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A new beginning yet to start – episode 18

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Episode starts…
Twinj room
Kunj was getting ready to go for clg in front of mirror….
Through mirror he saw twinkle coming out of washroom in floral frock…..
He gets mesmerized by seeing her but soon came back to his senses…
And turns towards her
K- so today also you are gonna wear such clothes
T- what today also….huh….i m gonna wear such clothes daily….bcoz i am comfortable with these clothes and you hates such clothes thats why…
Kunj gave what the hell look to her and went downstairs for brkfast….
Tw also comes for brkfst….
Both come out of house…tw come out of gate and is waiting for taxi…
Then only a car stops in front of her….
It was of kunj’s…
He stops the car but keeps on giving the race to the car….
Tw smiles within and sits in the car

They both reach in clg and went to their class
Today kunj goes and sits with tw in the class

Proff. Comes and starts teaching
P- let me ask some ques to check how much had you study as the examz are approaching…
He asks que with some students….
then its tw turn….
Proff ask the question but tw is unable to ans…
Proff scolds her and ask her to get out of the class

Tw runs out of the class crying
Kunj was feeling bad for her….
He sits in restlessly……
Soon the bell rings…
He runs out of the class and search for tw everywhere in the clg…but tw is nowhere to be found

K- shit where is siyappa queen went…she was very upset…but where to find her….one min one place is left where i didnt search for her….
He went out of the clg….
And few blocks away there is a park…
He went inside and saw her sitting on the bench and is sobbing

kunj goes and sit beside her and forwards hankerchief towards her….
First she saw a hand approaching towards her….
Then she looks upwards and saw kunj…
She quickly hugs him tightly
Kunj also hugs her back….and starts rubbing her back to console her….

After few minutes , they pulled back….
K- tw its okay….we have still time in examz…
T- but kunj how i m goona cope up
K- i am there na…we will study together … I will help you….okay…donot cry now….
And he wipes her tear
T- promise na kunj…you will teach me
K- yeah …promise….
Now come….lets go back home….as we have to study a lot….

During night
K- tw come na….how much time would you take…we have to study yaar
Tw comes with lot of books in her hand
K- laughs…we have to study one subject today…in one night you cannot become einstein….
T- mr sadu…i donot know which subject your are going to teach me thats why
K- yeah ok….
We will study eco tonight
they study for few hrs….
After some time kunj realises he is only speaking but didnt get any respomse from tw….
He looks towards her and saw her sleeping
He carries her in arms and lay her on bed….
But while going unkowingly tw grabs her hand…
He tries to free her hand but fails and he also donot want to disturb her sleep….so sleeps beside her on bed ….

Episode ends

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