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A desire of star to get moon..episode-2 ”ek duje ke vaste”

Sharvan is holding that heart shape pendant nearby the window and feeling that cool breeze, he suddenly feels something strange and open his eyes
and looks out of window from which whole city can be seen offcourse our rockstar,s house is on great heights as he is…
mumbai the city of dreams as busy as alwayz, here life goes so fast, that one has no time to look back everyone is just in race to reach at heights but me..
I,m already at heights and on that my fans has taken me, i was not supposed to be singer. Nahhhhhh!!!!! I never used to like singing but life does not goes as we want. when and where music became my life i never knew and today i,m again getting a feel that something unexpected is gng to happen
a new twist, a new turn in my life is on the way. Ahhhhhhh this air!!!! i,m feeling someone,s fragrance in that today what msg that slow breeze has brought to me???
And he moves towards his guitar he took that and start to sing

kuch khuwab hn palkon pe saje
kuch ansu h ankhon mn chupe
kuch chahteinnn hn adhori si
kuch batein hn unkahiiiiiii si

(he feels the music by closing his eyes)

jura hn tmse kuch es tarah k dil ab yeh dharke kuch is tarah
tu milja mujhko kuch is tarah
ankhon mn basja kuch is tarah

kuch iss tarahhhhhhhh
kuch is tarahhhhhhhhh

in hawaon mn h tu kahen

kuch is tarahhhhhhhh
kuch is tarahhhhhhhh

in sanson mn h tu basi

kuch is tarahhhhhhhh
kuch is tarahhhhhhhh

tu hi to h ab har kahennn


and our rockstar, completely engrossed in music got irked by his phone

”tring tring”

he kept the guitar aside and pick up the call
” yeah”

”hello sir i just call to remind u abt today,s concert i hope i didnt disturb u”

”ahhhhh i dont hv memory problem i know their is concert today. thanku !!!! For disturbing me”

he kept the phone and throws it at bed…..
___________________________________some thing abt sharvan:
the air port of mumbai is filled with pplz as always some are gng towards their destination while others hv reached their destination in that huge crowd suman with high heels wearing black tights with pink top and scarf around her neck.. comes out of air port and look around at crowd outside,
sun rays were falling on her and she use her hand to stop them her eyes were searching for a cab and after a while she find her self in shadow and she looks up,
there some worker were fixing any poster,, she was trying to hv a look of that but she could not as workers were infront,so she simply avoid it and goes ahead but then she hear a great noise behind her and when she turn back her eye fall on that poster she was
not able to take off her eyes from that..
suman,s p.o,v
OMG!! So handsome who is he!! Any celeb or what??? Just a min before whole crowd was busy in itself and now there is not a single eye which is not stick to it…..
WHO IS HE???? and what is written there?
” if u r die hard fan of rockstar SHARVAN MALHOTHRA than dont miss his concert tonight 9pm at xyz place”(this was written on poster)
sharvan?? Sharvan malhothra!! y this name seems to be familiar to me,,,,,,,,,,,,
ahhhh come on sumo!! Look around he is well known celeb so may be i caught that name somewhere..

Pov ends…..and she walks towards the cab and sits in it.___________________________________
one of the biggest and costly hospital of mumbai hving the best doctors and one of the best doc SUMAN MEHRA is also gng to join it…..
But the owner of this hospital ‘DOC SINHA’ A very arrogant and selfish person what he only wants is money
doctors are said to be angels,life saviour but he is devil he just take in peoples by different ways,,,,,,

and in big hall of that hospital a convo is gng on btwn a doc and a person
person: doc plz dont do this,, plz dont stop treatment of my son
doc: sir plzzz try to understand this order is frm doc sinha i,m helpless… U hv not pay ur previous bills we cant continue treatment

the doc eyes were stick to file during convo he was avoiding eye contact with that person but the guilt, the helplessness was visible in his eyes & his back was shown, his face was not clear and then a voice is heard from back
doc turns and blow of wind disturb his small hair his confusing eyes were searching for that voice a very innocent face was giving killer look

(INTORODUCING VARUN KAPPOR AS DOCTOR VIHAAN SHAH,,,,,, DR vihaan very flirty and playfull boy but a very devoted and good doctor)

and his searching eyes stop at suman who takes her steps towards him

suman: u r a doc rite??? And u r giving priority to money than a person,s life

vihaan: i,m a doc and i know that to save someone,s life is our first priority but how will this hospital work if we will treat everyone in free

before suman could say anything another person join them
a quite aged person in three piece seems to hving a quite strict personality ” dr sinha”

dr sinha: rules are rules and if u r not ok with them u can go to another hospital for treatment..
Suman: (showing him her card) doctor suman mehra it was only u I guess.. who has offered me to join this hospital (in attitude)

vihaan raise his one eyebrow and smirk

dr sinha:ohhhh dr suman i,m so sorry i could not recognize u as we had never met
suman: (cuts his line) i think its our first and last meeting becoz i,m not gng to join ur hospital, where the rules are more important than a person,s life

she aheads to go but dr sinha stop her
dr sinha: ahhhh a typical young passionate doctor!!!! Ok i give up we will give best treatment to his son!! Will u reject my offer even now

suman was silent and looks at the person whose eyes glow up by hearing that his son treatment will continue he was holding hands before her in happiness and doc sinha forwarded his hand towards her
dr sinha: so welcome to health care dr suman
suman: (avoiding hand shake) thanku i,ll join from tomorrow….. And she leaves

vihaan,s pov
wowwwwww!!!! What a girl..
Beauty with brains….. Dr sinha huhhhh!!!! That devil give up before her hmmmmm now its gng to be fun becoz sinha has got a strong opponent and she will bring a change.. Yeah!!!! I,m sure… Sinha u r gone now.. welcome miss suman welcome!!

