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Abhigya – Happy love Episode 2 and 3

Hi guys i know some of you are angry on me ! . So sorry guys !!..I had mid-term test !!..So concentrated in studies now a happy news !!..I got 1st rank in my class !!..Feeling really happy guys !!How your Friendship day went ??..Happy that u all liked my OS..And guys some of you requested me to add some ishveer scenes .I will add it in upcoming episodes becoz now more concentration is needed on abhigya . But as i said , abhigya will be united becoz of ishveer only so keep reading !!..

A short recap – As we seen Ranveer and Pragya comes to temple to pray for their Dad’s birthday . While here we saw Ishani brings Abhi to the temple to pray for him . Ishani and Pragya met accidently . Ishani liked Pragya . Pragya helps an old lady . Abhi is impressed by Pragya’s helpingness .Ishani sees Pragya in a signal an tries to speak to her but shockingly a vehicle hit her she got an accident . Pragya sees this and gets shocked . Will Ishani be saved ?


The episodes starts with a crowd gathers . Pragya sees the crowd and thinks who got accident ?. She rushed to the place .
Pragya – Please move , move
She sees Ishani and gets shocked
Pragya – Ye woh mandirwale ladki hey na ?
Lady – You know her ?
Pragya – No i saw her while coming from temple , anyways please call the ambulance
The lady calls the ambulance
Pragya and Ishani went .

Screen shifts to Ranveer .
Rv – Mom sorry mom ,
One lady looked back and said No what you and your choti did was wrong ! . You would have informed me na ?
Rv – We went to temple to pray as today Papa’s birthday !
She got tears and looked at Rv it was none other than Ragini .
Ragini hugs him – You was only 6 years old and Pragya was a small baby when your dad left us . I don’t want to speak about him . We don’t know whether he is dead or not . i pray God that again i should not see his face .
Rv – Ok mom don’t cry
Ragini smiles – Ok beta where is that cute mouse ?
Rv – Oh choti she get down of the bike when she heard that you r angry .
Ragini laughs and says wait let her come home see wat i am going to do .
Rv – ok u do watever you want to i am going to office as to day going to sign a partnership deal with Mr.Mehra .
Ragini – Fine beta All the best
Rv – Thanks maa

Screen shifts to Pragya and Ishani
They reached the hospital .
Pragya – Stretcher please .
She sees the wardboys are talking without seeing patients
Pragya gets angry – Excuse me , There a girl got accident she is in a serious condition u boys r chatting here . Go bring the stretcher .
Wardboys rushes to bring the stretcher

Doctor comes there .
He checks Ishani .
Doctor – We have to give her treatment immediately . Please complete the formalities and come .
Pragya – ok
Doctor – Who r u for this patient ?
Pragya in tears says “FRIEND”.
Ishani hears the word and suddenly hold Pragya’s hands .
Pragya noticed it . She gets tears
Wardboys drag her stretcher and took her to ICU .

After sometime doctors comes out and says Becoz of the accident she got loss of blood . We need a blood with same group of hers .
Pragya – Which group doctor ?
Doctor – AB -ve
Pragya – Oh no ! now how can we save her ?
Doctor – My blood is not matching with her .
Pragya – Check mine doctor
Doctor – Nurse take her inside .
Pragya goes in
After a while Pragya comes out .
Doctor – Thank God your blood is matching
Pragya gets happy and gives her blood.

Screen shifts to Abhi and Rv
Abhi and Rv enters in the meeting hall .
Abhi and Rv both shake hands each other
Rv – I am Ranveer Khanna or (Rv)
Abhi – I am Abhishek Prem Mehra or Rockstar..
Rv cuts and says Rockstar Abhi ryt ?.
Abhi – absolutely ryt Rv .
Rv smiles
Rv – Mr.Mehra i am so happy having partnership with Mehra group of companies .
Abhi – You can call me Abhi becoz i will feel weird if someone calls me Mr.mehra .
Rv – Ok Abhi
Abhi smiles – So let’s be friends and strectches his hand towards him
Rv sees his hand and about to shake hand with him but suddenly he gets a call it’s Pragya .
Rv – Excuse me ,
Abhi – ok !!..

Rv to Pragya – Kya hua choti ?.
Pragya narrates evrythng .
Rv – what ??..i am coming now .
Abhi sees and asks – Rv anything serious ?
Rv – ya !!..
Abhi – Don’t worry i will come with you !.
Rv – OK fast !!..
Abhi and Rv rushes to the hospital .

Screen shifts to Pragya .
Doctor – Ms.Pragya now treatment is completed . She is Fine now .
Pragya – Thank u so much Doctor . Thanks a lot !
Doctor – That’s fine Pragya !
Pragya – Can i go inside and speak to her ?
Doctor – Sure , After she gain conscious please call the nurse !
Pragya – ok doctor, once again thank u !
Doctor – It’s my duty !.

