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Abhigya- love can do anything (OS)

Hi guys this is Monesha. Really this kkb irritating us even after tanu chapter end. Always giving pain to us. Plz tell me who don’t want memory loss in kkb. Tell me in comment dears, now coming to the os it is continuous of kkb current track memory loss this is one of my idea if you don’t like plz say me i can correct it

Pragya and all the family members are sitting in hospital. Slowly Abhi gain conscious. Nurse came to them. Nurse says madam your husband gained conscious you all can see him but don’t disturb him. All looks happy and went inside. Abhi was lying in bed with lot of confusion. Suddenly pragya went to the god which is placed in front of the hospital entry. Pragya thanks god and again rushed to see abhi. Dadi came and care his hairs and ask how are you beta. Abhi looks confusingly.


At the time Pragya enters the room with full of joy. Suddenly she heard Abhi’s voice. Abhi ask who are you Dadi. Pragya was shattered. Dadi and all the one shocked. Suddenly pragya closed her mouth and went outside n started to cry. Here Dadi says Abhi beta what happened to you i am your Dadi, she is your dasi, she is your bhabhi, your wif… where is Pragya. Abhi was shocked to hear that he had a wife. Pragya heard everything she enters the room with full of tears and came slowly. Abhi was seeing her without taking his eyes from her. He can remember something but it is not clear. Pragya stretched her hand towards Abhi. Really he want to feel her touch. He was dying inside to feel her touch but he don’t know why he is feeling like that. Pragya stopped and ran outside with tears.

Abhi saw that side where she went. He feels something. So he closed his eyes something is continuously repeating but he could not find out that. Dadi and purab felt sad. Purab says I will go Dadi saying this he ran behind Pragya. She ran outside the hospital and started to cry bitterly. Purab came and touched her shoulder. Pragya hugs him and started to cry again. Purab console her. Pragya broke the hug and says why it is happening to me alone. Why god is always playing with me.

Purab says why are you thinking like that believe in your love. Whether it is permanent for him ? no, he is belong to you go and see him plz go pragya. Pragya wipes her tears and went inside the hospital. She saw abhi and cares his hairs. Abhi can feel that. He tried to open his eyes but he couldn’t bcoz of tiredness and pain. He feels that her hand going away from him suddenly he holds her hand and started to sleep Pragya felt happy. She kissed in his forehead. He smiles. Pragya too smiles by his cute.

Days passed Abhi was seeing Pragya in distance only bcoz she was doing all the works when she is caring and near him. He sleep that time so he can’t remember anything but when he was seeing her he can see something like flash back but he can’t see it clearly. Now he knows only he is the rockstar and his family members. Doctor comes and checks him. Doctor says you can discharge him. All the one got happy. Abhi says don’t say that i lost my memory to my fans. All the one nodded.

Alia and tanu was sitting in the house. Tanu says Pragya is doing overly, i don’t know how Abhi loves her. Alia compare Pragya and tanu. Tanu ask what are you think, what you are silent, say something. Alia just looks her. Tanu says alia actually I want to say something, i saw one person he can kill anyone easily but he is asking 10,00,000 i want that alia now all the one are in hospital come we can take money.

Alia got angry. Alia shout just shut up tanu. Tanu was shocked. Alia continue how can you think like that tanu. Bhai was in hospital but you are thinking about money. I didn’t expect this from you tanu. Now I realized my mistake. No one is important to me other than bhai even purab is not important to me. Tanu was in hell shock didn’t utter any words. Alia says Good bye tanu. She went from there. Tanu was shocked. She don’t know what to do.

Alia came to hospital. She saw Pragya was sitting in chair holding abhi’s hand by closing her eyes. Tears rolled from her eyes. She came and sat in floor near Pragya and hold her hand. Pragya opens her eyes and was shocked to see alia. Alia says i am sorry bhabhi. I comes to know about tanu now also she is talking about money. I scolded her and came to you. Yes I was angry at him but he is my bhai. I can’t bear if anything happens to me. I realized why he separate me and purab. I don’t want purab. I only want my bhai. Plz bhabhi believe me.

Pragya stood up and made alia to stand up and hugs her. Alia hugs her tightly and cried. They broke the hug. Pragya says today discharge. You take care him. I will come to house. Alia nodded. She went to temple. They discharged Abhi. Alia came to him and says bhai come bhabhi will come soon. Abhi thinks bhai that means she is alia whether she knows i lost my memory or not anyway i want to see Pragya. Why she always going somewhere. I can remember something when i was with her.

