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Abhigya-love and destiny (Episode 1)

Hii guys…felt bored so thought of writing something…..it is definitely boring…i am writing based on the current track of kkb so lets see how the story goes……
The story starts with abhi gaining consciousness and doesn’t remember anything.
Abhi(thinking):what happens to me ?why am I here?

Nurse sees him and asks is he fine for which he nodded.Nurse went to inform to family members.She informs and then pragya rushes inside and hugs him tight taking care of not disturbing anything.A after she breaks she asks if he is fine and he says he is OK.
Pragya:walking kuch chahiye kya??(do u need anything?)
Abhi:no but can you call my dadi.Pragya nodded and went out to call dark.Everyone came to see him including taaliya.Pragya’s gang was scared as how will Abhi react by seeing them.
Dadi:how are u beta?u just scared and starts crying.
Abhi:dadi see I am perfectly fine.now stop crying.(wipes her tears)Purab why are you standing there come here.


Purab comes near him.
Purab:Bhai how are you?
Abhi: I am fine but I want to talk to you about something.Purab nodded seeing the seriousness in his voice.Who are the 2 girls standing there?(pointing towards pranu.)
Pragya was shocked beyond her wits while tanu’s felt as she can manipulate him again and Abhi will not scold her for the pregnancy drama.
Dadi:u don’t know them Abhi?
Abhi:no dadi and that lady(pointing towards pragya)she hugged me dadi I really felt uncomfortable.
Pragya was not able to control her tears and ran outside.purab followed her and kept his hand on her shoulder.pragya hugged him and he consoled her.
Purab:di let’s talk to doctor about this.Pragya nodded and they went to meet doctor.
Doctor:sorry to say mrs.mehra.he has suffered from partial amnesia(if it is wrong sorry guys).You should not inform him anything that causes stress or else he may sleep into coma.Pragya was. Shocked and went out.
She started crying saying why this happens with me and recalls their happy moments that they spend few hours back and now her fate has turned so cruel.Dadi sees this and consoles.Aaliya who was going near tanu’s saw pragya.Tanu was talking something with nikhil.
Tanu:see now also that pragya lost.Now I will manipulate him and become the queen of the house(smiled wickedly)

Nikhil:but if he say something he may slip into coma na then?
Tanu:let him slip before that I will sign his property papers and we will live happily.After that if he die I really don’t care and shares hi-fi with nikhil.
Aaliyah was ashamed an d recalled between tanu and pragya.??And started walking towards them.Pragya team was very angry and dadi gave a tight slap to Aaliyah.
Dadi:why did u come?do you want to kill him?
But after what Aaliyah did was shocked.She went and touched pragya and started crying.
Aaliyah:sorry bhabhi.i am Very sorry (cries hardly)
Pragya pulled her up and hugged her and Aaliyah cried like a small baby.After a while she was calm and started asking sorry to pragya.
Pragya:calm down Aaliyah it is okay.

Dadi:what is your plan?why are you acting?
aaliya;no dadi i am really sorry i know i did many wrong things but now i am asking sorry dearly.Dadi can see the pain in her eyes and hugged her.
aaliya;i just now realised it after hearing what tanu spoke chii i am ashamed of myself dadi and feel like killing myself(while crying)
pragya;shhh aaliya dont talk like that.
aaliya;bhabhi how can you forgive me when i am not able to forgive myself.
pragya hugged her and said its ok aaliya.You are my sister how can elder sister not forgive her younger sis.
aaliya was shocked and was feeling very guilty about bulbul.sHE went near purab.
Aaliya;i am very sorry purab.you can do whaterver you want to do with me as i deserve everyhting.
purab;ok fine you should be my best friend forever said with a smile.
Aaliya just hugged him and said forever.
Aaliya;bhabi now i am with you against tanu.Pragya’s gang shared a group hug.
Now pragya went to see abhi and he was watching tv.HE saw pragya coming in and switched off the tv.

pragya;do u need anything?by the way you can discharge today.
abhi;who are you and what is your name?
Pragya heart break but she controlled herself and said i am pragya and i am your.
SHE is your personal assistant said aaliya coming and gave pragya a soft smile to which she smiled.(pragya back to fuggy style)
abhi;oh!but pragya doesn’t suit you so i will call u chashmish.
Pragya was happy after hearing and smiled with teary eyes .Aaliya kept a hand on her shoulder asking to control herself.
Aaliya sees tanu coming towards this room and thinks how to stop her.
aaliya;tanu wait.
tanu stopped(she doesn’t know that aaliya has become positive)
aaliya;now bhai is going to get discharge so talk to him after we go home.Doctor comes and abhi is going to mehra mansion.Meanwhile the workers started removed abhigya pics as dadi instructed him.
Abhi entered the house with purab.AND OTHERS followed them.
abhi;(pointing towards tanu);who is this girl?

Before tanu could reply aaliya she is our maid and takes care of dadi.Tanu was shocked and pragya’s gang laughed at her.
ABHI;what are these clothes?/
aaliya;bhai she is on leave today.so she wore this clothes.
abhi;by the way what is your name?
tanu:i am tanu.
abhi;ok wear maid clothes and take good care of dadi.By saying this he walked and tanu started screaming on aaliya.
Tanu;what the hell was that aaliya?
aaliya;sorry tanu but…….
tanu;what sorry aaliya am i a maid.
aaliya;ok tanu tell me what should i tell??should i say you are model then how will stay in this house.(winked at pragya)
stupid tanu stomped in anger and went to change her clothes.
Aaliya;badi aayi…and shares hifi with purab.

aaliya;go bhabi my bhai is calling you.
pragya starts going upstairs.aBHI was also coming down to talk with pragya.Pragya was about to fall but abhi caught her.(ALLAH waariyan plays in bg)
Aaliya and purab watch this and go near them.They came back to their senses when aaliya coughed.
abhi;be careful chashmish.
pragya nodded.
abhi;ok come to my room.bring some juice
pragya nodded and went to kitchen
abhi(thinking);those eyes i feel like they show love for me..when she is near me i forget everything… what is happening.
pragya(thinking);you may forget me but you will not forget our love.

screen freezes.
ok guys are u there after reading.if you’re not sleeping pls comment.
take care.

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