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A Case (3 shots) (mmz)

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“ Officer Neil Malhotra..this is your new case” . “ A Case ..now” he asked. “ I know you are on leave ..but I want you to handle it” Shirijit Ray handed some documents to him. “ F**king Awesome.. A man murdered his own wife ..but police failed to get any dead body.” he bite his lower lip and rubbed his thumb on his pointed nose. “ its open and shut case …make the culprit blurt out the truth” he lit his cigarette and sat on the couch. “ Neil we tried all possible ways ..hallucination .. third degree torture but nothing works. He is only on the same note..i killed my wife.that’s it …”. Neil studied the file. He was in his room. “ Husband – Arjun Mehra…owner of Mehra enterprises..Age – 29 years old… Accused to murder his own wife. …ahh frustrated husbands..” Neil murmured while going through Arjun’s facebook profile.

“ wife – Radhika Mehra ..Age-25 …the hell she was hot”. He chuckled at his own leery comment while going through Radhika’s profile.
His eyes got narrowed seeing one more picture. He enlarged the image . Neil was smirking now. “ Samaira Mehra ..sister of Arjun Mehra ..hmm interesting …so Neil ..time to become a prince charming” he closed his laptop and again put the cigarette in his mouth. [ Warning:- Smoking is injurious to health ..Neil will not be affected because he is perfect but not you]It was the pleasant dusk after the stormy Dawn. Neil was sipping his coffee in Loyd’s cafe . He saw Sam purchasing a book from the shop on next street. Neil stretched his arms . He moved towards her. Neil was observing Sam . He was now standing beside her. She didn’t looked up. He spoke while staring the mole on her collar bone. “ Mr Marc had done the most bang up job” . Sam looked up . She looked at the source of voice . Tall , broad muscular chest , tattooed lower arm , a cute dimple on the right cheek . She looked on confused. Neil smiled and pointed towards the book she was holding. Unknowingly Sam had picked that book a minute before. She blinked and looked at the cover. ‘ Eye of the beholder’ by Marc Behm . “ What” she asked him. “ by writing such a story showing obsession, passion , love , lust” . He laid stress on the last word and bring her face to her . While sam was busy in blinking her eyes rapidly , he smiled and took the book from her hand. “ Sorry pretty lady ..but this is the last one available in this store ..” . Sam was staring him. His words were still ringing in her ears. She saw him paying the bill and moving out of the store. Sam turned but halted seeing someone’s wallet on the floor. She picked that up and opened it . Sam checked the driving license which was in it. She quickly run out of the store. “ hey listen Mr …hey Mr Eye.. Listen your wallet” . She ran for two minutes behind his car. But he took a turn on the street and left. Sam gasped. “ Mr Eye ..ahh no his name is something weird.. Ahh ..Mr Peter Anand Bose.. So Weird” . Sam kept the wallet in her bag . She get inside the store. “ Excuse me.. The man who Bought a book few minutes ago …do you have any information about him” Sam asked the person sitting on counter. He looked towards her narrowing his eyes more. “ mam do you know him” he asked her in his hoarse voice. Sam lil moved back “ no actually..” . “ Mam he fooled us …the money he paid is fake..” he spoke before Sam could complete. She closed her mouth quickly. “ bastard ..calling himself Marc Desai” the sales person shouted from her behind. Sam gulped . She touched her bag and quickly took out his wallet. Sam moved out of the store. “ Thirty thousand rupees..if he carry this much money ..then why he cheated them ..he was also not looking like some poor lad …” . She took out the money from his wallet and keep it on the window of store with a note on it . The person who was on counter looked towards window . He took the money and read the note. “ Sorry for the forgery” . Sam get inside her car. She took a sigh . “ what was that .. Peter ..Anand.. Marc.. Strange..different names..” she chuckled. Sam fastened her seat belt when she saw a note on the seat next to her. “Beware of wolves” . She gulped and looked here and there. Sam started sweating. She started her car and startled when someone quickly get inside on back seat. “ Hey ..get down” she shouted. “ hold your horses Cleopatra and drive the car.. Otherwise the guy on opposite street will kill me” . He pointed towards a man who was having a knife in the hand was looking around for someone. “ what did you ..that he is so much angry.. Wait a second..you ..Mr Anand …did you rob him ??..what did you do that he is so mad on you” . She asked him while turning her car towards right side. “ S*x with his wife last week..really that rascal wants to kill me for making his wife happy” Neil spoke and lifted his collar. Sam was staring him now. “What ..she only told me that she is not satisfied with my work ..as I was her cook .. So I used different way to please my boss….” Neil spoke when he saw sam staring him. Sam averted her gaze and burst out in laughing. “ you are so stupid ..idiot ..and yeah where is your car.. I saw you leaving in the black cruiser” she asked him.

