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A Dream Episode – 29

Hi ? friends
Guys, let me clear one thing about the clock. The clock ( only clock, not the camera ) can work in the absence of chip too but if it works in the absence of chip, then there will be an alarm sound in the entire office.( That’s why, when abhi removed chip for the first time, there was an alarm sound and security too came inside). So abhi has triggered off ( switch off ) the clock ( there is a switch to off it ) and removed the chip from it. So the clock is not working now. If someone triggered it on now then, there will be an alarm sound in the entire office. One more thing guys, this clock doesn’t have battery. It works with electricity. And now the camera in the clock too doesn’t work. After inserting the chip and triggered on the clock, both the camera and the clock will start to work like before.?
In short the clock will work only when the switch is on. And the camera will work, only when the chip is inserted to it. If without inserting chip, someone switch on the clock means, there will be an alarm sound in the entire office. So chip is needed for this clock to work like a normal one.

Hope you all understood… Did you ???? Sorry guys for making it complicated…..
Okay now lets get into the story.
The episode begins with abhigya watching the video. Pragya asks abhi to fast forward the video. He does. Abhigya was shocked to see someone entering pragya’s cabin after office hours ( Note : This has happened 3 days before their engagement ) The person who entered pragya’s cabin keeps a gift box on her table and leaves from there. Abhigya was shattered to see the person, it was security guard. Abhi pauses the video..
Pragya says, which means security guard was the one who placed the gift on my table and its not yash… I know security guard is tanu’s men. When I was searching proofs against Tanu, he was an obstacle for me. But I didn’t expect that he will do all this… Abhi says, security cant do this alone. Pragya says, exactly…. Tanu and Nikhil might have instructed him to do like that. Abhi says, maybe… Lets see the remaining part of the video.


Abhi plays the video, he forwards it. Next day morning… Yash comes to pragya’s cabin. He sees a gift box placed in the table. He was about to touch it but, someone called him.. So he goes out of the cabin.. Abhi pauses the video.
Pragya says, it looks like someone has called yash. Abhi says, its me. I asked what you were doing?? Why you came early to office??? From this video, one thing is clear that yash didn’t place the gift box there.
He plays the video. In the evening, after all the staffs left the office, again the security enters pragya’s cabin. Security guard was opening a draw. He takes cheque book and tears a cheque leaf from it. He then goes outside ( not exactly outside, somewhere near the door, and not inside the cabin too ). Abhi pauses the video.
Abhi tells Pragya, I think, a person is standing outside the cabin. He continues, the person is not visible in this video as he/she is standing outside the cabin.. Pragya looking puzzled and ask him, why he/she didn’t caught on the video??? Abhi says, since the clock is not facing door side, so it didn’t…
Abhi plays the video, the person is instructing something to security guard. Then the security, goes nearer to the rack. He takes some files and gives it to the person. The person takes a step inside the cabin and stretches hand to get the file from security. Abhi pauses the video and zooms it..
Abhigya sees the person is wearing saree. Abhigya could see the person only from one side. Her face is not visible properly since she is not facing camera and she is just one step inside the cabin. Abhi points the girl’s handbag, which looks similar to pragya’s. Further abhi, zooms the video. He sees the girl stretching her hand to get the file from security. Abhi points her watch, which also looks similar to pragya’s. Abhi then plays the video, the girl gets file from security. Then both security and that girl leaves the cabin. Abhi stops the video and stores it in his laptop.

Pragya says, other than me, no one wears saree in office and the watch, handbag is very similar to mine. And her hairstyle too looks like mine. On the whole, it looks like me standing there are instructing the security. Pragya continues, this has happened on the day, we went to purchase our engagement ring. I was with you at that time. Then how it is possible for me to be in office??? This video is telling that I have done everything and I am responsible for this fraudulent. Abhigya is superb confused..