Pragya enters inside and sees Ishani lying unconscious .
Pragya thinks i don’t know who u r ?.But i feel really upset if you r in hurt . Her tears fell into Ishani’s hands
Ishani opens her eyes and sees Pragya and holds her hands and smiles.
Suddenly Abhi and Rv enters …
Abhi sees Ishani in the bed and gets shocked
Rv says Choti !!..
Pragya – Bhai !!..
Abhi – Ishu r u fine how u got accident ?
Ishani – Bhai ..
Abhi sees Pragya and drags her to his side and shouts at her
Abhi – How dare you hit my sister , becoz of you only now she is in this condition how dare you ? i thought u r kind girl but i was wrong please don’t again show your face before me !!..
Pragya gets tears
Rv – Abhi this is too much don’t shout at her before knowing the reason
Abhi – Oh you r the brother of this girl uh ?. What reason i have to find when the cause is before me ?.
Ishani shouts – Bhai please shut up !.
Abhi turns towards her
Ishani – do u know what really happnd ?
Ishani narrates evrythng.
Abhi is hell shocked
Pragya in tears and sobs – I don’t know anythng i don’t know who she is? I just saw her in temple so only helped her . i am sorry for doing this wrong thing . Abhi gets tears and felt very sorry for hurting Pragya !..Pragya tries to go . Doctor enters in and says Where r u going Ms.Pragya u only said u r her’s friend and now u r going ?. Ishani felt happy and remind when she holded Pragya’s hands.. Pragya says Sorry doctor ,it’s just a mistake i am not her friend i am just a stranger helped her !. Abhi and Ishani r shocked . Pragya says bhai let’s move we don’t have any work here . Rv says Abhi no no sorry Mr.Mehra i think let’s just concentrate on our companies and now i don’t think we can be friends good bye !!..Pragya and Rv leaves…..

Ishani – why bhai ?..now becoz of you evrythng is finished .
Abhi – Ya Ishani ..I am ashamed of myself .He reminds how Pragya sobed ! I think i am the 1st person who hurted her that much !.how much she sobed i can see it in front of my eyes that time i want to slap myself.
Ishani – Ok just leave it bhai !..now nothing is gonna change .
Abhi – no Ishu becoz of me this all happnd . I have to do something .
Ishani – wat r u going to do now bhai ?
Abhi – Just wait and watch !.

Abhi and Ishani returns to MM . Dadi sees her and gets shocked .
Dadi – hey wat happnd beta?
Ishani – Kuch nahi Dadi ?
Abhi – Just a minor accident .
Dadi – Kya ??..Accident ?
Ishani – bhai !! ..Aisa kuch nahi Dadi i am perfectly fine.
Dadi – tk beta don’t worry u go and sleep evrythng will be fine
Ishani – Ok dadi
Dadi – Abhi u leave her to room and go to sleep beta tomorrow we will discuss evrythng
Abhi – tk dadi u pls go and sleep .
Dadi – ok beta good night .
Ishani and Abhi – good night dadi !!..

Ishani went to take the newspaper . She sees Rv’s ad in newspaper for a secretary for his company . She rushes to Abhi’s room
Ishani – Bhai wake up !wake up
Abhi – kya hua Ishu ?
Ishani – bhai read this ..
Abhi reads the paper..
Abhi – Rv is asking for a secretary for his company.
Ishani – bhai y can’t i do that job ?
Abhi – wat r u saying Ishu ?..wat will evryne think that Rockstar’s sister is working in a company !
Ishani – so what bhai ?..If i go there means i will have more chances to meet his sister and i can ask to sorry to her
Abhi – we don’t know her name also , then how this is all possible
Ishani – Ya i also don’t know but that doctor said her name as PR…i can’t remember her name but her name will be starting in letter “P”
Abhi – we can call her as “Pk” sounds nice
Ishani – no bhai we should not tease her as now we want to ask sorry to her
Abhi – Ok but i will not recommend for u with ur own qualifications u have to get that job
Ishani – bhai wat do u think of me ?.I don’t need your recommendations …with my own qualifications i will apply to that job and get it .
Abhi – wait y can’t we apply this formula with ?
Ishani – i can’t understand bhai !
Abhi – you will not understand Ishu !!.because this is my game !!..Ishani looks confused . Abhi looks smartly !!..

No precap

Ok guys today i wrote 2 episodes for u !!..i hope u all enjoyed it !!..In the upcoming episodes i will include Ishveer scenes .and Mukund Raj i think now u doubt is cleared that y Ishani is working in Khanna’s industries !!..Now wat is Abhi’s next plan ??..will he get succeed in his plan ??..will Pragya forgive Abhi ?..To know u have to wait for next episode so Till then stay tuned !!..

Every story i write,creates me . I write to create myself!

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