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A new beginning yet to start – episode 16

Hello everyone

Lets start the episode…..
Tw went back to her room and just lied on her bed thinking about all the moments spent with kunj…..
She feel asleep after sometime…..

L- tw wake up…beta today is you marriage….wake up
T- yeah mom…you go … I am awake
Leela went
T- today is most imp day in my life…..but i cannot become happy bcoz my love…my kunj is hurt….tears flows from every eyes recalling kunj condition…..
After some time she wipes her tears….no tw you have to become strong… If you become weak how could you take care of kunj…..you have to get back your old kunj….at any cost….
Your love is not weak….you have to win his heart….

Tw is ready and waiting for the barat to come….
Suddenly she hears noise….she gets glad afterall her prince charming has arrived….
She gets a glimpse of kunj from the window…
He was looking soo handsome in cream coloured sherwani…..
Leela comes and take tw to the mandap
Kunj is already sitting in the mandap….
Tw comes and sit beside him….
She smiles towards him…..but he is just sitting numb
Marriage ceremony starts……kunj makes her wear mangalsutra and then fills her vermillion with sindoor…..
After that they both stand for taking pheras….
Then after bidai…..newly wedded couple reaches sarna house….
They perform all the rituals….
Then the family members send them to their room

Twinj room
They both enter the room and saw it beautifully decorated…..
Tw is looking at the decoration
Kunj went to bathroom to chnge …then he came back and asked tw to do the same….

Tw went out of the washroom chnged in kurti and patiala….
She saw kunj sitting on cough
She went towards him
T- kunj why are you sitting here…come and sleep na
K- i will sleep here only….you go and sleep on bed
T- how can i sleep on bed kunj when in front of my eyes you are sleeping on this couch
K- tw stop showing this fake love…go and sleep
Tw went back to sleep with a sad face
they both sleeps….
whole family is sitting on dinning table…
M- umm twinkle and kunj when will you be going for honeymoon
tw look towards kunj with a hope in her eyes
K- dad in two mnths we have our final examz….so we want to conc on our studies and also will be joinning the clg from tommorow
M- but kunj you can go atleast for a honeymoon
K- no dad…not necessary….
And went from there….
Tw tries to control her tears and went from there disappointed….

Episode ends

Precap- tw back to her london wala avtaar

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