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Abhigya and ishveer life episode 34

Hi guys thank you so much for ur support dears. Love you all. Now coming to the story.

Episode starts with abhi and Rv doing something in laptop.
After sometimes they both slept.
In morning Pragya and Ishani got up. They both started to get ready.
Abhi and Rv didn’t woke up.
Ishita came and try to woke them no response.
Ishita went to ishgya room.
Ishita- see your pyaari future husband are not waking up go and see you both itself. I am and Raman want to go
Ishani- where is aunty ji
Ishita- she went to outside with dad


Pragya- dating????
Ishita- hey i am going to beat you go and get ready.
Ishani- i will make her to ready
Pragya- hey sleeping ghost i am going to kill you
Ishani- we can see go and get ready.
Pragya went to get ready
Ishita- ok dear wake them we are going
Ishani- ok i will wake them.

Ishani went to them and try to wake them but she couldn’t.
Pragya came to them
Pragya- you don’t know to wake them. See now
She started to punch in both of their arms
Within one punch pragya hand started to pain
Pragya- ouch!!! Whether there arm is arms or steel rod. It is paining.
Ishani started to laugh.
Pragya- laugh one more time
Ishani- why ??? In confuse

Pragya- if you laugh then both Will thinks that ghost came so only.
Ishani gave a stern look
Pragya- be cool now itself time 6.30 come we can wake them.
Ishani nodded.
They both took the jar with full of water and pores on Rabhi
Both got shock and sat in bed.
Pragya and Ishani burst out laughter by seeing them

Ishani- hello both police how is our treatment
Pragya- sir get up you have to go in two and half hours
Abhi and Rv looks at each other.
They both started to chase Ishgya.
Finally they both got them.
Screen shifts to ishveer
Rv- you have to pay for what you done
Ishani- hey leave me
He holds her close.
Ishani was shocked and says
Ishani- leave me idiot
He just looks into her eyes.
They both shares an eyelock. He tugged her hair back.( tum hi ho plays…..)
Screen shifts to abhigya
He pinned her towards wall
Pragya- sir it is time to go leave me
Abhi placed his finger on her lips.
They both looks at each other

He placed his hand on her cheeks
They both shares an eyelock(Sanam re Sanam re plays)
Suddenly Ishani pushed Rv and pragya pushed abhi.
Rv- you broke my romance. You know how much tough to create romance to girls idiot.
Ishani started to laugh.
Abhi- idiot, unromantic unromantic unromantic….
Pragya- shut up go and get fresh up
Abhi went to bath, Rv also went to bath
Pragya went to Sakshi house.

Ishani went to join as journalists
Abhi and Rv went to main area
They saw many files. Then they both find out his file. They both started to investigate that case.
Abhi- we got more information but where now he is
Rv- we can think Abhi we will get him
Abhi took the file and say that
They both saw his native place
Abhi and Rv both in same time

Rabhi- why he can’t be in his native place
Both was surprised
Rv- confirm he will be in his native place
Abhi nodded and gave a victorious smile
Rv also gave a victorious smile.
Without wasting a time they both put a ticket in train.
Ishani talked with a editor. He explained everything to her
Pragya sat in lawyer table for the first time.
Pragya and Ishani both are very happy bcoz of their hard work didn’t fail.
Sakshi was sitting near Pragya
Rv and abhi informed this to ragav.
He said ok and gave them confident

It was evening
All the one came to house
Abhi and Rv narrates everything to everyone
All the one says ok
Abhi and pragya hugs tightly. Rv and Ishani hugs tightly.
Pragya went to rv and gave a hug to him
Abhi and Rv started to move.
Finally they both got in the train

In night,
Pragya and Ishani felt bored.
They both missing them.
Here Abhi and Rv saw the file.
Then they both slept

In MM also All the one slept
In morning,
Abhi and Rv came outside the train.
They both gave a confident smile.
Screen freezes on rv and abhi

Thank you guys for ur huge support. I am going to end this ff on my birthday. I don’t know after my birthday whether i could come to this page so i don’t want to incomplete my ff so i am going to end it. If you all guys be present here after April then confirm I will write my another ff. Leading character is Abhigya and ishveer.

I am going to miss you all dears love you all ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

Take care.

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