Alia shout bhaiiiii… Abhi came back to reality and ask what happened. Alia says come we can go bhai. Abhi nodded. All the one came to Mehra mansion. Abhi remember step by step his head started to rotate. He went to room with the help of alia. He closed the door. He saw the wall full of Pragya and his photo. His head started to rotate and pain. He remember one by one. He remember first meeting he lifts Pragya and step by step he remember. His head is paining. He holds his head. Pragya came to house. She enters into room and shocked to see abhi behaving weirdly. Pragya came and hugs him. Abhi remember everything.

Abhi smiles and thinks you saved me now also mogamboo. I love you so much thanks for everything. I love my mogamboo. Pragya broke the hug. Pragya ask with tears what happened. Abhi try to say something but he stopped himself and says i want to sleep now. Pragya says ok sleep. Abhi make pragya to sit and he keeps his head on her chest and hugs her. Pragya felt little bit shy. Abhi feels that and hugs her tightly. Pragya blushed. Abhi smiles. They both slept.

Dadi told about Abhi to alia. Alia was shattered to hear about his bhai. Her angry turns towards nikhil and tanu. She started the car and went to tanu’s house. Alia enters and started to shout. Now you are happy right. Tanu ask what happened. Alia says don’t act more Bcoz of you both my bhai lost memory. If my bhai didn’t get memory back again. Then you will see the rockstar Abhi’s choti. Got it. Saying this she went. Tanu’s evil brain started to work. Nikhil says leave it. Tanu says no now i can manipulate Abhi. He will believe whatever I say. Nikhil smiles. Tanu started her car.

After sometimes Abhi woke up. He smiles and thinks for this moment only i waited. Pragya woke up abhi manage to act as sleep. Pragya got up and fresh up. Abhi also fresh up. Abhi thinks now we can play with pragya. Abhi says Pragya whether I loved you? Pragya nodded. Abhi ask whether I loved someone before you? Pragya says she is tanu. Abhi got angry. Abhi thinks if she loved someone then definitely I will not tell her but she is telling that i am in love with her how many times i told i didn’t love tanu. Pragya ask what are you thinking. Abhi says nothing.

Pragya smiles and went to kitchen. Tanu came and enters into the room without disturbing others. She enters into Abhi’s room. Abhi was shocked to see Tanu. Tanu says Abhi thank god you are here. All the one cheating you Abhi. Abhi thinks so Tanu comes to know about i lost my memory. Abhi ask who are you. Tanu says Abhi i am your lover. You loved me so much. This is our house Abhi. Dadi, Pragya, dasi and all the one are not your family. Abhi thinks i thought you done this wrong for me. But i understood that this is your character Tanu. Tanu ask what are you thinking. Abhi ask her to come. Tanu smiles and went to his side.

Abhi gave a tight slap to tanu. Tanu was shocked. Abhi says who said i lost my memory. I am the Same rockstar Abhi with full of power. Who said i am in love with you, i only love my mogamboo, my fuggi, my wife, my Pragya. Got it. Tanu was panicked. Abhi shouts get out. Tanu started to leave. Alia came and say Tanu. Abhi saw her. Alia gave a tight slap to tanu. Abhi and tanu was shocked. Alia ask what are you doing here. Get out. Tanu with full of angry went. Alia came and says bhai don’t believe her she is not good person. Bhabhi is your love. Abhi says I didn’t lost my memory. Alia was surprised as well as happy. She hugs Abhi and says bhabhi knows that. Abhi says no i want to ask her question then only I will say to her

Alia smiles. Pragya came to them. Alia went. Pragya makes Abhi to sit and feeds her. Abhi ask whether I toucher you. Pragya says no. Abhi smiles and thinks you are my sweet cute princess. Pragya says what are you thinking Abhi says nothing. Abhi ask what i told to you before my car accident. Pragya says you told me that get marry to someone. Abhi was in peak of anger and jealous says don’t consider that you are only belongs to me how dare you, i told you na i love you right then what. Pragya was shocked and ask did you remember everything. Abhi realized what he said and gave a witty smile.

Alia came by running and narrates everything to family members. Suddenly it started to rain. All was happy by hearing that Abhi got his memory back. Dadi says now only my life came back. I want Abhi and pragya to unite. All the one smiled.

