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A journey from engagement to marriage – vivah (RagSan) Part 12

Hii frndzz this is eku and i am really really sorry for updating so late but what can i do my exam r going on thats why i am bit irregular..But tysm for ur so lovely support and keep commenting like this..Here is the link of all previous episode.

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Part- 12
The 10 days passed and one day sanskar call ragini and he is very happy.
San happily- hello ragini!!!!
Ragini- Sanskar what happen u r so much happy??
San- yaa..ragini i am so much happy as well as excited..
Rag- excited but for what..
San- ragini before sometime arjun bhai call everyone in meeting room..
Rag- so..

Arjun comes in the meeting room with a tensed face.
Arjun- Gentlemen today i call u here to inform u a good as well as bad news.
Everyone is confused as well as worried.
Arjun- The good news is that our Malaysia project is finalize..
Everyone becomes happy becoz this project is very profitable for the company..
Arjun- But the bad news is in one among us have to go malaysia for signing this deal.And problem is that i am busy with my switzerland client and papa is out of station.so who will go..
Everyone murmurs among themselves..

Arjun- See the work is new if we get it then it will be benefit for us and its important and tough also so decide very carefully..So who will go.
Everyone see each other faces no one have dare to say yess.. except one.
Sanskar hurriedly raises his hand and says yess..i will go
Everyone see him shockedly and sanskar look them confusedly…
Then neha his colleague congratulates him and he happily says thank u.Everyone congratulates him and sanskar is very much happy..

Rag- OMG!!That’s very good news..
San- yess ragini..ok i will disconnecting the phone becoz i have to be ready for the meeting..ok bye..
Rag smiles and phone cuts.

After sometime sanskar call again come.Ragini picks the call and says
Rag- so howzz the meeting??
Sanskar doesn’t say anything.
Rag confusedly- Sanskar..what happen??
San angrily- We again met in meeting room for a trial..
Rag- hmm..

Sanskar enters in the meeting room everyone greets him good morning..
Sanskar sits on the chair and seriously says Arjun is also present there to check him..He is drinking coffee.
San- So in some time we will leave for Malaysia..So i am saying Miss ragini.
Everyone see him and arjun is going to spit the coffee but he controls..
San- I mean Miss.Riya it will be pleasure if u and Mr.desai will join me..
Riya- sure sir..
San clears his throat- bhaiya.its important that we send the papers to Madhupur.Sanskar takes his tongue out and keeps hand on his forehead.
Arjun smiling- no sanskar it’s not needed..
Sanskar fake smiles and feel emabarassed and goes from there saying excuse me..

Rqgini laughs whole heartedly by listening his talks and laughingly says
Rag- Oh no sanskar..
Sanskar fumes in anger- u r laughing go i will never talk to u.
And he cuts the call angrily..
Then ragini tries many time but he don’t receive the call..

Ragini goes out with swara making an excuse and calls from P.C.O.Sanskar receive the call and sneezes badly
Rag- u again drink cold ice water..
San- hmm..
Rag- what happen?
San- Ragini there in the meeting everyone is more experienced than me.i can not do this..
Rag- no..don’t say again like this u will do i have full faith on u..u will do better than them
San- how u can say that so surely.
Rag- becoz i know u.
San- i think u know me better than myself.

Then a man comes and calls sanskar for the meeting.
Rag in soft voice- Go sanskar..I will do prayer for u..
San smiles and hurriedly goes upstairs for the meeting.

Here ragini is doing prayer for him and there sanskar is doing magic everyone is just got impressed by his presentation and the way of conductance of meeting.Arjun is proud on his bro..
And everyone says yes to sanskar.Anf he is very much happy.

In work time gets over and in late night sanskar calls ragini.
San- Till now u r awake..
Rag- Mujhe haq hai..
San smiles- I am going…
Rag sadly- hmm..
San- I don’t know how i will spend 15 days without u. I mean for 15 days no calls.no letter and no late night talks..
Rag smiles- I will manage..
San- ohooo..So u will manage without me.
Rag- hmm..
San- ok ragini bye flight ka time ho gaya.

Rag- listen..I will miss u.
San smiles- I miss u too..
Then he cuts the call and goes to board the flight..

Precap- sanskar return..and a big trazedy..

So guyzz howzz this tell me fastly by ur comments..

I am a very good and obedient girl and i am still studying..I am big fan of swasan and i like singing the song most…

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