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A Night To Remember (Chapter 4)

“Ragini, take care of yourself and Swara. Okay?”
“Yes mom. I’ll take care of us. Don’t worry.”
“Uhm.. Ragini?”
“Did you like him?”
“Mom.. Honestly, I.. I don’t know..”
“It’s okay Ragini. I know you’ll need time. I think Shekhar’s decision was right! 100% right! You’ll get to know him better. Personally, I liked Sanskar. He’s good looking and will look great with you! What do you think?”
“Huh? Me? Uhmm.. Actually..”
“Janki, you’re here! I was searching for you since so long!”
“What happened, Shekhar?”
“Some work. Ragini, shall I borrow your mother for a while?” Shekhar winked at his daughter.
“Sure dad! You can borrow my mother. But not your wife, okay?”
“Okay!” Shekhar replied sadly.
“But your packing..”
“I’ll do it mom! Not a big deal. Anyway, most is done. You go! Hm?”

After the parents left, Ragini walked to her book shelf and picked up a few ones. After completing her packing, she went towards her balcony. Though it was late January, it wasn’t snowing. Her sight went to the place she first met him.


“Did you like him?” She could hear her mother’s words ring. She met him yesterday, for the first time. Him. Her fiancé. But, she couldn’t see him. She still didn’t know how he looked like. Ofcourse, afterwards he was there with his and her parents. But he was also there with his brother. Yes. She couldn’t identify him. She had waited for this day since so long, but still she didn’t know how he looked. He must be knowing her. How she looks. Who she is. Ofcourse! That’s why he recognised her in that darkness. But she, she was yet to know him. She was yet to know who Sanskar Maheshwari is. How he looks. All she knew about him was his fragrance. And she couldn’t deny that his fragrance had intimidated her. She craved for it. Badly.

“Ragini, are you done?”
Swara’s voice brought her back into the reality.
“Uhm yes. I’m done!”
“Let’s go then. The car’s waiting.”
“Sure.” She picked up her luggage and went towards the car.

“Where are my handsomes Durga?” Shekhar enquired about the Maheshwari brothers.
“Ah! They’ve got some work at Wembley. They’ll come by plane, maybe!”
“Ohkay! Now, my angels! Take care of yourselves and of each other! Okay?”
“Sure dad/uncle.”
“Let’s go?”
“Bye dearies!”
“Bye mom/aunt.”

Thus, Swaragini embarked on a journey to Derbyshire. While on the way, Swara watched a movie whereas Ragini chose her best friend- books.

They reached the destination after 3 hours of long journey. As the sedan went past the grand gates of the villa, Swaragini gazed at every thing that passed through them. The gates, the garden, the porch. Everything was so grand in appearance. Yet so classy.

“Susy, please show Swara and Ragini their respective rooms. Okay?”
“Yes, ma’am.”
“Swara, Ragini. Susy will show you both your rooms. You might be tired. Go and rest. Okay?”
“Thanks aunt!” Swaragini smiled.

Ragini was left wide-eyed as she saw her room. It wasn’t a huge one, but the room was exactly how she liked. The room was a regular one, but was left her wide-eyed was the book shelf and the balcony. The shelf was larger than what she possesed back in London. And the balcony was spacious, with a few sprawlings. She loved plants. A lot. She walked to the balcony and looked out. The balcony had a serene view of the famous landcapes of Derbyshire. She smiled at the chilled breeze. It’s cold, she thought. She traced back towards the bed and started unpacking. After an hour, she was done and headed for a shower. After the much needed shower, she came back and laid down on the bed. She wasn’t tired anymore. So, she grabbed out her unfinished ‘Safe Haven’.

“She wasnt exactly sure when it happened. Or even when it started. All she knew for sure was that right here and now, she was falling hard and she could only pray that he was feeling the same way.” You read these kinda books?” Ragini heard a voice she felt she recognised. But she wasn’t able to see the face. She slowly opened her eyes wich widened as soon as she saw the face. She straightened up immediately.
“What are you doing here? Wait, who are you?” She asked with a little sense of fear in her voice and eyes.
“You shouldn’t ask such questions to the owner himself, Ms. Gadodia!”
“Mr. Maheshwari?”
“Uh-oh! I’m sorry. I.. I was just..”
“Sleepy! It’s okay! I guess it’s my mistake!”
“Ofcourse it is!” Ragini thought.
“I shouldn’t have entered when I saw you asleep.”
“Ah! He knows basic etiquettes atleast! Even if he doesn’t follow them!” She mumbled.
“Actually, I thought to greet you. But you were asleep. I should have gone in that case, but I couldn’t resist when I saw this weapon of yours.” He spoke pointing at her book.
“Weapon? It’s a book..”
“Hit yourself with it and you’ll get my point!” He chuckled.
“Ohh! I’m sorry for that evening! I thought it was some thief..”
“Do I look like one?”
The way he asked this made Ragini go all numb. She simply stared into his cobalt eyes which appeared very deep right now. Also, he was leaning towards her and they were really close right now. She could smell his fragrance which intimidated her.. again! She could feel herself losing away in those cobalt orbs which were glued to her dark brown ones. Goosebumps. She could feel them. Breath. Faster. Heartbeats. Faster than even light, she thought. Head. Dizzy. God! What is happening to her? Is she sick? Perhaps. She had undergone a journey today. Sick, ofcourse.
“Do I look like a thief?” He whispered huskily yet again. But this one brought Ragini out of her trance.
“Huh? No! Ofcourse not!” Ragini lowered her eyes as she answered, her voice was shivering and she knew he had noticed it. She knew it because he was no more leaning on her, and was smiling. Damn. He had noticed her nervousness. And now he’s smiling. Might be laughing inside as well. Alright!
“See you soon, Ms. Gadodia.”
“Sure, Mr. Maheshwari.” Ragini replied, eyes still lowered.
As he left the room, Ragini let out a sigh in relief. But she could sense herself tremble. God. He’s so handsome! Intimidatingly handsome! Why on earth did he agree to marry me?


Guys! Apologies for the late update. I’m down with viral and that’s why I might be a bit irregular. And a BIIIIIIIIG THANK YOU for your comments! I’m sorry I couldn’t reply. But I read them all and it’s the comments that motivated me to write asap. Thank you so much guys. I hope you like this chapter as well. Please keep commenting! Love you all! ?

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