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A Dream – 20

Hi ? friends,
Thank you guys for your comments, Durga, Divya, Lakshmi, Saranya, di, Reshma Pradeep, sugan, Kaif, mukund raj, Jessie, sethidisha, iswarya, tisha, abhigya. Maha, Shanu. Thank you all?
And to Monisha, parthi, asmithaa, Riya , varsha, shriti. Even if guys are not commenting also I know that you are all reading regularly.?
Sandy, thank you for reading the episode twice ?.

Rajesh, let me clear one thing, ya its that conspiracy is going against Pragya. It will come into light in the right time. And this conspiracy has nothing to do with abhigya’s relationship. There are both negative and positive twists in the story. I am now letting the negative to play their game. Lets see how the positives are going to win over the negatives. Hope you got the point. Thank you for your suggestions ?


Sorry guys, yesterday I was unable to reply you all. Due to some reasons. Thank you so much for supporting me till now.
And today, this episode will be a short one. I was unable to do it because of certain issues. But I assure you all that monday will be a longer episode.

Okay okay let me get into the story.
The episode begins with Pragya is in dream. Abhi bashing at her. She wakes up and gets afraid. Her dream is echoing in her ears. She thinks why again I had this dream?? Proposing dream too came repeatedly and it has come true. So for sure this is also going to become true. Pragya thinks, there is only one way to get out of this dream. That is, I have to be calm and concentrate what is happening around me. If I do so, then I can easily overcome this dream. First I have to find out for what Mr. Mehra is going to be angry on me.

Yash comes to office an hour early. He goes to pragya’s cabin. He sees a gift box on the table. Yash wonders what it might be??? He thinks who has kept this here??? And for whom it is?? He was about to take the gift box but stops as abhi calls him. Abhi asks yash, what are you doing?? Why you came to office soon??? Yash says, sir, yesterday, you only asked me to come early. Abhi says I asked you to come on time, not early. He continues, where were you yesterday evening?? Yash says in home. Abhi asks before that??? Yash says before that I was in office. He lost his cool. He asks him in a harsh tone where is your home?? Yash says some place. Abhi thinks, which means yash was on his way to home. I only misunderstood everything on seeing Tanu there. Abhi leaves from there. Yash thinks, why Mr. Mehra is angry for no reason.

Pragya comes to office, yash says good morning di.. Pragya too says good morning. Pragya asks yash, why you came early to office?? Yash says di.. To count how many girls are working here. Pragya says how dare you to say this to me?? Yash holds his ear and says sorry dii. She then sees the gift box in her table. She asks yash, what is this?? Yash says its a bomb di.. Pragya taps on his head. She picks the gift box, its written as to Pragya. She opens it and was surprised to see mobile phone in it. Pragya thinks, it must abhi’s work. She goes to abhi’s cabin. She sees him doing some work. She says thank you. Abhi asks looks at her and asks for what?? She says for this mobile. Abhi says, but I didn’t. If I want to give you, I would have give it directly. Why should i keep there. Pragya and Abhi wonders.

PA comes to abhi’s cabin. Abhi asks him have you met the investors?? He tells abhi, yes sir, since you didn’t sign the contract papers yesterday, they were disappointed. Abhi asks what the investors said?? PA says they are going to announce their decision after 2 days. Abhi says that’s good and its an important contract. Lets see what happens.
PA leaves from there. Abhi asks Pragya, are you free in the evening ?? Pragya asks why?? Abhi says we have an important work. Pragya asks what work?? Abhi says that you will come to know in the evening. Pragya looks puzzled and says yes to him. She then leaves from there.

Pragya and yash were doing some work but her thought is somewhere. She thinks why daily one new confusion is arising??? Yash finds that Pragya is in some other world. He waves her hand infront of her eyes. She comes to sense. Yash teases her. Dii.. you are always in dreamland. Tell me di, who is that guy??? Pragya says nothing like that. Yash says di I know who it is. Pragya ask who?? Yash says Mr. Mehra. Am I right di?? Pragya blushes. Yash says I know di. I can see his love for you in his eyes…..

Guys i am really sorry to give this short update. On monday i will give you all a longer one.
Happy weekend ?
See you all on Monday morning ?

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