“ yeah tyre got bursted and my car landed in garage” he replied and laid back on the seat.
“ your wallet” she took out his wallet and handed over him. Sam saw the note on the seat . She secretly dropped in her bag . Neil who saw this smiled little. “ where is my three thousand” he asked her while checking his wallet. “ I paid the bill for the book” she answered him. “ excuse me ..for which book” he asked her. “ the book you took from my hand” she looked towards him. “ Ohh that book ..smart move …but I bought that book for someone else”. Neil started whistling and switch on the radio. “ for whom” she asked him. “ to whom this wallet belong” he told her how he stole some random person’s wallet and how that person pleaded to him to buy that book as his girlfriend wanted it in fifteen minutes. “ but that driving license” she asked him further. “ Ahh ..that was only mine..and thanks for returning it safely” he smiled . “ so you are a thief” she teased him. “ No ..i told iam a cook” he retorted back . “ so where to drop you” Sam asked Neil. “ Mehra Mansion” he replied curtly. Sam stopped her car and looked towards him. She asked him hesitatingly ‘” who are you” . He put the gun on her head. Sam closed her eyes when she saw the muzzle on forehead . She started reminiscing the cute moments of her family. Neil smirked. “ officer Peter Anand Bose..i am investating you brother’s case ..on the orders given by Shirijit Ray ..the head of the Crime branch” he smirked more looking her startled expressions on hearing his answer. She started driving the car again . But her gaze was fixed on the image of his on the front mirror. “ watch out” he shouted. Suddenly Sam applied brakes. Neil took the advantage of situation . He deliberately fall on his front seat and rested his hand on her bag . Using his fingers he took out the note. Sam was confused. “ there is nothing ..no vehicle ..and no living being then why you shouted” she asked him . Sam was irritated now. “ you eyes were fixed on my face .. And really when girls drool over me .. It makes me uncomfortable.” Neil closed his eyes and started humming some song. Sam was pissed off now. Drool . How dare he . She cursed him thousand times in her mind. She reached her home.
“ so Sam why did you killed your brother’s wife” Neil asked her while playing Rubik’’s cube. Sam was stunned. Radhika was her best friend . She loved her a lot. She never even shouted on her. Tears started brimming in her eyes. She answered him back gathering all her scattered courage. “ neither me nor my brother killed Radhika .. I don’t know what’s wrong with him” . Sam was now crying profusely. Neil took a sigh and offer her tissue paper. “ I am sorry .. My intention was not to hurt you” he apologized her. His gaze fall on the family picture. “ Beautiful” he mumbled. His hawk eyes were scanning things in her house. Sam was wiping her tears. He picked up something . “ interesting” he mumbled. “ excuse me who are you” . A lady in mid-60s come downstairs . She was in long yellow top with white trousers and a pink stole wrapped on her neck. “ officer Peter Anand Bose .. Mom ..Shirijit Ray sent him to investigate the case of Arjun” . Sam answered before Neil could say anything. “ nice rabbit claw ..Mrs Mehra” Neil pointed towards the claw which was in his palm.

“ Save my son ..pls ..i beg you .. I can’t live without my aru” Anusha Mehra requested Neil. Neil cupped her face and looked straight in her eyes. “ don’t worry ..i will save your son if he is not a murderer” Neil assured her with his soothing words. Anusha sat on the couch. Neil turned towards Sam. “ So Sam …tell me how much your brother loves Radhika” . Neil asked her . His gaze fall on the Vase kept on the table. A cross mark within a square box was carved on its neck. He took a sigh and looked towards her. Sam smiled. “ she was his employee ..and they used to fight a lot …but whenever my brother used to spot her with some other men ..he got restless ..one day he shared his restlessness with me .. And I told him that this is because he is in love” she looked towards Neil who was making faces. “ restlessness can be caused by some digestion problem too ..Miss Mehra ..then how can you say that it was because of love” Neil shrugged his shoulders after asking his question. Sam opened her mouth to say something but then she only glared him. “ and then..” Sam stopped when interrupted by Neil. “ your brother proposed her” he completed. Sam nodded.
“ can I look your brother’s room ..just for mere inspection” he asked her. Sam nodded.

