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Abhigya and ishveer life episode 30

Hi guys thank you so much for ur lovely comment. I am on cloud nine for reaching 30th episode. Thank you dears. Love you all my dear sweeties

……………………..SUHA DI IS BACK ……………………


I saw her. She didn’t come on yesterday bcoz her phone broke.I know all will be happy that too saranya di . Lakshmi di I think you will be happy now. Coming to the story,

Episode starts with raman saw goons are coming to the house.
Raman- omg who are they why they are coming. I can’t manage them all yes i should call Abhi and Rv.
He knock Rabhi room
They both got up and opened the door
Abhi- bhai what are you doing now
Raman- goons came to our house
Rv- jiju what are you saying, goons?
Raman- yes now what we have to do

Rv- we should not tell to anyone especially Pragya and Ishani.
Abhi- rv is right bhai we can go different side then only we can fight with them
Raman- yes correct, ha switch of the main then only we can fight with this all
Rabhi- ok
Abhi switch of the light trio fight with goons
All the goons went by running.
Then trio went to sleep.
In morning it was 5.00
Pragya and Ishani woke up first.
They both opened the door. Suddenly they both ran and knocked Rabhi’s room.
Rabhi panicked and opened the door
Pragya drags abhi and Ishani drags rv.
They both shocked to see the breaking pot
Rv murmurs in abhi’s ear
Rv-see we didn’t see this now they both panicked.
Abhi-correct rv now what to do

Ishani- idiots can’t you clean beat them without breaking the stuffs
Rabhi was shocked
Abhi- you both didn’t feared
Pragya- what????
Rv- feared, panicked and…
Ishani-shut up Rv. If we panick by this all means we have to panick for this whole life.
Pragya- don’t forget we only explained about police
Abhi murmurs in Rv ears
Abhi- we only took wrong that this devil and Dracula will fear
Rv smiles and says yes da
Ishani- why you both laughing
Rv and abhi says nothing.

Pragya-Ishani bhai can work in front you look on abhi can work in back i will look on
Ishani-ok sweet heart
They both tied there duppata in side and closed the door in front
Rv-one minute how you both got up
Ishani- hello always we will get up for taking newspapers
Abhi- then you…
Before he could complete pragya drags him to back side
Screen shifts to abhigya,
Pragya- clean this, idiot all the stuffs and my favorite flowers pot are broken.
Abhi- if i didn’t broke this then they will broke me…… He cleaned it……
Pragya- who will care for you
Abhi looked up and says oh then you won’t care for me. ….Pragya nodded…..
Abhi came closer to her
Pragya- hey wh.. what.. a..are..y. you do..doing
She goes backwards and hits the wall
Screen shifts to ishveer,

Ishani- clean that first idiot
Rv- you can also help me right
Ishani- why should I. You only na broke all this
Rv- so what future wife can help me right
Ishani-i am your future wife not wife got it
Rv- you are correct but now you are my love so
He pulled her by holding around her waist
Ishani was shocked.
Screen shifts to abhigya
Abhi pinned her towards the wall.
Pragya closed her eyes her hand started to shake
Abhi smiles he moved his face to her face and rubbed his cheeks with her.
Pragya started to shiver
He moves more closer to her
There is no gap between them now
Screen shifts to ishveer

Ishani- hey what are you doing leave me
He kissed in her cheeks
Ishani got shivered
He touched her cheeks and cares it
She tried to move but he pulled her and gave a back hug
He cares her hand palm to shoulder
He kissed in her neck
She holds her dress tightly
Screen shifts to abhigya
Pragya try to push him but this time she couldn’t do that. She looks him with shock
Abhi says with this pencil body you are going to push me. Don’t forget that i am police
Pragya- leave me abhi
He leaned and nuzzled her neck.
Pragya clutched his shoulder
Abhi smiles by her shivering.
Pragya- Ishani i didn’t do anything
Abhi turns suddenly she pushed him

Abhi shouts hey cheater
Screen shifts to ishveer
Rv his hand travel from her waist to tummy
She closed her eyes
He rested his head on her shoulder
He kissed her cheek and again rested it
Suddenly pragya came by running
She saw Rv holding Ishani
Suddenly rv saw her and left Ishani
Pragya- bhai morning romance huh…
Abhi- don’t leave me to romance with you and don’t leave them to romance also
Pragya- hey what you told now
Abhi-why you couldn’t hear me, ok I am saying in one word you are unromantic
Pragya- what you said
Abhi- unromantic unromantic unromantic unromantic unromantic…
Rv holds abhi and Ishani holds Pragya
Ishani- ok ok we can fight with him later come we can go
They both drags abhi and pragya
Screen freezes on them

Bye guys,
Love you all,
Take care.

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