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A don and her kidnapper ( RAGSAN/SANGINI FF) prologue

Hi guys I am new here my name is kashish I am die hard ragsanian/sangini fan. This is my first ragsan ff. Hope you guys like it. Please do comment if u liked it and tell your opinions. Criticisms are most welcomed. I don’t know about any ffs here sorry if it is same as any other ff.
Prologue: –
A girl named Ragini sharma with whom destiny played bitter games her parents died in a small age she was brought up in a orphanage one day a person named sanskar kapoor kidnapped her and married her and took her to his house.
Prologue ends
Will Ragini ever get happiness in her life or not?? If yes then how it is possible?
Now what happens when an orphan innocent girl and cruel don get married???
Will these two ever fall in love and become one or not??
To know stay tuned to a don and her kidnapper(RAGSAN/SANGINI) ff. Love u all please support me as it’s my first try and guys tell me which only ragsan/sangini ffs are best or good ones I will surely read them.


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