“ your house is beautiful ..mesmerizing like you” Neil spoke while walking in corridor. “ Excuse me..” Sam spoke. Neil coughed. “ mesmerizing like your mother” he replied. “ no .. I heard what you said earlier ..mesmerizing like you …I mean you here is actually me” she retorted back. His gaze got intense on her lips. Sam blinked trying hard not to blush infront of him. “ do you not find yourself mesmerizing” he asked her. Neil moved towards her. Sam started moving backwards. Her back now collided with wall. “ you can never become me ..and me can never become you…but if time want than you and me can become one..so your bedroom or at my place” he mumbled and leaned towards her. Sam hold her breath. she was staring his moving black eyeballs moving left –right . “ room??” he moved back . They both headed and after few seconds they reached the room which was present at the end of corridor. Sam tucked her hair behind her ear. “ I am not that type of girl” she stammered. “ whatever ..leave me alone now” he replied sternly. Sam was shocked now. A minute before he was flirting with her and now ..oh geez someone save me from a bipolar beast. She mumbled and stomped out of the room. Neil took a sigh. His gaze fall on the mirror. He adjusted his hair. “ she didn’t fall for me…ahh well finally … a girl slapped on my charm” Neil mumbled ,turned and looked here and there. His eyes narrowed liitle . Some dice were kept on the floor. He rubbed his neck when he read the letters on the dice. Neil took out his notepad and started writing something on it . R,A ,S,A,M. “ Rasam ..now what is this”. He stood up and saw the window open. Neil moved towards the window. Without looking outside he closed it.
“ what the hell is wrong here..f**king black magic…I just hope I don’t get any hecks bag or wodo doll…and these dice ..and now this RASAM…it can be anything ..code ..names..”. He rubbed his palm on his neck. Neil mumbled and he glanced the window before moving out of the room . Neil smiled when he saw Anusha and Sam in the hall. “ you got something officer..” Anusha asked him with her eyes filled with hope. “ yeah ..Mrs Mehra ..i got to know that your son liked to play with dice” he showed the dices to them. “ well I think ..this much is enough for today ..so time for me to leave you beautiful ladies..” he picked his jacket and started moving towards the door. A mischievous smile played on his lips..he turned.. “ Miss Mehra ..i will be honored if you will give your precious time to accompany me upto the iron gate of your house” he throw a sheepish smile. Sam fumed in anger and replied by nodding.
“ so ….only you and Mrs mehra are managing your house” Neil asked her . They both were walking outside the house. “ No ..there are fifteen servants working in the mansion..and me and mom are managing the business with our trusted employees.” . She told him about the staff and security around her house.
“ so your brother used the alphabet inscripted dices to pass his time when he is free” he asked her while playing with the dice.
“ I even don’t know that Arjun had these kind of stuff” Sam replied and averted her gaze.

Neil moved back little. He smiled and looked towards the dices. “ to the revengeful spirit here who is drooling my hot body now.. Its a request from her die hard fan to tell the name of the person who murdered the person who is now the part of your world.. Show some mercy and tell me the murderer of Radhika Mehra” Neil dropped the dice and it fall on the floor. Sam who was frozen seeing his antics . She was perplexed. Sam bend down to look the dices. “ what the hell ..who is that woman” Neil pointed towards the gate. Sam turned quickly and looked towards the gate. Neil bend down and arrange the dices on the floor in some other pattern. “ which woman” she asked him. “ I think she left” he answered back.
“ did anything you got’” she asked him.
“ oh my god …it worked .. I got the murderer..his name is R,A,S,A,M.. I can’t believe that it worked..Now ;lady who is this RASAM.. Tell me” Neil who was jumping asked Sam curtly.
“ RASAM…no one I know whose name is rasam”she scowled. “ try to remember honey …. Pls put pressure on your brain” he hold her shoulder and shook her.
Sam after thinking for a minute screamed “ RASAM ..is not the name ..but it is the word made after fusion of two names ..” .
“ which two names” he asked her quickly.
“ me and radhika .. RA from Radhika..and SAM from SAMaira” she give him a meek reply.
Neil eye’s got narrowed more. He saw Sam staring the dices . Neil picked that and moved towards the cab he called. “ I will come again ..Miss Mehra” he told her and left.
Sam just blinked and bite her lower lip. She was now frightened seeing all the weird things.
“ I need to interrogate Mr Mehra” . Neil murmured and ask the cab driver to take him to Central jail.
Neil entered in the cell in which Arjun was kept. He looked towards Arjun. He was looking tired and haggard. Cheeks got covered with dense beard. His knuckles were bruised and some red scratches were on his face. He was still eye captivating in prisoners attire. “ Arjun Mehra.. officer peter Anand Bose” . Arjun smirked and looked towards him. “ For the first time I met with an officer who is greeting so politely with the criminal” he spoke. Arjun stood up and moved towards Neil. He bring his face closer to him. “ I killed my wife” . He muttered and moved back. “ congratulations …Mr warrior” Neil retorted back . Arjun turned back . “ you only say one thing all the time .. So I thought you must be proud of your deed” Neil spoke with a sarcastic satisfying smile on his face. Arjun clenched his fist. “ you bastard .. I killed my wife ..i don’t want to kill her …I love her more than my life” . He throttle Neil’s neck . Neil was lifted in air now. Arjun lifted him with his palm choking his neck . Few police men entered and they saved Neil. They started beating Arjun . Neil moved out of the cell.
He was coughing badly . “ one thing is for sure ..Arjun didn’t kill Radhika” .
“ then where is Radhika” he gasped and wiped his sweat on his forehead.

Precap:- Murder Mystery

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