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A don and her kidnapper ( RAGSAN/SANGINI FF) episode 3

Hi guys love u all for those lovely comments anyways here I go with third episode
Episode 3:
No recap
Her pov’
Why life has to be so complicated can’t it be simple and see what I am now the one who used to be fun loving and caring now couldn’t take care of herself only how will I care about others. Is this is my destiny I hate that sanskar he is such a b***** gangster and a devil is this my life was to be suppose like this I want to leave from here I can’t stay any more in this hell. I want to live a happy independent life and I will give divorce to this sanskar. I can’t live with him for my whole life and bear his tortures. This is my life my choice who is he to force me I will make a plan to escape from this hell otherwise one day there will be no one to save me and I will stay like a prisoner in this hell.
Her pov ends’

His pov
This bl**** wife of mine how dare she to give me warning and said me that she is not scared of me anyways she is different from other people that’s what I like about her anyways I will not leave her for saying me this she has to bear more tortures she cannot escape from me so easily. I will show what is hell to her no one has even guts to stand in front of me but she my wife or my so called wife is giving me warnings this can’t be happening I have to shut her mouth before it’s too late otherwise one day she will only throw me in jail. Wait and watch Ragini gadodia what I will be doing with u??? And he laughs evilly and gives a devil smile.
His pov ends’



The next day:
Sanskar: Ragini listen today we will be going out and u can enjoy and listen u should act like a good and obedient wife in front of others otherwise u know what I can do
Ragini: ha ha I am not scared of u and ya what can u do u can kill me or torture me what can else such bl**** gangsters like u can do and anyways did u ever treated me as ur wife I don’t think so if u treated me na then I won’t be hating u the most in my life and your just my husband for name sake I will be giving u divorce sooner
Sanskar gets angry and pins her to the wall and holds her hand tightly teh bangles break and blood comes out of her hand she screams in pain sanskar doesn’t leave her.
Sanskar: how dare u say that u will leave me no one can separate us u understand you are always mine and will be remain mine only and I am ur husband I have full rights on u and how dare u to talk with me like that I will show u what else I can do with u better u understand before it’s too late
He leaves from there Ragini cries in pain more blood comes out and suddenly she faints shouting sanskar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Precap: – Ragini admitted in hospital sanskar to take good care for her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So guys how was third episode did you guys liked it and anyways here is the link for my new ff for those who have not read it.
http://www.tellyupdates.com/destiny-raglak-ragsan-prologue/ hope you guys read it and tell me how is it?? Love you all guys for those lovely comments bye take care see you soon with next update.

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