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Abhigya and ishveer life episode 31

Guys i update yesterday it came as submitted your article successfully but i don’t know why it didn’t update sorry dears i thought i should be regular but unfortunately it didn’t upload. I am really sorry don’t mistake me. Now coming to the story,

Episode starts with Ishani drags Pragya and Rv drags abhi in opposite side.
Ishani- omg i missed to take newspaper
Pragya- go and take then come
Ishani went and took the newspaper and came.
They sat to read but they both slept.
In morning 8.00
Pragya and Ishani woke up
Pragya- omg it is time to go for college
Ishani- omg go today also we have to cut the college.
Pragya- it is ok now come we can go to hall
Both came and saw Rv goes behind
Rv- ma..ma..ma.. plz ma for my choti
Ragini- Rv yesterday your choti now you don’t follow me.
Rv stood there itself
Abhi andIshani burst out her laughter
Ishani- brother and sister are in same position in asking something to others and in body also. I think both are in same weight. Rv has a muscle like police that’s all.
Abhi- you are 100% correct ishani. Actually you understand him very well other than us. But your friend not even understanding me.
Pragya- who didn’t understand you? Me? How dare you
Abhi- then say me what is my favorite dish
Pragya- aloo paratooo
Abhi(thinks)-omg she is correct really she understood me
Rv- correct choti. See abhi this is my choti
Ishani- hello you both want to leave now
Abhi- forgot to ask did you still remember his face?
Ishani- of cource how can I forgot
Pragya- whose face
Rv- arey choti you don’t know anything
Pragya nodded no
Rv and abhi explain everything
Pragya- what why you didn’t tell to me
Rv, Ishani and abhi sees each other
Pragya- ok come i will do that you say me the face.
Abhi- really you can do it
Pragya- of cource
Rv- wow then come fast.
All sat in front of computer
She started to draw in computer.
After Two hours finally they got that face
Ishani- this face only
Pragya was shocked to hear this
Neil came there and saw the face in computer
Neil- good job
Rv and abhi- thanks this credit is goes to Ishani and pragya
Pragya- i know him
All the one shocked and says what????


Pragya was driving her scooter
She saw one man ran and ask her lifts
She ask where to go. He says XYZ hotel
Pragya- what is your name sir
Person- Vijay
She dropped him and came to the house

Abhi- without wasting time we should go there
Rv- abhi is correct
Pragya- wait a second
Ishani- change your dress
Rabhi nodded and changed their dress.
They all went to that place
They saw the recipient and went to him
Rv- sir we want to see vijay can you say the room
Recipient- sorry sir, now only he is rushed and went from here.
Abhi- can we see his room
Recipient- why sir is anything problem.
Rv- we are coming from police.
Recipient-sure sir you can see
They all came to the room
Ishani finds out watch
They all took that and went from that place.
While going suddenly pragya stopped
All the one asked what happened
Pragya – see there bhai
Rv sees that it was dog shop
Rv- chotiiii i can’t console our mother
Pragya- for your choti you can’t buy and give this dog. What a bhai you are
Abhi-stop your drama
Rv- wait abhi i will prove that i am a good bhai to her.
Rv buys two puppies and gave to her
Pragya with full of happy started to jump
Ishani- ok ok sweet heart now we can go come
All the one went to house
Pragya,abhi and Ishani sits in sofa. Rv goes behind all of them.
Abhi and Ishani was laughing continuously
Pragya was thinking continuously.
Pragya(thinks)- i am, rv, Ishani and abhi are there. My father is also there in the room.(she thinks that the recipient saying now only he rushed and went from here), confirm that he comes to know that we are coming. Omg if I thinks like this confirm i will die.
She went to that room and saw Neil phone.
She checked it and was shocked to see ankush name in last call.
She called to that number
Ankush- thank you i send him to another place. Bye the way i will do what you said
Pragya dropped the phone down
Pragya- that means my dad only said to him. How can he do this. Why he did this. No i won’t leave him now iyself i will ask.
She went and started to shout dad….. dad….. in a stern voice.
All the one looked at her.
Rv- choti what happened
Pragya- first where is dad
Abhi- Ishani, what happened to her
Ishani- how do i know but she was really in full of anger.
Abhi- ya i am seeing this anger second time.
Ishani nodded
Neil came and ask what happened?
Pragya- why you told to Ankush dad
All the one shocked.
Ishani- shut up pragya what are you talking
Pragya- i am talking correct only wait i will show you.
She went to the room and took that phone and came. But it is not starting.
Ishita- choti, i think you understood wrong.
Pragya(shouts)- why you are not believing me he is the one who said our plan to that Ankush. He is doing criminal activities.
Ragini turns her and gave a tight slap to her.
Pragya was shocked. Tears rolled from her eyes
All the one got shock.
Rv- ma why you slapped her you can tell her na
Pragya shouts- don’t want no body is believing me even bhai too right. Bhai, you also not believing me right
Rv- Pragya you understood wrong. Your guess was not correct.
She came to Neil
Pragya- tell me dad they are truly believing you but you….
Ragini(shouts)- Pragya stop this, if you talk anything then you have to get another slap.
Pragya shouts- ma he is criminal
Ragini slaps her again. Pragya eyes were fully wet.
Rv came and says ma what are you doing
Ishita- ma why you doing like this.
Pragya just went inside took the key and went from there with angry and with tears
Neil- i am the one who informed to him
All the one was shocked
Neil- they told that they will kill us and they will not let us to live so i helped him.
All the one was shocked. Ragini was shattered
Ragini- how can i beat her, she said correctly only.
Rv- ma don’t worry, we will take her to house
Ishani- i am also coming
Rv, abhi and Ishani went to see Pragya in the car.
Screen freezes on Pragya and abhi, rv, Ishani

PRECAP- Pragya was sitting alone, Uv saw her

I know you all will be angry with me but plz wait with patients confirm i will give nice episode. I really submitted my article but i don’t know why it didn’t update sorry dears. Love you all……

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