought she will be in sanju’s room..But to his disappointment sanju and swara both are not there..He tried swara’s mobile but its switched off..So he tried sanju’s mobile but she is not picking call..He continuosly tried her mobile but there is no response..Meanwhile ragini came there and see Sanskar…
Ragini:hey Sammy…good morning..U here at this time?
Sanskar: (try to cover)thought to check u ragu..Thats y..
Ragini: (friendly hug him)thank u Sammy..U r always best..U are the one who really cares for me..
Sanskar: (smiles and breaks the hug)hmmm…what a surprise..today its very silent..Where is your friends?
Ragini: (looks him suspiciously)wh you are asking about them Sammy?
Sanskar: (manage)nothing ragu..Its too silent na..Thats y..
Ragini: (smiles)hmm…They are not here Sammy..
Sanskar: (tensed)not here means?
Ragini: don’t know..Actually I didn’t see them from morning..May be they left to college early..
Sanskar: (thinks something)ok ragu..I ll leave..Its late..Meet you in college..
Ragini:wait Sammy..today I also will come with you in your bike..
Sanskar: hmmm..come fast..i ll wait for you outside…
Sanskar and ragini reached college..Sanskar excused himself and directly go to swara’s class to meet her..But she is not there..He searched throughout the college but sanju and swara not there…He continuosly tried their mobile..But there is no response…He think to ask ajay about them..
Sanskar:Hello ajay…come to ground..im waiting for you..
Ajay:but what happen Sanskar?
Sanskar:you first come ajay..I ll tell you..
Ajay comes to the ground where Sanskar already waiting for him..
Ajay:what happen Sanskar?
Sanskar: ajay do you know where is swara and sanju?did sanju tell u anything?
Ajay:what do you mean Sanskar?they should be here in college only na?and you are asking me about swara?what happen to you?
Sanskar: (restlessly)they are not here ajay…I searched everywhere..I asked their classmates too..They are not in college and not in home too..
Ajay: (shocked)what?then call swara Sanskar..
Sanskar:her mobile is switched off and sanju is not picking my call..i don’t know where are they ajay?
Ajay: Sanskar relax first..May be they have someother work..
Sanskar: (restlessly)no ajay..Ita because of me only..Im only responsible for all this..
Ajay:(in confusion)wait wait…I don’t understand anything?what happen to u Sanskar..What is happening here?tell me first…u both have any fight?
Sanskar composed himself and tells ajay about last night incident..Ajay is shocked and stands there blankly…
Ajay: (in anger)how could you Sanskar?we all know ragini is important to you..She is with you from childhood..But for ragini how could you hurt swara?Its too much Sanskar…
Sanskar: (in guilty)I know ajay..Its my fault only..But u know ragini na..She is in problem..She cried telling her problem..At that moment I didn’t know how to handle the situation..I thought if I tell swara about all this she will understand me…
Ajay: (irritated)don’t you think its wrong Sanskar..i can understand..Yes this problem is a great shock for ragini..But leaving swara is not a solution for ragini’s problem..You know very well that ragini is possessive about you…even we all know..But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have your own personal life..For how long you will be like this Sanskar..If ragini is important to u means what about swara..If you cant stand for swara against ragini means then y you love her Sanskar?
Sanskar: (cries)ajay pls..i know I did a mistake..Im dieing in this guilty ajay..i just need my swara now..I cant live without her ajay..I just want to see her..I ll accept any punishment from her…Im ashamed of myself ajay…
Ajay: (feels bad for him)past is past Sanskar..First we have to find them..Then we can think about the problem..Wait I ll call sanju…
Ajay tried sanju mobile..But she is not picking any call…they both are continuosly trying but there is no response..They became very restlesswith passing time..After one hour,sanju finally picked ajay’s call..
Ajay:hello sanju…where are you?y u didn’t pick my calls?
Sanskar signed him to ask about swara…
Sanju: (blankly)where are you now?