Pov ends
outside suman was looking for a cab when a car stops infront of her and vihaan steps out
vihaan: hiii may i drop u anywhere
suman:no its fine i,ll manage
vihaan: i,m sure u will manage (leaning on car) u left sinha speechless so u can do anything but i cant miss to hv a drive with a beautiful girl soooooo (he opens the car,s door)
suman: (smile) how u became doc and that also so flirty ,,,, and where was that ur so cld attitude before doc sinha?
Vihaan: actually i hv one nd only job and i love it. more ever i hv no intention to lose that (naughtly) now plzzzz (pointing towards the car)

vihaan makes inocent face and suman sits in car
on the way vihaan turns on radio song was playig,,

Mujhko barsaat bana lo
Ik lammbi raat bana lo
Apne jazbaat bana lo jaana Mujhko alfaaz bana lo
Dil ki awaaz bana lo
Gehra sa raaz bana lo jaana

(suman was enjoying that she was completely lost in his voice )

Hawa hoon main lipat ne do

(and she feels a jerk of air by which her hairs flew)

Mere qatil mujhe jeene ka haq toh do………

wow!!!!! What a melodious voice he has.. Who is he??
Vihaan: ( looks at her as if he has saw an allien) u dont know him seriously?????

Then suman shares her whole history, geography biography, ? that she is back here after 10 years nd all
vihaan and suman chit chat abt their lives and as suman was curious to knw abt sharvan so vihaan tells her enough abt him and they reached her home

suman comes out of car
suman:okkkk soo see u tomorrow… Thanks
vihaan: uhhhh!!! Bad manners doc, one should ask for a coffee to frnds? No?
Suman: (laughs) i,ll surely ask but some other time as i really dont hv idea what will be situation inside….. I hv to clean it up… Do u want to join…
Vihaan: na na !!! Plz carry on i hv no interest to become sweeper…bye

suman:(laughs) bye…..
And she goes inside

suman,s pov
and here i take first step in my home where i hv spent my childhood….. Ahhhh childhood i hv weak memories of childhood.. How can someone forget childhood.. Stupid me!!!! But life is so stressfull from start that it has given me only bad memories only pain and sorrows i didnot remember anything else… But that school where i spent whole day some foggy memories of those days are there but there is no use to recall all that as that time is gone……..
Ahhhhhhh now let me make this house able for living
(she maintains whole house and in last she inters her room)
wohooooo my room.. My dolls are still there everythng is just same as i had leave it…..
Pov ends……………

After whole busy day she freshen up @night and switch on tv and goes to take a book from shelf..
But she become statue when that same voice falls on her ears, her hand was on book but she was not getting sences to take it

Tere bina jeena kya
Tere bina jeena kya
Tujhse kaise bataun yaara
Tere bin mujhpe kya guzre
Woh zindagi hai hi nahi
Jo tujhse juda guzre

(she turns towards tv… Sharvan,s life concert was gng on… She was lost in his eyes, his voice.. she was completely attracted towards him)

Dhal jaun main tujhme
Ghul jaun main tujhme
Mil jaun main tujhme yaara

(suman: u hv made me crazy abt u in just a single….. Just a single day! And i hv become ur die hard fan)

sence shifted to sharvan who is performing in concert and there is a huge crowd

Dhal jaun main tujhme
Ghul jaun main tujhme
Mil jaun main tujhme yaara

(he comes down from stage and walks in crowd )

yaara.. Kahi se bhi chalun main
Kahi se guzru mein
Tujhi se aa milun main yaara.

(some black and white flashbacks of that girl comes before his eyes)

Zara sa sarphira hoon
Zara sa bawra hoon
Jaisa bhi hoon tera hoon yaara
Teri palkon talle meri saans chale
Meri saans chale tere dham se

(he was singing selflessly and his smile was sign that how much he was enjoying his fans cheering for him)

Dhal jaun main tujhme
Ghul jaun main tujhme
Mil jaun main tujhme yaara Dhal jaun main tujhme
Ghul jaun main tujhme
Mil jaun main tujhme yaara yaara..

Suman,s eyes were fixed on sharvan but a fast blow of wind came and turns over the pages of dairy kept on table which make her to move towards it..
She was taking steps towards table and pages of dairy were continously turning

Tu kagazon pe dil ke
Likha hua hai tabse
Duniya mein hoon main jabse yaara

(she takes the dairy and on its very first page their was a heart and in it was written ”SHARMAN FOREVER”
sharman??? She try to recall but fails)

Tu mera ho chuka hai
Dil phir bhi maangta hai
Har lamha tujhko rabb se yaara Mera tere siva koi aur nahi
Tu naa hona khafa kabhi mujhse

( then a half heart shape pendant caught his attention placed on table)

but again sharvan,s voice make her avoid them so she kept them back and sits down enjoying his concert

Dhal jaun main tujhme
Ghul jaun main tujhme
Mil jaun main tujhme yaara Dhal jaun main tujhme
Ghul jaun main tujhme
Mil jaun main tujhme yaara yaara..
what guys!! epi ended it was so long and still u r reading down…….


so how was it and most importantly how was its length?????

Plzzzz do comment and thanku so much for previous comments… Comment section of last epi was really special for me as u guysss freely complain abt short and late update and abt being less active……
Keep commenting like this and there were some new commentors also so i big thanks to all……..

And what abt this epi?? I,m bit confused abt it as making it longer i hv progress the story bit fast and their were many sences!! So was this ok??? Plzzz tell me ur reviews freely..

and is there need to say that i love u all?????
No na…

But still i love u all sooooooo muchhhhh ? ? ?

see u all on next friday take care

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