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Abhigya and ishveer life episode 32


Hi guys i know you all will scold me. It was WiFi problem. I know you all will think that this girl is always doing some problem but hereafter i will try my best to update regularly. Now coming to the story,


Episode starts with pragya going in scooty by wiping her tears.
She saw one park. She stopped her scooty outside and went inside.
Here Abhi, Rv and Ishani was searching her.
Uv saw Pragya scooty in outside.
Uv- what this girl is doing here
Uv came and saw Pragya was alone
He smiles and went to pragya
At the same time Rabhi and Ishani finds out Pragya scooty
They rushed inside the park
Uv says hi Pragya, how are you
Pragya got up and started to move
Rabhi and Ishani saw Pragya and Uv
Uv holds her hand

Angry Pragya got more angry
She gave him a nice slap
Uv- how dare you
Pragya kick him
Uv- ouch!!!!!!! He falls down
Rabhi and Ishani was shocked
Pragya- i am already in anger now you don’t cross in my way otherwise you will face dangerous Pragya got it
Abhi- whether your choti is donkey. See where she kicked Uv. Really feeling bad.
Rv- yes but I can’t control my laugh.
Ishani- Pragya is coming
Pragya looks them. She just ignored and went from that place by her scooty.
They followed her but in signal they missed her
She went to Kakshi house.
Sakshi- they sweet heart come inside.
She came and sits with anger
Karan- what happened dear
Pragya narrates everything to Kakshi
Karan- so they didn’t believe you
Pragya nodded

Sakshi- now what you are going to do
Pragya- i am not going to talk with them, di can you give me five boards
Karan- of course dear i am having wait i will give you.
Pragya- thank you jiju
They chit chat and then Pragya went from there
In mehra mansion,
All the one looks sad for pragya
Pragya came to MM and went inside
All the one felt happy.
All the one came to her and cares for her
Pragya moves away from them.
She pinned the boards in her bedroom, in kitchen, in hall, in near dinning table and in Rabhi’s room
All the one looks her confusingly.
She didn’t talk single words to anyone.
All the one was bit upset.
After sometimes it is dinner time

Pragya wrote what she want in that board. They all understood why she done like this.
Ishani- Rv, for your choti alone where ideas coming from.
Abhi- Ishani is asking correctly say the answer
Rv- i am really sorry i also don’t know
After sometimes all the one went to sleep
There is no fight, no smile anything
Abhi and Rv came to pragya.
She just ignored them
Rabhi felt bad and went inside the room
Ishani got angry for not consoling Pragya
Pragya took that two puppies and went inside.
Ishani too followed her but Pragya closed the door.
Ishani- omg she is really angry now what can I do. Where i will sleep
She knocked Rabhi room.
They both came and opened the door
Abhi- what you want idiot
Ishani- She closed the door
Abhi and Rv started to laugh
Ishani- shut up why you both didn’t consoles her
Rv- hey she is really angry on us. Even one person doesn’t believe her so mistake is us. We have to wait otherwise she will kick us
Ishani- but now where can I sleep
Abhi- go and sleep in hall

Ishani thinks something
Ishani- i saw something there
Rabhi went outside and searched there
Ishani closed the door
Rabhi was shocked
Rv- hey open the door it is our room
Abhi- come outside devil
Ishani- sorry good night sweet dreams
Abhi- for you bad dreams idiot
Rv- now what can we do
Abhi- want to sleep in hall come
They slept in hall.
Pragya slept with puppies.
Ishani slept peacefully
In morning,

Pragya went to college, Ishani too went. Rabhi went to main area to search files
Days passed but Pragya didn’t talk to anyone.
All the one feels guilty especially Ragini and Neil.
Uv and Ankush planned something.
Days passed now our heroines completed their studies.
Pragya and Ishani became what they want.
They both came at same time.
They both saw two big cake . Family members surrounded.
Pragya went to the room. All the one felt bad.
Ishita and Rv went inside the room
They both saw Pragya was crying
They both went neat to pragya and touched her shoulder. She wipes her tears and started to move but Ishita holds her hand.
Pragya turns to them. Ishita makes her to sit.
Rv and ishita sits beside her.

Ishita- it is enough choti you gave us punishment for one month. It is enough. Plz dear talk with us
Pragya remains silent.
Rv- hey choti plz really this house are looking as dark for us. Plz choti. I accepted that we done a mistake but i am promising that here after we will believe anything.
Pragya- then ok see there white crow is going outside.
Rv suddenly searched to see the crow and came to sense that there is no white crow
He looks her. Pragya started to laugh
Rv and ishita looks her with smile
Pragya got down and sat in floor
Pragya- i am really sorry bhai. I done big mistake sorry. Forgive your choti.
She kept her head in his lap
Ishita cares her head
Rv- if you scold means we can tolerate but this emotional sorry is not suit to you
Pragya smiles
Ishita- ok come we can go to hall
Rv and pragya nodded

She came outside ragini came to her and kissed her all over her face and hugs her.
Neil says what happened between them and says sorry.
Pragya hugs him also.
Rv and abhi- your friend made us to sleep in hall.
Pragya smiles and went to Ishani
Ishani hugs her tightly
Ishani- you scold me but plz don’t ever be without talking to me.
Tears rolled from her eyes
Pragya tight her grip and says you can turn my ears but plz don’t cry. I can’t see that. Tears rolled from her eyes also.
Abhi- arey you both are too emotional.
Pragya and Ishani broke the hug
Ishani- don’t get jealous by seeing us.
Abhi- who me? Jealous by seeing you both
Ishani- of course
Abhi- rv can you close her mouth.
Rv came to her and holds her by around her waist.
Ishani become silent
Pragya comes to Abhi. He pulled her into hug.
Pragya smiles.
Ragini- hello both of you pairs come and cut the cake.
Ishveer cuts one cake and abhigya cuts one cake.
All the one got happy.
Screen freezes on them

Plz forgive your choti, di and friend for my late update. Love you all

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