Ajay: im in college ground…
Sanju: ok..im coming..wait there..ask your friend Sanskar to be there..
Without giving any chance to ajay,sanju disconnects the call..
Sanskar: ajay y you cut the call..where is swara?she is fine na?
Ajay: (feels something fishy)haan Sanskar…They are coming here only…She ask us to wait here..
Sanskar excitedly waiting for swara…But to his disappointment sanju only came there…
Sanskar: (eagerly)sanju where is swara?actually where were you both from morning..I searched everwhre…
Sanju: (blankly)swara left to her home..
Sanskar: why?what happen to her?ok I ll go and meet her..(saying this he starts to leave)
Sanju: (in anger)don’t you hear Sanskar?she is not here..She left to her hometown..One hour before only I dropped her in station…
Sanskar: (shocked)what???but she didn’t tell me anything…
Ajay: what happen sanju suddenly?
Sanju: ask ur friend ajay…I think he already told you everything…anyway…me too will leave 2day evening…We have study holidays for 10days na..Will return after 10 days only…
Sanskar stands there shockingly with tears in eyes…The thought of loosing swara is killing him inside..
Sanju: (to Sanskar) swara told me to give this letter to you…
She hands over the letter to Sanskar and leaves from there angrily…Sanskar gets the letter and starts to read with fear of loosing swara….
Im sorry…Im going to home…will return only after 10 days..Sorry to not inform you about this…But I don’t think I can leave if I see you Sanskar..But I cant stay here..atleast not for now..Im sorry..I know you will be worried for me..But still im doing this…Pls don’t think that im leaving because of you..I know you will blame yourself and cursing yourself now…don’t blame yourself Sanskar..I can understand your situation…You said like that because of ragini only na..I can understand that ragini is important to you..Afterall she is with you from your childhood..I don’t know why is ragini behaving like this with me..May be because of possessiveness or insecurity..I know you too have some valid reason..I trust you Sanskar..My trust on you never fade..I can understand everything..But still it pains when you tell her like that…I know you didn’t mean that..You love me a lot..But still…I can sense something is wrong with ragini..I don’t know the exact reason..But onething I know is she need time to accept this all…If I will be here,You will stuck between me and ragini..I cant see you like that..So im leaving..I know in these days you will make ragini understand..I hope after these days I ll get back my friend and my love..Thats not the only reason..Me too need sometime…So you are free now Sanskar..concentrate on ragini..Give your time to her and make her understand everything..You both are important for me too..I cant hurt my friend at the same time I cant loose you too…don’t worry about me..I ll be fine…Just think that in these 10 days there will be no swara in your life..Give your full time to ragini and make her believe that we didn’t betray her..If u can pls tell her that swara will never snatch her Sanskar..I just want my Sanskar to love me without any guilt…If you loose ragini,your guilt itself will kill our love..I love you Sanskar..I really mean it..I already told you..Again telling you..I ll never demand anything from you Sanskar…Your love is enough for me…Don’t feel guilty or bad for me..I ll be alright..Just give me sometime..I love you Sanskar..I will miss you..I will be waiting for the day to return back to you…I know my prince will solve everything…
Your shona


After finish reading,sanskar hugs the letter and tears rolling down his cheeks…Ajay shocked to see Sanskar and hugs him…
Sanskar: I love you swara…
Ajay: (hugs him)what happen Sanskar??
Sanskar: (sobs)she is so pure ajay..Even in this situation also she thinks about me only..This….This letter is full of her love..It shows how much she love me..But me….Im ashamed of myself ajay..I break her heart..How could I did that ajay…How could she trust me this much..(composes himself)now enough…She trust me blindly..I cant break her trust..She believes that I ll make everything perfect..I ll do that for her..I already did a mistake..Now I ll correct that..When she return to me,there wont be any problem for her..I ll make sure that…
Episode ends with sanskar’s determined face…..
Precap: swasan missing eachother…

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