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Ajab sanskar ki Gazab swara part-3

Hii frndzz this is eku and i am really really sorry for updating so late but what can i do my exam r going on thats why i am bit irregular..But tysm for ur so lovely support and keep commenting like this And guyzz i post a Ss on swasan A love story of police officer did u read it if not then must read it…And at last don’t get confuse my real name is ekta and on tellyupdate eku..so don’t get confuse.. Here is the link of my all episode..

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Indira reaches at some lonely place.There is only a haunted house..
Indira see no body there so she enter in that house..

@inside house
Indu- hello..anyone is there??
But no replies came from inside..
Indu- i think here is no one i should go from here..
As she turns towards the door the door gets closed..Indira ran towards the door tries to open it but it gets locked.Indira is now hell scared she is sweating becoz of fear..
Indira shouts- helloo…anyone is here!!!!!
Suddenly a skeleton comes in front of her and she shouts Aaaaahhhhhhhh…And she scaredly ran towards door and she ran through whole hall..
Then a unknown and weird type voice came Happy Birthday indira..
Indu shocked- who is there??And how do u know today is my birthday..
Voice- I am ghost..and i came here to wish u..

Indu stammerly- ggh…hhhooost…
Ghost- yess…And i brought a gift for u..
Indu scaredly- gift…she slowly says did ghost bring gift??
Ghost- what u say??
Indu- nothing..
Ghost- so turn left side there would be a box..
Indu goes there and see the box.
Ghost- open that box..
As she opens it a small skeleton body comes out and in scary way the skeleton is singing twinkle twinkle little star..Suddenly all the bulb started dim- light..Its totally look haunted and indira is just hell scared..
Indu slowly- yarr..indira just ran away from here if for some time u will be here na then u will surely die of heart attack..And she slowly seeing here and there goes towards door and tries to open it..And she says Khul jaa mere baap..

Ghost laugh- Indira..u will not be able to get out of here…
Indu in pleading tone- plzz ghost uncle..leave me i want to go..
Ghost- ok on one condition u have to listen my talks and do as per i am saying..
Indu scaredly and sweating- ok..but what i have to do..
Ghost- now go towards table..
Indira hesistantly goes towards table and she is closes her eyes and chanting hanuman chalisa and walks towards the table..As she reaches there she sees that on the table a cake is kept and on its written happy birthday indira..

Suddenly all lights gets on and a clapping sound is heard and everyone is singing happy birthday..The soft music is playing at background..Indira is just shocked as well as happy to see his frnds standing there and clapping and wishing…
San laughing- Indira howzz the surprise??

Indira knows that its all his plan to scare her so she shouts- Sanskarrrrr…And ran behind sanskar.
San- Aree baap re bhaag sanskar..
Both for a min chasing each other..
San- stop indira..stop i am tired..
Indu- I know all this plan is urs na to scare me..
Manpreet- yess..indu its his plan only.
San- haan but the ghost voice is rishi..
Indu shockedly- Rishiii..u also
Rishi- sorry indira but this sanskar force me..

Indu- I thought u r inoccent but u all r same..u all r just scared me like hell..I mean ghost did anyone gift like this..
San kept his hand on sid shoulders and says- I don’t know others but A ghost can only tackle A chudail..
Everyone laughs and sanky give hi- fi to sid..
Sid laughingly- yaa..sanskar u r right.
Indu- sid..this sanskar is naughty but u..And she beats sid playfully with his hand..
Sid- Aaaauccchh…
Neil- ok ok let’s cut the cake na.see my mouth is watered becoz of tgis yummy cake..
Indu- Manpreet..who is this??

Manp- Indu he is neil…he is our frnd..
Indu- ohh..nice to meet u neil.
Neil- yaa..same here but plzz now let’s go i am hungry..And he makes a pout.
Indu laughs- haaaahaa..u r so funny…
Let’s go yarr otherwise he will die of hungry..

They cut the cake and enjoys it suddenly sanskar says something..
San- hey guyz..Attention i want to say something..something on our frndship..yarr u all r the best part of my life u all r my childhood bf..whenever i need any kind of help u all r present there.I just pray to god give frnd like this to everyone.U all r more precious to me than anything.
Everyone have tears in their eyes including sanskar..
San- frndzz i want to say a shayari on this happy moment..

Aaj khuda se mulakat hui hai thodi si
Aapke barein mein baat hui hain
Maine Kaha khuda se wah kya dost diya hai, kya kismat maine payi hai.
Khuda ne kaha sambhal kar rakhna meri parchayeen hai.

Everyone is just got overwhelemed and quicky comes and hugs sanskar
And indira is just standing and clapping with tears in her eyes..
Sid wipes his tears- yarr..rula diya

Manp- hmm..i don’t think that sanky is emotional also..
San laughs- haan..But sometime it happens..
Everyone laughs..
Indu comes there and says..
Indu pulls his cheeks- u r very naughty sanskar but sometime u bring tears in everyone eyes..i must say whom u love na will be very lucky.
San- come on yarr till this time no one had born to handle this sanskar maheswari..
Sid- haan bhai tujhe sambhalne ke liye jigra chahiye..
Everyone laughs and like this the night ends..

Precap: Swara’s entry..Swasan meet..

So guyzz are u excited for swara entry so wait till next episode and guyzz plzz plzz comment..So guyzz here is the link for my Ss must read and comment..


I am a very good and obedient girl and i am still studying..I am big fan of swasan and i like singing the song most…

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