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a desire of star to get moon ”ek duje ke vaste”

Hey guyz i,m really thankfull to u all…that u took ur precious time to cmnt..thanku sooo much even some silent readers are also commenting now…which make me super happy love u all loads and loads……..
Well there is note in last,, request+appology+thanku note so plzz hv a look on that in last………

Epi starts
It has turned evening now..after hospital she came back to home and place keys on table..and news paper caught her gaze…
She looks at her pic with sharvan and smiles recalling todays incident,,,and her thoughts got interupt by
”tring tring”
her phone,,, caller id ‘vihaan’
suman:haan jiii so where were u today u did not even show ur face???
Vihaan:ahhhh actually i,m out of town due to some work….buttttt i saw news paper sharman are in headlines hmmm,,,,, whats cooking…
Vihaan: yeah!!! Shar for sharvan and man for suman
And there she recalls that dairy
suman:sharman!!!!that diary!!
Vihaan:what diary??
Suman:ahhh nothing i,ll talk to u later….
She kept the phone and rushes towards the room and when she reaches there her eye falls on that diary only…and she slowly slowly move towards table….
There was complete silence her heart was beating fast…in that deep silence of night some mermories, some mestries were gng to reveal..some questions will be answered….
she takes the dairy from table and opens it
one the very first page,,there was written sharman forever in heart..
Then she turns another page
”SHARVAN,S SECRETS” was written on it
then her eyes got closed and a sound echos in her ears..the sound of kids….
boy:happy birthday suman
girl:thankuuuu sharvan but where is my gift???
girl:hawwww same dairy which i gifted u on ur birthday
boy:see something is written in it… Read it…that is ur actuall gift..but here is another gift
girl:wowwww so beautiful heart shape pendant,,,,,
suman imeadiately open her eyes and looks on that pendant….
And then she turns another page…..
(from here suman is reading dairy revealing their school story and that is of sharvan so everything will be according to his pov)
i woke up from my peacefull sleep by ring of my [email protected] alarm….and stretched my arms to welcome this new morning…..”opps!! I mistakenly hit the alarm and it falls” but still my eyes are closed waiting for that beautiful face…and then sound of footsteps falls on my ear and there she opens the door…
”sharvannnnn get up beta”
mom… My sweet mom…i never start my day without seeing her face……
Though i was awake but i didnot respond
”sharvan get up now else u will get late”
still i didnot respond
‘fine keep sleeping ‘ and i heard the sound of door..that it got closed…
Just then i scream
”mommmm!! I love u!!!!”’
and then i open my eyes in a way that they just got a veiw of door because i knew that she will be standing there with a bright smile on her face
” i love u too..u naughty ok now get up fast ”
and she goes….
And there my morning takes its start perfect start…
And then i hv my last veiw at mirror after getting ready…
All perfect.white shirt,tie black coat,watch…all is perfect…but my hairs i didnt like my perfect hairs so i just mess them up by hand…
”Now perfect”
then i leave for school……
School…i just love my school..its a small world in itself….
A very big and beautifull building and that big tree always got my attention like it got today….the tree in our school garden…its big enough that it has hide whole school in its shade..but thats not the reason that it got my attention it got my attention becoz of those two letters written on its turnk
whats that SS…i always wonder….and whole school thought that its for sharman..
Sharman are tied by destiny..
But y will destiney knot me with that princess rupaunzel..hahaha yeah she is rupaunzel of our school..becoz she hv long hairs..very long…but where is she now. like whole garden is filled some students are studying some are playing,some are chatting. But sumo? Sumo?
And i look around for her.
Ahhhh there she is!!!but y she is crying….
And just then a boy came to me ”hey sharvan… Congrats buddy like alwayz u top”
ahhhhhh now i got it y is she crying..from past 8 years it has been our record that i first and she second………
But now what to do. how to stop her from crying…ahhhh i really dont want to, but if i wont then no body will be able to console her……
Booh!!!!! Now i hv to mingle my guitar,s tone with dawn chorus….becoz as much as i hate to sing she loves my singing and nothing can make her more happier than it..
and then i hide behind the tree with my guitar which was just infront of her bench


and then

Aye Khuda Mujhko Bata
Tu Rehta Kahan Kya Tera Pata

(and she raised her wet eyelashes when my voice falls on her ears)

Hum To Yahan Pe Musafir Hai
Jo Dhundhe Apni Manzil Ka Pata

(now she stop sobing and have a slight curve on her lips her eyes are searching for me)

Yaara Teri Yaad Aati Hai

Jaan Meri Jaan Jati Hai

(and when i come from back of tree that curve change into a wide smile…
i lift my on foot on tree and rest my head on it.then continue to sing )

Tanhayion Mein Rehta Hoon Khud Se Hi Aksar Yeh Kehta Hoon
Kyun Tune Dil Toda
Kyun Tune Yun Chhoda
Kyun Tera Ab Bhi Rahe Dil Ko Intezaar

(nd then we both take our steps towards eachother and i walk around her)

Kyun Chali Aati Hai
Kyun Tadpati Hai Kyun Hoon Abb Bhi Mein Yun Bekaakaar

and i stop infront of her…she is smiling now….. Finally my eyes veiw what they wanted to see………

Aye kuda mujh ko bata tu rehta kahan kya tera pata
hum to yhn p musafir hn jo dhonde apni manzil ka pataaaaa….

Epi ends
how was it???????
and now that note…
First of all toh i,m really obliged by response of u all i never thought that u all will like it that much so i big thanks for this immense love and support….
And now appology.. Becoz time has arrived to put a pause on this ff and take a leave from TU… I know many of u will get disappointed and wanted to throw slippers and tomatoes on me. Well for that i had open my window so u all can throw… But its important becoz my entrance dates are finally declared and these exams are very important…nd they are going till oct so i,ll continue from nov if u all will rememb this story ?
and in last a request
plzzzzz plzzzz pray for me.. I know my success will be determined by my hardwork but i want some magic of prayers as well so plzzzz…

So i guess its bye from angel_pari love u all take care,…..
And forgive if any typing mistkes coz i have not did proof reading….

Tata ?

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