Abhi says, it might be a girl or lady since she is wearing saree. And my question is why the girl/ lady didn’t enter inside the cabin initially??? Which means, she must have known about the camera. Who it might be??? Pragya asks him, is there any possibility for Tanu to be??? Why I am asking this is, security guard is Tanu’s men. So…. Abhi says now only one person can answer our questions. Pragya asks who ??? Abhi says, its security.

Abhi takes U-Turn and goes back to the office. He sees security is sleeping in the security room. He goes nearer to room and knocks the door. Security sees abhi and says, sir…. Abhi gave a tight slap on security’s face. Abhi drags him out of the room and asks for the details. Security gets scared. Abhi says, if you tell the truth, then you will loose only job else you will be behind bars. Now you itself decide, whether to tell the truth or to go to jail….
Security says, sir I will tell the truth. The girl looks like Pragya mam. Abhi again slapped him hard. Security says, sir im telling the truth only. It was yash, who bring the girl here. Yash told me that he has forgot a cheque leaf, which has to be submitted in the bank, by tomorrow morning. And he asks for some files too.. He continues, Yash left soon after leaving the girl here. He didn’t wait for the girl to come back. Then myself and the girl went in to take the files and cheques leaf. Since your signature was there in the file and cheque leaf, I gave it to that girl. I thought it was Pragya mam, who came along with yash. That’s why I did so. But later she went out of the office only i realised, it was not Pragya mam. I am sorry sir… I didn’t do anything intentionally. Abhi asks him, why you didn’t inform me about this.. Security says since yash said to me like this. I didn’t..
Abhi asks him, why you placed the gift box on pragya’s table. Security says, yash asked me to do so… Abhi asks him, how can I believe your words??? Security says, I have told what I know sir. Abhi then throws the security out of MI.
Abhigya was confused. They don’t know what to do next…. Abhi tells Pragya, still now we don’t have any proof against Yash other than bank manager’s words…… First we have to find the relationship between yash and Tanu.. Our next target is Mr. Yash Gupta Singh….
Security, after going out, calls Tanu and informs about the video. She gets hyper and bashed at the security saying, you are not fit to do even a small work. She disconnects the call.
She tells Nikhil everything. Tanu says, the biggest obstacle for me is bhai believing that chashmish, even after knowing all the proofs are against her. I have to break this blind trust on Pragya. But how to do it??? Onething is sure wherever he goes in search of proof to clear Pragya’s name, he will get only disappointment. One day this disappointment will turn as hatred and I will succeed in it easily.
Nikhil says, darling, you are overconfident. Till now abhi is hearing Pragya’s words only, which is not a good sign for us. We would have left some clues in our plan. If abhi and Pragya finds the clues then, our game will come to an end. And this time your aunt( abhi’s mom ) too cant save you from going to jail as you have accused her daughter in law infront of everyone.
Tanu asks Nikhil, do you think, it is possible for bhai to find out the truth and clues??? Nikhil says, it is possible until abhi hears Pragya’s words. His mind will think only in favour of her now.
Tanu says, I have a doubt… Nikhil says, tell me darling, I am there for you. Tanu says, we asked security to switch off all the cameras. Security too did, what we said to him. Then from where did bhai got this video??? we must find out about it.. what is in the video??? Security said that they couldn’t see girls face in it, which is a plus point for us. But until when we will escape from this?????……. Nikhil says,this will be known only if we enter MI. He then calls someone and says be careful, at any time you may caught.
Abhigya thinks to see the CCTV footage, in the entry of the office and in reception area to see who has come to office at that time. They goes to surveillance room to see it. They checked the footage but they didn’t find anything as all the cameras were switched off at that time. Abhi tells pragya, someone has well planned and trapped you in it. Pragya asks him, how to come out of this trap. Abhi thinks for a while and says still there are lots of ways to find the truth. Pragya asks what it is???? Abhi looks on…..
Guys, who that girl is a suspense you will come to know later as the story proceeds. I know there are lots of suspenses to be revealed. I will try to reveal one by one as soon as possible.

Happy Krishna janmashtami ( jayanti) to all ??

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