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A desire of star to get moon..episode-6 ”ek duje ke vaste”

Epi starts……..

__After party__
sharvan is in his room besides window his gaze is locked at moon,he is again holding that pendant,a storm of thoughts is going in his mind….


Sharvan,s pov
in these years i hv always found u around me. in my dreams in my surroundings.
U was always in my heart, my eyes looked for u only in that huge crowd when ever i perform and when ever i pray i pray for just a day when i,ll get u back….but u did not recognize me????? U forgot me or i was not that worth to be remembered???? But atleast u love my music though u didnt say but ur eyes were showing ur love for a rockstar,for my music…..
Pov ends

he moves towards washroom and put water on his face several times and then looking at mirror he turn his hand over his face and droplets fall off..as if he wanted to through these thoughts along with these droplets…
“u hv forgot sharvan na then u will meet with sharvan malhothra now, destiny will write a love story of a rockstar and his fan not a lovestory of two childhood besties”
he smiles.
other side suman is also in her room looking at moon
and recalling all moments with sharvan in party
suman,s pov
awwwww i finally meet him..this day i,m going to remember for ever…
He is sooooo adorable.. Beside hving good voice and looks..he is perfect gentleman lil shy not much expressive,caring thats y girls are crazy for him….
But y he always bring mestries????? Y i feel connection to him????????
Pov ends

in search of this ans suman did not realise when it turns morning and door bell rings…
She looks at clock it was 6am
”who can be this time??”
she goes to open the door
there was a boy standing
boy:news paper boy mam(smilingly)

Boy:here(he gives her news paper)
suman:every morning u threw it from down of door then what was the need to ring the bell today
(and in talking she just notice her pic with sharvan in dancing pose on front page …her eyes get widened and with widened eyes she looks at boy who was smiling like mad)
boy: u meet with him???
I,m great fan of him
suman:(sumo comes out of shock) then what i do??get lost…..

Boy goes and sumo closes the door ”stupid”

she comes inside and looks at pic she was smiling unknowingly and then
”ohhhh shit i hv a meeting with dr sinha”
she kept news paper on table and gets ready then rushes for meeting
her meeting was in some cafe so when she was returning she bumped into a guy
suman:cant u ……… (again that face was in her front )
and then taking no time whole crowd surrounded shravan pushing suman at very behind….
Suman: (put her hand on head) GOD y he is everywhere to make me crazy….

though sharvan was trapped in big crowd he some how got a glance of suman from far and smiles but was busy with fans after a while when he got free he moves towards her
suman:(with widened eyes) u remembered me

shravan:ammmm nahhh hv we meet before???
sharvan: now when in whole crowd just a single girl will stay back then offcourse she will be noticed…no?

Their convo was continue when same goons entered with great voilence and everybody run out of cafe except sharman
goon:she was with that guy last night boss ( pointing towards suman)

and a very scary person comes towards her….and that time she could not find any safe place than sharvan so she hide at back of him and there sharvan,s holds her hand
and a cute eye locks come when sharvan looks at back in her eyes filled with fear assuring her that he is here only
goon was just infront of sharvan, and suman in behind of sharvan
goon:i hv nothing with u..even i,m ur great fan..give that girl to us
suman:(in mind) wowwww goons are also his fans ?

and then sharvan grip sumo,s hand more tightly and pull her infront so now she was infront of goon and sharvan in behind of her and she look back with confused eyes
then shravan slowly moves towards her ear and whisper
”hey u r a independent girl. U can deal with any situation. I dont want u to hide at back of anyone. I want u to come in front and deal with it….i,m here just a step back from u”
and he grip her hand more tightly to make her feel his presence…….

Epi ends

so was it…, ok ok short one i know but next will be soon.. I,ll post more than once in week,, becoz if i,ll post in fri only than when will this ff end?? In year? ?

and i,m sooo happy by response of u all i,m glad u all r liking it…and sorry i could not reply to comments of u all on my pre post…..

Lots of love

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