Pragya got angry. She started to beat in his chest. Abhi shouts ouch!!! Ouch!!! Pragya says you know how much I worried about you. Abhi with smiles and pain says sorry sorry. Pragya didn’t leave him. Abhi pulled her towards hug. Pragya tried to move but abhi didn’t allow her. Pragya also hugs him and says don’t play like this hereafter. Abhi says ok and…. Pragya says and… what? Abhi says one kiss.

Pragya says chee… go . Abhi says what chee i am your husband i have all the rights to you. Pragya says no rights. Abhi says oh I see if you are not giving rights then I can take that i asked only one kiss but now I want fully. He comes closer to her. Pragya shivered and says what are you doing go away from me. Abhi comes front. Pragya moves backwards. She hits wall. She tried to move but Abhi pinned her towards wall. Pragya says leave me I want to go. Abhi ask really? But now i can’t let you to go saying this he touched her expose part of waist and holds tightly. Pragya closed her eyes.

Abhi leaned and gave a lip kiss to her. Pragya clutched his shoulder. He kissed her passionately. He broke the kiss and smiles by seeing her shivering. He again leaned and kissed in her neck. Pragya couldn’t bear that she turned. Abhi opened her dori and touched her back. Pragya holds the wall and closed her eyes. He kissed in her back. She shivered

Pragya breaths heavily. He turned her. Pragya looks him with shy. Abhi says you are always killing me. I love you Pragya. Pragya smiles shyly. Abhi comes close to her. Pragya says enough suniya plz move i couldn’t bear this. Abhi says couldn’t bear this then what you will do by my next step. She pushed him and try to move but he holds her hand. Abhi says no fuggi today no one can save you form this rockstar. He pulled her and hugs her. Pragya was shocked. He nuzzled her neck. Pragya couldn’t bear that she clutched his shirt. He touched her shoulder.

Suddenly she pushed him and try to ran but he closed the door. Pragya says suniya what are you doing leave me. Abhi says fuggi don’t play with me. Pragya ran to balcony. Abhi also goes behind her both wet by rain. Abhi ask do you remember the day fuggi. In guest house it is a correct romantic place but I missed that chance but not now also come to me. Pragya says chee go. She tried to move but abhi pulled her and gave a back hug.

Pragya breaths heavily. His hands traveling from waist to tummy. Pragya couldn’t open her eyes. She holds his hand. Abhi again kissed in her neck and shoulder. He cares her hand from palm to shoulder. Suddenly he turns her. Pragya was shocked. They were fully wet. His hands was traveling all over her body. Abhi says wet saree is not good for health. Pragya came back to sense and says chee leave me.

She tried to move but He lifts her and says i am saying na if you wear this now also then you will get seek saying this he moved to bed. He placed her in the bed. Pragya looks shyly. Abhi kissed in her neck and face inch by inch Pragya clutched the bed then he remove her saree and his shirt. Pragya closed her eyes. Abhi started to pore his love. Then he closed them with a blanket and started his duty. Finally Abhi placed his head in Pragya’s neck. Pragya blushed and looks him shyly. Abhi nuzzled her neck. Pragya closed her eyes. Abhi smiles. He puts his hand around her waist. Pragya was shocked and looks Abhi.

Abhi says why you are looking shock. You are my wife don’t forget that Pragya blushed. Pragya ask how you got your memory. Abhi moves towards her and he hit her nose with his nose n says your love only. Pragya ask my love???? Abhi says yes our love LOVE CAN DO ANYTHING. Pragya smiles. He hugs her by holding her waist and he placed his head in her neck. Pragya feels him all over her body then she closed her eyes and he also closed his eyes

In morning Pragya woke up first. She remember last night and started to blush. She feels Abhi waking up from her neck. She smiles. Abhi says this is morning blush right. Pragya says shut up. Abhi says why should I saying this he kissed in her all over neck. Pragya clutched the bed. He came to her lips. She pushed him and pulled the blanket from him and went to bath. Abhi smiles. After that all the one came to hall. Pragya and abhi also came. All the one looks them happily. Finally all the problems over said by dadi. All the one smiled

Dadi says Pragya and abhi pray to god. Pragya nodded but abhi didn’t like it. Pragya says plz suniya. Abhi says ok. They all prayed to the god. Dadi says now onwards you both are going to live with full of love. She blessed them. Abhi and pragya looks happily.



THANKS FOR READING THIS WITH PATIENTS AND SORRY FOR BORING YOU. i will update my ff tomorrow sorry today I couldn’t do that sorry

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