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A journey from engagement to marriage – vivah (RagSan) Part 13

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Sanskar’s pov
Hussshh!!!At the end all work is finished.After 1 month. I am going to meet with ragini..oh god this 1month are spend like years.Today i am so much happy in 4 hrs i will be in delhi and meet with ragini.Ragini is my life without her i can’t imagine my life.I am just waiting the day of my marriage when my ragini will be mine.
His thoughts get disturbed when a air hostess came and ask him to tie belt becoz they r going to fly in the air..

After 4 hours he reached to the airport and he is very happy..
Arjun came there to receive him.Sanskar see him and hugs him happily.
San- Bhaii..how r u??
Arjun sadly- I am fine..
Sanskar see change in his behaviour so he ask
San- bhai..what happen any problem??
Arj- Nothing sanskar..let’s go home..
San- yess..Bhai woh actually i try ragini mobile no many time but she don’t receive it and some times it is switched off. Did u or bhabhi have a talk with her??
Arj stammerly- No…no sanskar..
San- oh!!!!
They drove towards home..There everyone becomes happy by seeing sanskar back.Dp hugs him.Aarohi also hugs him..But in all this sanskar is worried as well as confused becoz he feels some change in everyone’s behaviour..
Then after sometimes sanskar goes to kitchen and ask aarohi..
San- Bhabhi..what happen.I know u all r hiding something from me.What is it just tell me??
Aarohi started chopping vegetables- No sanskar..its nothing u r thinking unnecessarily.
San holds aarohi by his shoulder and says- bhabhi just say this sentence by seeing in my eyes..
Aarohi with tears- Sanskar..Raginii..
San- bhabhi ragini what??
Aaro- Ragini had cancel this marriage..
San- cancel..say it clearly bhabhi..
Aaro- Sanskar.One day shekhar uncle came here and..

Shekhar comes to their house..Dp and arjun see him coming and becomes happy and goes to welcome him.
Dp- Aree shekhar ji..what a surprise come come…
Shekhar enters in the house and dp makes him sit..
Shek folds his hands and says- See dp ji..i know its gonna be late to say these things but i will not be able to do this marriage..
Dp- shekhar jii..what r u saying??
Shek- yess..dp ji this marriage can’t happen becoz my daughter is not happy with this marriage and if ragini is not happy then what is the need of this marriage..
Dp- Ragini is not happy but she herself say yess na for this marriage.
Shek- see i don’t know anything but i can’t do this marriage..I am sorry..And he goes from there…

Aarohi- Everything got shattered sanskar in that five min..
San is in utter shock that why chacha ji do this and ragini she can’t do this..
Aarohi- After that we go to their home also but we got information that they sell their house and shift some where else.Till now we r serching them to ask why they do this..
San have tears in his eyes- Bhabhi..i know ragini will not do this behind this there is something very big reason and i will find that reason..
He goes from there determinely and drove his car fastly..He searches everywhere in madhupur..Then he goes to vasantpur also but there also he don’t get any information..
He hire world best detective and tell him to search ragini & her family..

3 month passed like this but sanskar doesn’t loose hope.He tries every way to find ragini but he got no information..Some times aarohi came to him with other marriage proposals but he clearly deny’s and says he marry only ragini…

One day dp came to sanskar and says that..
Dp- Sanskar we r planning to open a new branch in jaipur..And i want that company M.D.will be u..I know u r not ready but beta this city gives u only pain and betrayal.I want that u go to somewhere else where u got happiness,peace..
San- ok papa if u want.i will go to jaipur.Don’t worry..
Dp happily- ok beta i will arrange tickets for jaipur..hmm take care..
San- u too papa..
Sanskar takes out a photo of ragini and talks with her with teary eyes..

Sanskar’s pov
Ragini where r u..U don’t know in these three months i am like a lifeless body..Why u left me ragini why??He wipes his tears.Everyone losses hope that u will not come but till now i have faith,trust on u that u will come becoz u love me and i know that one day u will surely come..Now i have to leave for jaipur. I don’t know but i am feeling very strange like something very precious is in jaipur.But what is it??

Then the camera shifts to a very huge place.The place of the happiness and its popularly known as pink city jaipur.

Its the scene of a very beautiful orphanage name Sunshine orphanage..
A women is seen working in kitchen and shouting shonaaaaa…Yess guyzz she is sumi and she is calling swara..
Sumi- shona..go and see na ur di waked up or not.
Swa happily- Mom.Di wakes up earlier but u know na her habits..
Sumi happily- yess i know thats why i am saying go and tell her to come see brkfast is ready..
Swa- ok my sweet mom…

A girl is seen blindfolded and many children’s are surrounding her.They are playing hide & seek in a park.Swara comes there and shouts..
Swa- Ragini diiii…..
The girl turns remove the cloth from her eyes and her full face is seen she is ragini..She smiles and says
Rag- coming shona….
Then she comes to swara with bacccha party(BP).
Rag- shona what happen??
Swa- Dii mom is calling u.let’s go breakfast is ready.
From baccha party a girl name chavi says
Chavi licking her lips- wow..brkfast come on di let’s go na we all r feeling hungry..
All nods their heads and says yess..
Rag pulls chavi cheeks- Ok my cute chavi let’s go..

@dining table
Shekhar comes there and ask sumi.
Shek- Sumi..where is everyone??
Then a loud voice came from behind we r hereeee…
All BP and swaragini are standing there with a cute smile..
Ragini ran and hurriedly hugs sumi and says..
Rag- Maa….And pecks her cheeks with a kiss.So what u cook today in kitchen for me…
Sumi-Awww..My baccha today i cook all ur favouriate dishes..
Rag- oh mom.u r too good..
Shek rudely- ohhh.. so u forget that ur Baba is also standing here..
Rag hurriedly goes and hugs shekhar and says Baba how could i forget u haan..
Golu- haaann see swara di..we r strangers na no one care for us..
Swa- yess golu u r right.
And they all started fake crying.
Rag sadly-Haan..i bought chocolates for u all but now u all r saying urself strangers then i will throw this chocolates.And she is going to throw but suddenly all BP come and shouts noo di we want chocolates..
Rag- haan but i don’t give chocolates to stranger..
Bp- No we r not strangers and they hug ragini.Ragini gives a cute smile.Swara is standing far away smiling..Ragini calls him and they share group hugs.
Shemish see this and they side hugs eachother and smiles..
Sumi with tears- I only pray to god that my family will always be happy like this..
Shek- Don’t worry sumi.. now we will always be happy..
Sumi worriedly- But shekhar sometime i worried for Ragini.I don’t want that her past will ruin her today’s happiness..
Shek- I am also worried sumi..

Screen frezees on the worried faces of shemish and happy faces of swaragini and BP….

I am a very good and obedient girl and i am still studying..I am big fan of swasan and i like singing the song most…

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