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Alluringly Dangerous (Promo)


HELLO everyone i already did posts the intro and the first two chapters of this series though they are all practically introduction only. now after a break am again starting from were i’ve ended and before that i wanted to give you what the story is actually about. so here i’ve written the promo and if found interesting please let me know.


Jazz had a normal life as a child but as she stepped into her teenage life, her world started changing not abruptly but slowly, so slow the change had been people hardly noticed it. Since her 13th birthday, she kept having these dreams in which she is constantly in search of a boy, eventually finding him in some dark corner but the moment she sees his face she wake up with a jerk sweating and panting as though she had only just finished her workout. Though she remembers the dream, it is the boy she has no clue about- his face vanishes the moment she wakes up. Even though it has become a ritual for her to see these dreams the boy has always remained a mystery.
3 years from then she meets Rex and Rohan her tuition mates. Both strikingly handsome from different influential families. Something about these 2 boys made her uneasy.

Though her primary suspect had been Rex she eventually feels the same for Rohan but in a different way. Both seemed familiar enough-Rex with his cool touch sending a shiver down one’s spine but then that kind of shiver one appreciates and then there’s Rohan with his carefree yet authoritative attitude who had always made sure she was comfortable with his warm and yet cool gestures. Jazz finds herself strangely attracted to these 2 handsome hunks, which was very much unlike her usual nature. Though she couldn’t put a finger on it, she knew for certain that Rex and Rohan knew her even before they met at the tuition and that she too knew them somewhere deep within her, a thought that made her both at ease as well as scared. Both of them had a weird kind of over protectiveness when it comes to her. Nevertheless she knew they were dangerous beyond her thoughts, beyond her wits and beyond humanity. Little did she know what life had in store for her……….

If found the plot interesting be ready for a whole new set of adventure as Jazz tries unwinding the deepest and darkest mysteries of her existence. Watch her find the truth behind her every dream, her mystery prince and her mates. Everything we do has a price, for nothing comes in for free. Eventually left with a single option she’ll have to choose between the very ones who were responsible for her existence……………………………..

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