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a sad news for sidhant fans

Hi guys bulbul here but today not with my ff but a news that can shake u completely
I don’t know how I am writing but I am feeling so bad

So guys the news is that SIDHANT is eliminated from jhalak dikhla ja

Yes yes u heared it correct
I am so shocked but thought to share this nrmews with all of u

In the 6 th episode of jhalak
Sidhant and helly are going to get eliminated

I got this news from tashan e ishq fc and I am still holding that this news turns fake but earlier their all guess or news was right

And chutti is coming back may be

I am hating it yr arjun is getting so low but still he is in the show this is partiality na

I am not against arjun but eliminating sidhant is not correct

He is way more better than many of them

Plz give ur comments and if anybody got any news related to jhalak dikhlaja
Plz share guys plz plz plz plz

And those who r expecting to sid to come back in tei is impossible because Naman has signed the contract so………..

Can’t tell

Bbye stay blessed

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