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Abhigya – Happy love (intro and teaser)

Hi guys !!…How r u all ??…!!…i hope all r fine !!…ok !!…i am reji !!…i think somebody knows me already !!..yes it’s the same reji !!!….i got a break with telly updates so after a very very long time i am posting a new ff …i hope u all will like it !!!..and how r u somiya , surbhi , reshma , shriti , srimathi akka , aditi , tina , sorry guys i can’t remember more names !!…ok let’s start a new love “HAPPY LOVE” !!..

Ok guys i will intro the roles who are playing in my story:-


Abhishek Prem Mehra – Rockstar of Mumbai city . Owner of Mehra group of companies , Loves Pragya (one side-hidden love didn’t realize it) wants to be as friend with her

Pragya Khanna – Beautiful girl , Interested in Fashion designing , but has talent to do any job ,wants to study more (waiting for her prince charming)hates Abhi

Ranveer Khanna (Rv)- Owner of Khanna group of companies having partnership with Abhi , loves her sister and mom

Ishani Mehra – Sister of Abhi , Works in Khanna group of companies , Wants to be as friend with Pragya

Dadi – Grandmother of Ishani and Abhi

Ragini Khanna – Mother of Pragya ,Loves her daughter and her son more ,ex-wife of neil

Nikhil Arya – Takes care of Abhi’s business (having an eye on Pragya)

Tanushree Mehta – Super model , loves(not Abhi) Nikhil

Purab and Bulbul r not introduced now but later !!..

Promo – Mumbai city is shown ..A girl wearing floral pink kurta and milky white legins goes to the temple it’s none other than our beautiful Pragya …A boy wearing Black colour shirt with jacket and white colour pant stood outside the temple it’s none other than our hot and handsome Abhi . Pragya prays to God and thinks in mind “God i love you so much , becoz of you now i am in this settled position but my mother is forcing me to get married but i don’t who is the right person please show my prince charming”

Abhi stood outside and think “I hate you so much , becoz of you i lost my parents and everything ,and now again i am in this position it’s not becoz of you it’s becoz of my hardwork , i will see who will you send me to prove that i am wrong” Pragya stamps on the oil and gonna fall ..Abhi notices her and holds her tightly ..They both had a eyelock ..Allah Waariyaan plays …Abhi thinks “God is she the girl you sent for me ?” ….Pragya thinks “God is he is my prince charming ? ” …They both smiles …

Voiceover – God has put the knot in this couple..Let’s see will it be strong or loose ??…Who gonna break it ??..will Abhi and Pragya be united ??…To know this keep waiting for Abhigya – Happy love …Main picture coming soon on Telly Updates………….

Ok guys !!…this is the promo ..i hope you all enjoyed it ..it’s just a promo main pic coming soon …so i want to know where you all liked this concept and shall i continue it ??…so i will be waiting for your comments for this promo !!…so Thanks for reading …Happy love will be coming soon so till then stay tuned !!..

Every story i write , creates me . I write to create myself!

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