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Abhigya-love and destiny (Episode 4)

Hello everyone….here is another episode

The episode starts with abhi and pragya coming back to their sense.Both feel awkward and happy because of the small moment they just now shared.
Pragya;vo….mein…thank u
Abhi;it’s ok which side do you want?
Pragya;actually i will sleep on the floor..it’s ok you can take the bed
Abhi;oh chashmish sleep on the bed .I promise i won’t do any hanky panky(teasing tone)
Pragya;chii you (throws a pillow)
Abhi;hey that is my favourite pillow
Pragya;ok i will take the left side.
tHEy slept on either side of the bed.Pragya noticed that abhi did not switch off the light.
Pragya;why are you not switching off the light??
Abhi;you cant sleep in darkness.Thats why
Pragya stunned and thinks;you may forget me but you will not forget our love.
Pragya;it’s ok.Switch off


Both slept thinking about each other.(let’s see what the witch is doing)
On the other side tanu not able to sleep in the servant quarters hold her head in her hands.
Tanu(thinks);what the hell is this??i never thought even in my wildest dreams something like this would happen but in reality.Enough is enough i have to do something that pragya is getting close to abhi day by day and i am just suffering.Tomorrow i should start my plan(smiles wickedly).
Calls nikhil.
Tanu;what are you doing??
Nikhil;are you mad??everyone sleeps at night
Tanu;oh here i am dying and you are sleeping there
Nikhil;stop this shit and tell me why did you call
Tanu;(explains her plan)(muted)

Tanu comes in the morning to wake up abhi as dadi had called him down to inform they are leaving to temple and will return by night.But when she came to room she is shocked to see the sight in front of her abhi was hugging pragya by her waist and his face was in crook of her neck.TANU was boiling in jealousy and walks out of the room.
In aaliya’s room;
Aaliya was getting ready for the temple when tanu storms into the room;
Tanu;how dare he??(in anger voice)
Aaliya;What happened tanu??
Tanu;aaliya abhi was hugging that bl**dy behenji and sleeping.I want to kill that behenji.
Aaliya was very angry but controlled herself.
Tanu;aaliya i have a plan.I am going to execute it after coming from the temple.
Aaliya;what(shocked)but you did not say me
Tanu;i will say you after coming from the temple.
Aaliya;sure i will always help you.
Aaliya;i will help in ruining your plan ms tanushree mehta.This is a promise from aaliya mehra.

In abhi’s room;
Pragya wakes up and feels very hot and thinks who switched off the ac.She tried to get up but could hear some snores near her neck and opens her eyes.She was shocked and starts blushing.This is the first time abhi was so close to her after her marriage and tried to leave but his strong arms were not allowing.She tried to push him,remove his hands but all were unsuccessful.
Pragya;abhishek…get up.
Abhi;purab let me sleep.
Pragya;purab ???it is me pragya.
Abhi;what is this purab your voice is sweet and your hair is silky.Then he realised and open his eye and was shocked to see pragya.
Abhi moves away from her;sorry chashmish..i thought it is purab.
Pragya;it’s ok let us go down dadi must be leaving.
Both started going down and sees dadi leaving.
Abhi;ok dadi go safe come safe and torture your god.
Aaliya;bhai you both slept in the same room??I mean both came at the same time(teasing tone)
Purab;exactly aaliya.Even i was thinking the same thing.
Abhi;vo…sees tanu
ABhi;manu…tanu whatever.Take care of dadi,everyone it is ok if you don’t want to come stay there.And ya i am sending a guy with you he is going to report everything to me.(tanu stares)
Pragya hugged dadi,aaliya and ask them to come and go safe.
Pragya;drive safely purab,it is ok if you come late but come safe(hugs him)
Purab;ok di(hugs her)
Abhi stares them.
Abhi;chashmish purab knows how to drive you can leave him(irritated voice)
Purab and pragya stares him.
Abhi;vo…they will come late if they start late.
Purab laughs silently seeing his lame excuse.
They all start leaving and while tanu is walking abhi wantedly put his leg so that tanu could fall and she fell down.All laughs and aaliya helps tanu stand.
Abhi;walk properly.You dont have brain atleast use your eyes properly.
All laughs silently and went out.

In abhi’s room;
Pragya;what was that abhishek??
Abhi;what chashmish??
Pragya;why did you make tanu fall down?/
ABhi;you are so smart chashmish.
Pragya;abhishek(stern voice)
Abhi;ok she stared at him so i made her fall down.
ABhi;leave about her.Tell about my concert.
Pragya;oh ya everything is ready.But there is no female singer opposite you and we are not able to find her.
Abhi;what??now how can i sing.I need a female voice.
Pragya;that is what i am thinking??do you know anyone
Abhi;yes i know.
screen freezes.
I know today episode is boring.Thank you everyone who are wasting their precious type to read my story.I am not comparing my ff with others as this is not even compared with others they are very nice.
Thanks moni di for accepting me as your special choti.
Thanks saranya di for accepting me as your sis.
After seeing this episode you may think about the plan and all that stuff but whatever it is i am not going to separate abhigya.

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