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analysis on current track

what the hell they are doing with swaragini show? I swear there is no other shows as boring than this. what kind of drama is this? I’m sure next they will make swara as villian. and then show will be on Guinness record the show in which most characters were negative. don’t they have another anything to show than this faultu sa drama? show some swasan raglak scenes. we don’t want crying face of swaragini and shocked face of sanlak always.

swaragini is a comedy show now. shocking secrets of swaragini make me laugh now a days. trp is dipping very bad. in other all shows love tracks are going on and getting good trps. ye rishta was getting low trp. so they introduce kaira love story and now it is reaching top. even trp aunties bored with this stupid drama. look kkb it is dragging so much but abigya knock jok is always there . so it is no: 1 show. in swaragini no importance to couples and show is dipping badly. if they show more scenes of swasan , raglak and a logical drama then trp will be high. who is interested In adri villian track? shomi pregnancy track? better they revamp the story and bring a fresh track with 4 leads and give equal importance to all the 4 leads.. sanlak was not at all present in last week. they are statues in this week. Please cvs.. you have 2 beautiful jodies.. Please use them well.. you have diamonds in your hands . and playing with ordinary stones.


note: I wrote it from my frustration. I know cvs will not read it lol.. but what can we do ? cvs are dumb people ever.

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