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Abhigya and ishveer life episode 35

Hi dears i know you all are upset with me for not update my ff yesterday and ending this ff but believe me i will come soon to torcher you all by giving my boring episode, if i started to talk then I will not end my bak bak so now coming to the story,

This episode was dedicating to maya shelly, divya di, suhani choti and trisha


Episode starts with Rv and abhi came out. They both walked in the railway station. One person rushed to them.
He salute them and says
Person- sorry sir I am late but your bike are ready
Rv and abhi smiles seeing each other

Rv- give the key to us then you can go
Person- ok sir. He gave the key to them
Abhi- now you can go
That person went from that place by giving salute.
Abhi and Rv took that bike went to lodge
They both got fresh up
Without wasting any time they took the bike and went separately
Here Pragya and Ishani was doing there work
Ishani started to collect information about Uv and Ankush
Sakshi came outside.

She saw one person
They both discussed something
Sakshi- don’t worry she will take care(pointing towards Pragya)
Then They went Sakshi came to pragya
Pragya-what happened
Sakshi- nothing
Pragya smiles
They searched everywhere but they couldn’t find out him.
They both came to starting point.
Rv- that idiot is no where
Abhi- this side area also he is not there
Rv- ok we can go to lodge
They both reached the lodge and went to their room.

Abhi and Rv went to the recipient
Abhi- we want this city map
Recipient- but sir…..
Rv- we are police so can you get that map
Recipient nodded
Abhi and Rv went inside their room

Ishani collecting the newspaper about Ankush
Suddenly her phone rings
She saw it was Sakshi. She took the phone
Ishani, ha bolo di what happened
Sakshi- i got one case for pragya but i don’t know whether she will fear to take this case bcoz this is first case for her.
Ishani- i also don’t know di but I am feeling that she will be confident. Let see but after Abhi and Rv come we can talk about this di.
Sakshi- ok dear bye
Screen shifts to Rabhi
Waiter came to their room and gave a map.

Rv and abhi looks that map
They both kept finger in same place.
They looks each other and smiles
They both took there bike and went to one lodge
They ask to the recipient about Vijay
Recipient saw the note and says room no. 409
Abhi and Rv says thanks and went to his room.
Rabhi knocked his room. Vijay got up
One more boy also present with him

Boy- wait i will open
He opened. Vijay was shocked to see
Abhi and Rv stood each side of the door by holding their hands ( kabali song plays….)(guys put ear phone and hear kabali song in tamil version)
Vijay was panicked. Abhi and Rv moves towards him. He started to run(still music plays)
They both started to run behind him( song started to play)
Suddenly they both separated and went two sides.
Vijay ran straight. Suddenly Rv came in front he turned to go but abhi was backside
They both caught him.

They both holds him by hand. One side is abhi and another side is Rv.
They both took cooling glass and puts the cooling glass at same time by walking. Vijay was looking them with fear(still song plays). Trio was walking in road. All the person are seeing them. Abhi and Rv walking with full power (in this song then imagine as Rabhi….. for kabali…. word but songs are same rajini fans don’t angry on me for altering super star song)
They both came and push Vijay(song end)
Vijay fall down on floor.
Abhi and Rv remove their glass.( kabali music alone plays)
They both took the chair and sits style at same time .
Vijay- leave me….

Abhi shouts shut uppppp…..
Rv- who told to kill that baby
Vijay remains silent.
Rv- can’t you hear me who told to kill

Abhi shouts say fast
Vijay (fear)- it is Ankush. He told us to kill ishani but mistakenly i stab that girl
Rv was taken back
Abhi holds his collar and says how dare you try to kill my friend
Rv couldn’t control his anger
He started to beat him badly
Abhi stood him and says don’t worry we can give punishment to him
They both took Vijay with them and they started to go to delhi.
Here Pragya, Ishani and sakshi was in Sakshi house. Suddenly kalpi entered
Sakshi welcome her

Pragya- hi mam
Kalpi- hi Pragya and Ishani
Sakshi- shall i bring something
Kalpi- no… no…. i came here just to see how are you
Sakshi smiles
Pragya- mam when you going to get marry
Kalpi become sad
Ishani- mam sorry she ask simply
Kalpi- nothing like that i got married
All are shocked
Kalpi- my husband is police officer. I told to leave that but he didn’t so i left him. He try to speak but i didn’t.

Ishani- but why mam
Kalpi- bcoz i am doctor. I can’t see hurting some one.
Pragya- mam you understand wrongly. Police is not bad job. It is really good job. If they are not there the we can’t live happily mam
Kalpi looks on
Ishani- yes police is the best job almost police and doctors are same type. Both are trying to save people. So don’t think like that Mam
Sakshi- yes both are right so don’t think like that.
Kalpi understood her mistake and ask now what to do

Pragya- me and Ishani will do that and winks at her
Ishani too winks at her.
Ishani- ok di now itself time is 8.00 so we are going.
Sakshi nodded. Ishgya went then kalpi too went
Screen shifts to Rabhi
Abhi and Rv came to delhi morning
They came to police station

They both pull vijay and puts in locker.
Vijay- you both will pay for this
Rv and abhi looks him with anger then they both smiles
Vijay looks them confusingly
Rv and abhi- we can see (kabali music plays)
They both turned and puts their cooling glass at same time. And walks style with smile
Screen freezes on them

Sorry guys for not updating my ff yesterday. Love you all. Bye

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