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A Dream Episode – 28

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The episode begins with abhi telling Pragya, if you resign this job you have to pay a sum of 10L to the office. Pragya stares at him. He asks her, why you are staring at me??? I am talking as MD and CEO of Mehra Industries Miss. Arora, without getting a clear view about the transaction from MI account, you are not supposed to leave this office. After clearing your name from this controversy, you can go anywhere, as you wish. Pragya without saying a word leaves from there.
Abhi smiles. He thinks, I know that I have hurted you by this. But I don’t have anyother way to stop you from resigning. He says, I will clear your name, but how?? Only time has to answer this question. I wont allow anyone to raise their finger and talk against you.
Pragya is in angry. She goes to her cabin and shouts, what the hell, he is thinking in his mind??? From this what he is trying to do?? She thinks for a second, and says cheater cock, he is doing all this because, he doesn’t want me to resign. I know you pretty well..
Yash is confused with her activities, whereas abhi is enjoying her angry. Yash asks di.. Are you okay?? Why you are speaking alone??? The bank manager’s words are echoing in her ears. She says, nothing, you carry on with your work. Yash feels weird.

Tanu tells Nikhil, somehow i have to enter into Mehra Industries. If i entered once, everything will be back to form. Nikhil asks Tanu, do you have any shares in MI ??? Tanu says, no… In Mehra group of industries, no one has shares. Abhi’s dad has started this business with great difficuties. But he was not successful. Later when, abhi took charge of MI, it has emererged as one of the top 5 companies in India. With his hardwork now there are 6 office in this city, he will control all of his office, from the main branch. She asks Nikhil, why you are asking all this now??? Nikhil says, just searching an opt way to enter into MI.
The clock strikes 5 ‘o’ clock, abhi standing infront of his dads pic and says papa… Still now, I couldn’t do anything to prove Pragya’s innocence . There should be some loop holes in mishandling the cheque book.
Abhi was worried and wandering here and there in his cabin. Suddenly he says yes, there is a way to find, who is behind all this.. He says thank you dad, for remembering me this.
Abhi sees Pragya, arranging all the files in her cabin. He thinks, all the staff members has left the office. He goes to pragya’s cabin. He hugs her from behind. Pragya says, Mr. Mehra leave me. Abhi says , I know you are angry on me but listen my words once. Pragya says, I am not ready to listen anything. She tries to leave. Abhi holds her hand and asks, are you going to leave this office with a name, you have done fraudulent?? Pragya looks at him and says, being here, I cant do anything..


Abhi says, there is a way. Pragya asks what??? Abhi says, in this office there are 8 cameras. One is at the reception, one in entry, one in parking area, one in canteen, one is in conference room, one is in general working area and the other one is in my cabin. Pragya count all and asks him, where is the 8th camera??? Abhi says, it should be here… Pragya says, here??? But I haven’t seen camera here before…. Abhi says even I didn’t…. Pragya says, Mr. Mehra, be clear in your point, I cant understand anything.
Abhi says listen carefully. I remember once my dad was telling about a hidden recordable camera was placed in accounts room. Since, confidential files should not get into others hand. We didn’t hire any accountant before you. I myself used to look after all the files. But at one particular point, there were lots of funds mishandled, which I couldn’t identify. So I hired you. I also remember that the camera has a memory, which can store the details of past one month. And, no one in this office knows about this hidden camera.
Pragya looks around her cabin. But she couldn’t find camera anywhere. Pragya asks him, are you sure about the camera??? I think you might have heard wrong. Abhi says no…dam it… I remember well that all the other camera is under surveillance, but the one in accounts room is self recordable and storeable.
Abhi goes near the rack and checks it. He didn’t find anything there. He looks at Pragya’s table. He takes each and every things in the table and sees it. There is no hidden camera in the table. He then looks at the windows, wall, on the cabin door, but abhi was unsuccessful in finding it. Pragya too searches all the places. She says we have checked all the things in this room but, there is no sign of hidden camera here. Our last hope also went in vain…
Abhi was worried. He sits in a chair and closes his eyes for a second. He thinks about his dad saying, I am going to place a hidden camera in the accounts room.

The clock strikes at 6 ‘o’ clock. Suddenly, abhi opens his eyes and says got it…. Pragya asks where??? Abhi says, it must be fixed in the clock. Pragya says clock??? Abhi says yes, we have checked all the things expect the clock. So, the camera must be in the clock only. It will be clear if we remove the clock from the wall. Pragya looks puzzled. She prays to Ramji that the camera must be in the clock.
Abhi takes the clock from the wall. He removes the clock frame. Pragya points the centre point of all the needles in the clock and asks him, is this what we are searching for???
Abhi says yes, this is camera, which I am telling you. He sees the backside of the clock. Near the trigger, there was a chip( it was like a memory card ). Abhi removes it from the clock. Suddenly, there was an alarm sound in the office. Pragya gets scared. Abhi again inserts the chip in the clock. Alarm stops. He hears someone’s foot sound. He hides the clock and gets out of the cabin. Its security. Abhi asks the security, what happened??? Why there was an alarm sound?? Abhi says, check outside the office and asks him to switch off the main circuit board. Security does. Abhi thinks, I don’t want anyone to know about this hidden camera. Abhi then switches off the trigger in the clock and removes the chips from it. By doing this, the clock stops at 6:30, the needle didn’t rotate after that. Abhigya, didn’t notice it. Abhi fixed the clock back on the wall and leaves from the office.
Abhigya in the car, on the way to pragya’s hostel. Pragya says, I don’t have patience. Now itself I want to know, what’s is in the chip…. Abhi parks the car by roadside. He takes the chip and says, this chip might have the answers for all our questions. He then takes his laptop and inserts the chip in it. Pragya gets closer to him, to see what’s in the chip.

Abhi starts to play the video. He sees in that video, Pragya saying saying, thank you Ramji, for showing Mr. Mehra to me but, how will he propose me??? Then Pragya falling down from bench, sharing eyelock…. Pragya is blushing by seeing herself in the video. Abhi smiles at her. He puts his hand on her shoulder. Pragya asks him to fast forward the video. Abhi does. He then sees, how Pragya collected proofs against Tanu to expose her for mishandling MI funds. He also sees, Pragya admiring him, without doing work. Pragya is blushing. Abhi forwards the video… He sees someone is entering Pragya’s cabin, after office hours………….

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